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TrulyMadly is a new, modern way to find true, mad love. A platform that brings singles together based on common interests and psychological matching. They cater to the independent-minded single, who is looking for a meaningful relationship, beyond the confines of caste and creed. While you get to select profiles in the app matching your requirements, the app ensures to have verified user profiles. The app is only for singles to find someone interesting.

Think of it as a set up by friends. They would not introduce you to random strangers on the street so neither does TrulyMadly. This is the reason why emphasis is not merely on introducing two singles but two correct and compatible singles.

From authenticating ID proofs to social profiles and employment record they leave no space for any doubts regarding the profiles on their app.TrulyMadly ensures that there is no casual surfing, no spamming and no peeping tom business. For professional details the app has integrated LinkedIn. Not only does this save time but it also increases the trust score of your profile on TrulyMadly.​

 Problem Statement:

TrulyMadly wants answers to two key questions:

  1. Suggestions to improve the app: Use the TrulyMadly app and give any 2 suggestions to improve the app. Students can suggest usability/ user experience/ product concept or design improvements [2 slides]
  2. Growth Hacks enabling a steep growth curve: Suggest 8 growth hacks / marketing strategies ( 4 Online and 4 Offline) along with an execution plan and potential costs involved, which can lead to exponential growth of TrulyMadly. Stategies suggested should address:
    • Growth of the app across the entire TrulyMadly Target Group (2 Online and 2 Offline strategies)
    • Growth within top Indian Campuses (2 Online and 2 Offline strategies)

Please note that TrulyMadly strategies typically concentrate on the female section of this population, since they believe that if they enroll, it will drive the overall growth as well [ 8 slides - 1 slide for each strategy and it's execution plan ]


1. Top 3 Teams stand to win INR 20K, 10K and 5K respectively. These three teams also get to present the strategy to the management team of TrulyMadly.
2. Members of the top 3 winning teams will be offered Pre-Placement Interviews (PPIs) to join the TrulyMadly Mareketing and Strategy team

8th July - 9th Aug


  • The final deliverable will be a 10 slide presentation addressing the case problem.
  • Feel free to suggest whacky/ out of the box campaigns which can help achieve the goal.

 Rules and Guidelines:

  • Team Guidelines
    One team can have a minimum of two and a maximum of three members. All participating members in a team should be full time students of the same college.
  • Submission Guidelines
    Please use the submission template attached below.The file should be named (TeamMember1FullName)_CollegeName and should be emailed to before 9th Aug 11:59 PM.
  • Evaluation Guidelines
    Evaluation will be based on Quality of Strategies and the Idea Implementation feasibility.

 Key Documents:


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