About the Organizer :

SSSG ( is a group established in 1959, and has a total of 6 businesses with a combined workforce of over 100 resources. They operate successful businesses in Food Trading, Industrial Ice Manufacturing and Commercial and Consumer automotive dealerships

 Problem Statement:

A) About SSSM - A Hero Group Channel Partner:

SSSM (one of the businesses of Shree Shakti Group) is an existing Meerut based dealer of Mahindra and Mahindra tractors and heavy agriculture related automotive equipment for 3 other multinational companies. They have a strong, thriving business in these domains.

The company has recently acquired a dealership for Hero Moto Corp 2 wheelers in Meerut. This is their first foray into two wheeler automobile segment. 

B) Market Situation:

There are already 2 existing Hero Moto Corp dealerships in Meerut.  Both are more than 10 years old and are very well entrenched in the market and hence are obviously ahead of SSSM Inc in terms of network.

Market Standing of Hero 2 Wheelers in Meerut : 

The Hero 2 wheeler market can be divided into three segments:

  1. Bikes: Entry Level (sub 100 cc) segment – Hero is strong in this segment and their main product is HF Dawn. The price point is ~INR 40k.
  2. Bikes : Deluxe segment (100-125 cc) segment – Hero is very strong in this segment thanks to their products - Splendor and Passion. They have a market share of ~45% in the Meerut market. The price point is INR ~ INR 44k
  3. Bikes : Premium segment (150 cc +) segment – Hero is relatively weaker in this segment. They have a market share of ~11% in this segment in the Meerut market. Their main products in this segment are Karizma, Xtreme and Hunk. The market leader in this segment is Bajaj Pulsar. The price point for the 150 cc bikes is ~INR 70k and 200+ cc bikes is ~INR 82k
  4. Scooters: Hero is also weak in this segment. They have a market share of ~13% in this segment in the Meerut market. Their key products in this segment are Maestro and Pleasure.  The price point is ~INR 45k

For a dealer, success in a market means:

  1. High Sales : To attract more customers to purchase from their dealership
  2. High Service clients : To attract more customers to avail of after sales services from their dealership
  3. High Spare Sales: To increase sales of spare parts from their dealership

C) Given the above, SSSM needs a dealership roll out strategy over the next 3-4 months addressing the following 5 questions for a typical retail customer ( a customer who will come to their dealership to purchase a bike):

1. Customer Segmentation:  Please create a list of potential customer profiles keeping in mind the demographic, psychographic and behavioral traits of these customers. Profiles should be created for each of the 4 segments in the Hero Moto Corp product portfolio.

Please create distinct profiles for customers with common needs, common behaviors and other attributes.

2. Unique value proposition: Solving customer problems and satisfying customer needs with value propositions.

How can we offer bundle of products and services/benefits that can create value for a specific customer segment. (Eg of typical value propositions are competitive pricing, speed of service, customer experience etc.)  Some value propositions may be innovative and represent a new or disruptive offer. Others may be similar to existing marketing offers, but with added features.

3. Channels: To communicate with and reach its customer segments to deliver the value proposition.

How can SSSM create new customer touch points using IT infrastructure (eg: via whatsapp/email/messages/QR code scanning or other methods) which can be used for:

  • Providing post purchase customer support
  • Marketing functions [e.g. raising awareness among customer about company, products and services].    
  • Lead to Sales Conversion [converting an interested customer to sales]                 

4. Marketing Strategy and Partnership opportunities: To increase awareness amongst target group to finally induce sales

What are the potential marketing activities and promotions that can be done to increase awareness for SSSM amongst the targeted user base? What are the possible entities that SSSM can partner with to jointly offer services/ discounts/ freebies etc. such that the combined offer should be irresistible for potential customers.

5. Premium Segment Strategy:

Since the profit margins for the premium segment are the highest, but given the constraint that Hero products are traditionally weaker in that segment (doesn’t necessarily mean inferior), what can SSSM do particularly to push sales of premium segment in its portfolio.  


  1. Cash Prizes and Awards: The top 2 teams will stand to win INR 20k and 10k respectively. 3 other teams will get certificates of excellence and an opportunity to present the final recommendations to the management team in May 2015.
  2. Opportunity to get Paid Live Projects, Internships or Full Time Jobs Offers

23rd March - 3rd May


The final deliverable will be a presentation (not more than 20-25 slides) answering the above 5 questions in detail.

 Rules and Guidelines:

1. The live project can be done in teams of not more than three members (participating alone is also allowed)

2. Evaluation will be based on quality and implementable nature of strategies

3. The final presentation will be conducted over Skype in the second week of May

4. Please send your deliverables to [email protected]

5. The file should be named (TeamMember1FullName)_CollegeName and should be submitted before 12th April 11:59 PM

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