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Spoyl is an app that encourages smart shopping in women, by buying and re-selling pre-loved fashion instead of letting them gather cobwebs in the closet :) And better still, we do it by way of creating a social network of closet-sharing community where women can build their dream closet - economically !

At Spoyl you get to shop the closets of fashionistas just like you, from across India and also can convert your over burdened closet to cash by selling items that you no longer use! Spoyl envisions building India's largest fashion re-commerce store, powered by, and For Women!!

Unleash your inner shopaholic with Spoyl!

Download the Android app here

Download the iPhone app here

 Problem Statement:


As a Spoyl Campus Ambassador you will have to perform 3 simple tasks:

  • Download the App and Create your Closet:  Download the Spoyl app and create your own closet on the app [Creating a closet means putting your clothes, which you now want to sell, on sale]
  • Spread awareness amongst the fashionistas in your friend's circle about Brand Spoyl. 
  • Convince friends and peers to open their own closets on Spoyl. Your Campus Ambassador internship will be considered valid only upon getting a minimum of 5 friends to upload at least one fashion clothing each on Spoyl.

If this internship excites you then all you have to do is to fill out this application form: Apply Here

Based on your application, you will be telephonically interviewed by the Spoyl Marketing Team to confirm selection. Once you are selected, you will be informed of the next steps in detail via e-mail


As a Spoylr you are expected to spread the word and talk about Spoyl at your campus and amongst your friends. You are tasked with getting as many fashionistas on board as possible.

Following are the incentives which students will receive on the basis of their performance:

Your Campus Ambassador internship will be considered complete only upon getting atleast 5 friends to upload their closets.

Upon completion of your internship you will recieve your certificate and stipend.

On top of the incentives and a great learning experience other rewards include:

  • Top 3 Campus Ambassadors stand to win Smartphones [Minimum 100 Referrals]
  • Stipend + Letter of Recommendations to Candidates crossing 50 closets
  • Stipend + Certificates of Marketing Excellence for Spoylrs who cross 25 closets


January 12, 2016 - February 15, 2016

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