About the Organizer :

migme Limited is a leader in delivering social entertainment services, with a focus on emerging markets. The company’s flagship product is migme which provides chat, content and blogging services. They also own artist entertainment site alivenotdead. 

The Company is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX: MIG) and quoted on Deutsche Börse: WELA (WKN: A117AB), with operations headquartered in Singapore and offices in India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan and Hong Kong

migme is a social app where you can play, hang out or chat with friends and celebrities. Make a splash and you could even become a celebrity yourself.

  • Chat: Talk to friends one on one, in group chats, or join one of over 13,000 chatrooms.
  • Share Every Moment: Capture and share thoughts and photos.
  • Fun with Virtual Gifts & Stickers: Send cute and colorful gifts, characters and emoticons while chatting. New collections added weekly.
  • Interact with Celebrities: Find and fan the next biggest names in music and entertainment, or become one yourself...
  • Multi-Platform: Synced across your mobile and web devices, so you’ll never miss a beat even when you’re on the go.

 Problem Statement:

Once selected for the program, you are expected to perform the following 3 activities every week for a minimum period of 2 months :
  • Create engaging content on : Develop your own style of Writing! No holds barred.
  • Share content externally : Amplify content that goes on migme to other Social Networks and your migprofile.
  • Evangelize migme : Be the voice for migme in your campus.

Application Form : To be a mig Recruit with migme, you simply have to Register below 

Telephonic Interview : Based on your application, you will be telephonically interviewed by the migme Marketing Team to confirm selection. Detailed instructions about the internship will only be sent to selected candidates.


Grand Prize: Top 2 students [based on their performance] will win a trip to Singapore.

Stipend and other benefits: During the tenure of programme, every month mig recruits will earn $5 stipend + $5 migcredit and will get a Certificate of Participation after the successful completion of the programme.

March 21, 2016 - June 21, 2016

 Rules and Guidelines:

Participation Guidelines

  • Only full-time students from a college can participate
  • The challenge is open to students from all colleges in India

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