About the Organizer :

The Entrepreneurship School (TES) is India's first and only entrepreneurship school. It is the school for founders, startups and entrepreneurship. TES provides 360 degree ecosystem to support aspiring, nascent and established entrepreneurs.

Some of the things that differentiates TES are:

Idea to Launch

Everything at TES is about turning ideas into a reality. This involves creative thinking, active experimentation, risk taking, collaboration and dealing with failures. There is no better satisfaction in life than launching your own venture. Our entire program is structured around “idea to launch”.

A vibrant Startup Lab

Our Start up Lab is where business meets arts, science, creativity, design and engineering. It is the soul of entrepreneurship activities at TES. You get the facilities and atmosphere of hands-on experience.

Venture Funding Support

Money is the grease that makes startups run. At TES, we believe in making you work on your idea. We make provide all assistance in securing funding support from our Incubator, Partners and Funders, to kick start your venture.

Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs

TES is all about real life. We have built an active network of successful entrepreneurs which is expanding everyday. These entrepreneurs have a deep sense of serving the society and have chosen the route of working with budding entrepreneurs as mentors and investors.

TES Incubator

TES Incubator provides resources, space and an environment for startups and entrepreneurs to grow their businesses. Being right in a hub of innovation is invaluable for businesses in their formative stages. TES Incubator is a dynamic, creative environment where students can allow their business ideas to flourish.

Horizontal Approach to vertical growth

You will go through the cycle of learning by enlightened doing which makes you think, try, make, fail, do it over again until you succeed.

About Start-Up Roadies 2015

Start-Up Roadies 2015 is a Business Plan competition conceptualised by TES, India’s first school totally dedicated towards entrepreneurship. TES believes that for India to prosper, it has to create a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship in the country.

The objectives of Start-Up Roadies 2015 are:

  1. To spark creativity,foster innovation and showcase inventions of college students in India.
  2. To encourage college students  to come up with any sort of ideas that have the potential to benefit the humanity by making their lives better, simpler and affordable.
  3. To reward and mentor  high potential students enabling them to discover their entrepreneurial potential to launch a viable enterprise.

 Problem Statement:

Always dreamt of starting your own company ? Is your head always brimming with ideas ? Do you think you have the next Billion Dollar idea ready ? TES presents you a  platform to show what you've got:

Submit a 4 slide Business Plan Idea answering the following questions:

  1. Business IdeaDescribe your business idea and tell us what problem will you be solving ?
  2. Market Size and Competition Landscape: How big is the market and who are the existing players in this market  
  3. Revenue Model: Who are your potential clients and how will you make money ? 
  4. Unique Selling Proposition (USP): What is new about your product/service ? What are your differentiators ?

Please download the solution template provided and answer the stated questions


  1. Cash Prizes: Top 4 Teams will win cash prizes of INR 20K, INR 10K, INR 5K, INR 5K respectively. All four teams will also get certificates of Outstanding Performance from The Entrepreneurship School (TES).
  2. Certificates of Excellence: The next 11 teams will get Certificates of Excellence.
  3. Admission Scholarships: Top 4 teams will be eligible for a scholarship amounting to 50% of the Tuition Fee (worth INR 7.5 Lakhs) should they wish to enroll, and the next 11 teams will be eligible for 33% Scholarship of the tuition fee (worth INR 5 Lakhs) should they wish to enroll for the program. 

These Scholarships are valid for both:

  1. The Postgraduate Entrepreneurship Program (PEP) : Click Here For Details
  2. The Entrepreneurship Summer School Program (ESS) : Click Here For Details [The Summer Program will be similar in structure to the Program in the link, but will be scheduled on different dates]

Top 15 teams that will also get a chance to get a one-on-one mentoring session of 45 minutes from TES Mentors.

12th May-1st June


  1. 4 slide presentation: Final deliverable should be a 4 slide powerpoint presentation answering questions 1 to 4 above.Please download the template provided and answer the stated questions.
  2. You may choose to supplement your submission with other collaterals (eg  excel, posters, videos) or anything else that you feel might strengthen your case

 Rules and Guidelines:

Submission Guidelines

  1. Team Size:The business plan should be submitted in teams of not more than three members (participating alone is also allowed)
  2. Please send your deliverables to [email protected] The file should be named (TeamMember1FullName)_CollegeName and should be submitted before 1st June 11:59 PM

General Guidelines

  1. You are only eligible to apply if you have NOT raised outside capital
  2. Shorlisted Teams - declared by the 9th of June - will have to present their B Plan at the TES Gurgaon campus on the 12th-13th June. If Outstation teams cannot make it to the campus on the aforementioned dates, they will be interviewed via Skype for final evaluation

 Key Documents:


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