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With depleting fossil fuels and the impact of extraction on the environment has been a debate over the past few decades, yet the efforts to find better alternatives are going to be left in hindsight.
There is need for new age transportation, with ever growing populations and their demands, the world will be undergoing the largest wave of urban growth by 2030 with almost 61% population living in the cities.
With the new generation lightweight materials and technologies offering practical solutions, Human powered flight has the potential to prove to be an alternative.
The aim of the HPC competition is to bring forth the design ideas and make them a reality.
For designers these machines offer a most exciting challenge. Ultra lightweight materials have revolutionised techniques of construction, producing aircraft with a wingspan of around 25 meters, and an all up weight of little over 30 kilograms. Where the aircraft of the 1970's were so flimsy that they could only be flown in virtually still air, the machines now being built can cope with light winds. We have reached the transitional period in human powered flight. The basic research has been done, and this next stage will lead to more practical aircraft, which can be built by a group of enthusiasts and flown as a sport. For the pilot, the human factors involved are unique, offering a challenge not found in any other branch of aviation. Control of a slow flying, lightweight aeroplane demands a high degree of skill. In addition the pilot must generate sufficient power to take off and stay airborne.
1) Final date for registration DEC 2015 
2)Final date for submission 26th JAN 2016 (26-1-2016)
Results for phase-I will be announced in march
Schedule for phase-II will be announced in March
Judging criteria -
Design concept – 50 points
Miniature/ abstract Model – 50 points
Participants must get at least 75 points in order to qualify  phase-1.
The top 10  entries qualified will be funded to build their Crafts.

 Problem Statement:

The craft must be compleatly human powered
Compitition will be held in two phases:
Phase – I
Conceptual design –(50 points)
This includes the aspects. Of Aerodynamics, forces ( lift-drag, buoyancy etc ), flight dynamics, Energy efficiency which plays a crucial role in human powered flight & estimated cost of the craft.  Presentation can also be in the form of sketches.
Miniature/ abstract model –(50 points)
An abstract model representing various elements and structure of the craft ( can be made of any material)
Phase - II
constructing and testing. (The qualified participents will be funded for Phase - II)


500000 INR

December 18, 2015 - January 26, 2016

 Rules and Guidelines:

Submission requirements & Rules for phase - I –
1) The participants must  send their design ideas on not more than 5 A3 sheets.
2) The size of the miniature/ abstract model must be not more than 2’X’2’X2’(2 cubic feet)

 Key Documents:

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