About the Organizer :

GetMyUni is an internet start-up based out of Paris and New Delhi. We are a Tripadvisor/Zomato for colleges where students can share their experiences by rating and reviewing their college.

 Problem Statement:

The main aim of the live project is to create a strategic roadmap for:

  1. Brand Identity and Positioning: Create and promote the GetMyUni brand at campuses
  2. High degree of Virality: Suggest growth hacks/ways to introduce Brand Virality within campuses
  3. Sustained Growth: Suggest Online and Offline (on ground and in campus) marketing strategies to enable Organic/Inorganic growth
  4. Create Campaigns: Suggest campaigns to create a thriving student community on GetMyUni from all top colleges in management and engineering domain
  5. Implement a proof of concept on campus: Using the above suggested campaigns, get students on board to rate and review their respective colleges (10-15 reviews per team)
  6. Partnerships and potential collaborations with other players in the education/content creation space to develop a winning go-to-market strategy

Please include cost benefit analysis of all mentioned strategies. Please use current market estimates and mention credible sources to justify your assumptions.


1. Top 3 teams stand to win INR 7K,5K and 3K respectively. The best teams/individuals will get an opportunity to present the final recommendations to the management team in January 2015.
2. Full Time Paid Internships: The best individuals will get opportunities for full time paid internships with GetMyUni in Apr-Jun 2015


3   Live Project Certification: On successful completion of the live project, all candidates will receive a certificate from GetMyUni. 

5th Jan - 25th Jan


  1. The final deliverable will be a 10-15 slide presentation addressing the 6 above points (including implementation of the proof of concept of strategies.)
  2. Feel free to suggest whacky/out of the box campaigns which can help achieve the goal

 Rules and Guidelines:

Q1. How do we completely understand your product - GetMyUni?

A1. We have pre-launched at

Going through it is the best way to understand our final product. Teams are strongly advised to first review their colleges to understand the product offering and how it will help aspiring students. You can also peruse this teaser video to get more clarity:


Q2. Who will get the Live Project certificate?

A2. Every team which satisfactorily completes the Live Project i.e. answers all 6 questions in the Live Project Question Document and is able to pilot a few of the suggested strategies on their campus or other campuses will be eligible for the Live Project Certificates (minimum of 15 quality reviews)

Q3.  How many teams can participate and do they have to be from marketing stream?

A3. We don’t have a limit on the number of teams that wish to participate from a campus and neither do we have a restriction on their MBA stream/function. Everyone is free to participate.

 Key Documents:

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