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As a world leader in Small Domestic Equipment, Group SEB and its 25 000 employees share a culture where creativity goes hand in hand with sustainability.

Thanks to its 150 years of constant innovations, acquisitions and internal growth, Groupe SEB sells approximately 200 million products a year and registers a 4-billion euro cash flow. It has successfully established strong market positions on several continents thanks to its great product diversity and its portfolio of valuable brands.

Groupe SEB is present in almost 150 countries worldwide and launches more than 250 new products and models each year. Groupe SEB believes that your talent can be expressed in France and at international scale.

Groupe SEBs vocation is to improve consumer lives all over the world. To do so, it offers a wide set of products in its sector: cookware, personal care, linen care, home care, electric cooking and food and beverage preparation.

Its great portfolio gathers famous international brands such as Tefal, Rowenta, Moulinex, Krups, All Clad and Lagostina but also may local brands sold all over the world. To assure its great international penetration, Groupe SEB always adapts each of its products to the local culture it is sold in.

 Problem Statement:

Groupe SEB is the leading company in the small domestic appliance market, particularly in the kitchen equipment sector. Today the company would like to include you in its innovation policy by encouraging you to think about one of the challenges three themes:

As you know, the goal is to imagine the kitchen of tomorrow by meeting a particular need. Once you have understood the market you want to address, the only limit is your imagination. Add value to existing Groupe SEB products or invent entirely new ones.

Get together with people from complementary backgrounds and demonstrate that your project is viable and complete. You can use these questions to prove that your idea is the best:

- Why will your project make a difference?
Arm yourself with an analysis of the requirement to ensure you understand it and can respond effectively.
- How does your product innovate?
Root your project in reality by presenting the concept and a use case.
- How will you reach your target audience?
Show that you can convince buyers by presenting a marketing strategy.

For more details, please go to: Competition Problem Statement


5 winners will be declared:

  • 1st Team: The winners will have the opportunity to fly to one of the most beautiful European capital (trip for a value of 800 € or equivalence in gift voucher)
  • 2nd Team: The second team will win a Withings watch for a value of 390€ (or equivalence in gift voucher)
  • 3rd Team: The third team will win a gift voucher for a value of 300€
  • 4th Team: The fourth team will win a gift voucher for a value of 200€ 
  • 5th Team: The fifth team will win a gift voucher for a value of 100€

For more details on rewards please go to: Competition Rewards

11th October-6th December


A. Innovation Challenge

Taking part in this challenge is really easy! To participate, create or join a team and give back the two elements listed below.

On the one hand, you can download the preselection file [at the end of the page] and present your project in 15 slides. You will have to upload it on your space to validate your participation.

On the other hand, present your project creating a Wix website describing your ideas and vision of the kitchen of tomorrow. Set your imagination free to convince Groupe SEBs managers and upload the link on your space. For this, go to and start to design your website!

Taking part in this challenge is also the chance to be spotted for a potential internship or job! To confirm your participation, each team members will have to add his résumé. You can add it directly on your team space, and then it will be transferred to Groupe SEBs managers.

B. Innovation Forum

Following this first step, the 20 best teams will be invited to a big “marketplace” organized by Groupe SEB.

During two days, teams will have to set up an exhibition stand and present to Groupe SEB collaborators their own vision of the kitchen of tomorrow. You will not be alone during this step! Groupe SEBs managers, as mentors, will guide you to present your project for the marketplace.

Day 1:

Feel free to present your stand as you wish! Create posters, brochures and/or personalize the stand of your dream! Feel free to imagine the best way to present your project.

Day 2:

Five teams will be selected to take part in a creativity immersion with Groupe SEBs teams. This work group will prepare those teams for the very last step of the challenge: the final presentation to Groupe SEBs jury.

The selected teams for the forum or for the final presentation will have to present their project only in English.The final ranking will be determined at the end of the presentations. This forum will take place in March. We will come back to the selected teams for more information.

 Rules and Guidelines:



For detailed rules and guidelines, please go to: Competition Rules

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