About the Organizer :

Vebbler is a new personal networking startup for close relationships.

It is built with a mission to create a world where people can have more meaningful conversations with different relationships in their life, without one aspect of their life spilling into another. People across the world are radically shifting the way they share and express themselves online.They now understand that there are certain things that you cannot share in large open networks, which you could in more intimate groups. With parents, teachers, colleagues and even Bosses online today, there is a need for an evolved of way of connecting and sharing.
Vebbler aims to address this problem of blind-sharing (sharing blindly without knowing which end users will be able to see your content) by creating layers for different relationships.
Vebbler is the fastest growing group photo sharing platform on Android, iOS and the Web, with more than 1,00,000 + users discovering and sharing real-time, spontaneous moments with groups that matter. Like your next get together, road trip or family vacation and add the relevant people into it. When members in the club share photos, a real-time feed gets instantaneously created, capturing the experiences from the viewpoint of every member. Geographically we are spread in 116 countries and 670 cities around the world.

 Problem Statement:

Vebbler’s Campus Connect program is built with the aim of on boarding early users to be on the privileged invite list before the launch of our mobile application and is designed to make it easy for you to reach out to friends and close ones to sign up for Vebbler’s app, whilst rewarding you for your effort through a series of milestones. The entire campaign is hosted on , where you can first sign up for the program, invite people through social media platforms as well as track how many friends have joined Vebbler through you. Here is how you could get started in 3 simple steps:

  1. Go to and enter your email ID to receive your unique referral URL.
  2. Share your unique URL across all social media platforms or send it individually to friends and close ones.
  3.  Achieve milestones to avail corresponding rewards, including Vebbler goodies, experience letter and a monetary stipend.


The Milestones and Rewards:

50 friends: You will be rewarded with goodies bag which includes exclusive Vebbler merchandise.

100 friends: You will be rewarded with goodies bag, certificate and letter of recommendation which will of course add valuable brownie points to your resume.

200 friends: You will be rewarded with exclusive Vebbler merchandise,certificate, letter of recommendation and 5000 rupees :)

Attention Folks; You have 30 days to successfully complete all milestones, and it will be calculated from the day you sign up using your email address. So get started now!

February 3, 2016 - March 27, 2016


What We Want 

1. Someone who is smart

2. someone who is intelligent.

3. The students who are connected and make things happen on their campus, leaders who inspire their peers and produce results.

 Rules and Guidelines:

1. No registration with fake emails.

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Contact us at:-  
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