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IMAC, the Analytics and COnsulting Club of International Management Institute (IMI), New Delhi

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 Problem Statement:

MAESTRO DE THRONES is one of a kind national level event where you will be tested in every aspect of business in a simulatedenvironment based on the popular TV series “Game of Thrones”. It’s the ultimate opportunity showcase your talent and make your college proud. It is not your run of the mill competition between teams, its an all out war between B-Schools to be proudly coronated as the “Master of Business”!!!

Its an unique analytical event which gives you a chance to strategize like the cunning Tyrion Lannister, the bold Rob Stark or the charming Daenerys Targaryen’s. The game requires you to tackle various macroeconomic challenges and consider their implications. Your business application skills will be tested, and every round brings you closer to the crown..!

So get ready to make your college proud!!! 


Exciting prizes and certificates up for grabs!

February 20, 2016 - March 6, 2016


Round 1 (ONLINE): Enter a Realm: “The key to every successful business is to identify the correct Market”

  • The Kingdom is divided into 4 realms. You need to enter the Kingdom and establish your foothold in one of the Realms.
  • Thwart the barriers to entry and invest very wisely so that your future returns are maximized.

Round 2 (ONLINE): Expand your market share: “Evolution is a process of branching and expansion”

  • Optimize your Operating Costs of manufacturing Weapons and prepare for battle
  • Maximize your wealth by making best use of the market opportunities in your realm
  • Top 10 teams with maximum wealth will proceed to the final round

Round 3 (ONLINE): Conquer the Kingdom

  • Bid for the best Lord Commander who will lead your army, and let the ultimate fight for Supremacy begin!
  • The team with the highest score at the end of war at Round 3 would be adjudged the winner and will be crowned “Maestro de Thrones”
  • The college with the highest aggregate score gets crowned as the winning college. 


Every Round will have its unique scoring criteria which will be mentioned in the problem statement. At the end of every Round, each team’s individual score and each college’s aggregate score will be revealed. Aggregate score for a college refers to the summation of individual scores of teams belonging to that college.

 Rules and Guidelines:

  • Team size is restricted to max 2 members 
  • All the students in the team should be from same institute 
  • There is no restriction in no. of teams from each institute. The more the merrier! 
  • A participant cannot be a part of more than one team. 
  • The decisions of the organizers of the contest will be final and binding on all the participants

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