About the Organizer :

Wanto ( is a social shopping app that intends to bring a fresh new take to the online shopping experience in India. You can discover, collect and share things from 100+ different eCommerce stores on Wanto.

The team at Wanto believes that as more and more shoppers move online they expect more. They want a platform where users can discover things to shop, connect with people having similar interests, share the products with their friends, create and find lists of curated products and follow other people. A platform which not only solves a need but also provides an experience which makes the user come back for more.

Wanto hopes to start the evolution of "discover" eCommerce as opposed to "search" eCommerce.

 Problem Statement:

Its simple and only takes half an hour! Follow these 4 steps to complete your submission:

  • Download Wanto App: Download the Wanto app on your phone. (Only Available of Google App Store)
  • Give Suggestions: Use the app and give any 2 suggestions to improve the Wanto app.
  • Create a wantlook: Create a complete Wantlook using the Wanto app. "Wantlook" is a collection of items for eg. clothes, footwear, accessories etc to form a complete look. A few examples would be something that you would wear to an event (for eg. cocktail party) or an outing (for eg. lunch with friends) or for a beach vacation etc.To see a sample snapshot please download the attachment at the bottom of this page in the Key Documents section
  • Share: Share the look on Facebook via the app with a catchy phrase and the hastags #Wanto #Wantlook . Get engagement (likes and shares) on the post.


  • Cash Prizes: Top 3 participants will stand to win cash prizes of INR 10K, 7K and 5K respectively.
  • Campus Ambassador: Top 15 participants may get the opportunity to be Wanto Fashion ambassadors at their respective colleges.
  • Paid Intership: Exceptional candidates may be offered full-time internships and job-offers with Wanto in their marketing team.

18th June-19th July


  • The final deliverable will be a snapshot of your post on Facebook (with the engagement metrics i.e likes and shares) and a word document with your 2 suggestions as to how to improve the Wanto app. Please put both these in a folder and zip it. The zipfile should be named firstname_collegename_phonenumber.

 Rules and Guidelines:


  • You can only participate alone. Participation in teams not allowed. 
  • The deliverable should be a folder containing the snapshot and word document named "firstname_collegename_phonenumber" and should be sent to [email protected] before 19th July 11:59 p.m.
  • The competition is open to all students (graduates and post-graduates) from all streams and disciplines.


  • Clinchpad Technologies Pvt. Ltd. reserves the sole rights to select the winners.
  • Disputes relating to this contest shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of courts in Delhi only.
  • Winners will be judged on:

    • Quality of suggestions
    • Quality of the look created
    • Total Engagement Metrics (Count of likes and shares)

     Key Documents:

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