About the Organizer :

GetMyUni is an EdTech startup. It is a global student community driven college review portal. Essentially, it is a TripAdvisor for colleges where students can share their own experiences by reviewing their college on highly relevant key criterion and help aspiring students make the right choice.

Additionally, GetMyUni serves as a social networking platform for aspiring students to meet, ask questions and network with existing students and alumni.

 Problem Statement:

Here are key steps which you have to follow:

  • Step 1: Write a review using the link given below
  • Step 2: Spread Referral Link among friends - Go to your GetMyUni account profile, where your unique referral link will be displayed. All you need to do is to spread the link among your friends [email, facebook, WhatsApp etc] asking them to write a review on GetMyUni for their college.

Please see where you can find your unique referral link:


For Applicants registering for Campus Ambassador Program:

  1. You can hire up to two interns under you
  2. The target has to be reached within two months of beginning the challenge after which it will be automatically reset
  3. Once you have reached the target, you can go for it again and win the same amount of reward
  4. There is no first prize, anyone who reaches the target is eligible for the rewards


Rewards and Bounties for the people who stand out:

As a GetMyUni Campus Star, your key role will be to reach as many college going students as possible and tell them about what GetMyUni does and finally get them to review their college on, for which you will get the following reward.

Campus Ambassador Rewards:

  1. For 250 Referrals the Campus Ambassador will get Rs. 3500 Cash (PayTM or Bank Transfer)
  2. For 620 Referrals the Campus Ambassador will get Rs. 9000 Cash (PayTM or Bank Transfer)
  3. For 1000 Referrals the Campus Ambassador will get Rs. 15,000 Cash (Bank Transfer or Cheque)
  4. For 2500 Referrals the Campus Ambassador will get Rs. 45,000 Cash (Bank Transfer or Cheque)
  5. For 5000 Referrals the Campus Ambassador will get Rs. 90,000 Cash (Bank Transfer or Cheque)
  6. For 7000 Referrals the Campus Ambassador will get Rs. 1,25,000 Cash (Bank Transfer or Cheque)

Anyone touching 250 Referrals and above will also get the Campus Ambassador Certificate

Please note that only approved reviews will be eligible for consideration. This campaign is valid only until the 31st of April 2018.

 Rules and Guidelines:

Q1. What kind of reviews will be approved?

A1. Below is the criteria that has to be met:

  • A good college review is fair, unbiased, exhaustive and should help someone who wants to make a decision whether to join that college or not
  • The reviews should not only praise the college but try to add criticism where they feel the college is lacking
  • The reviews should not be generic. As many facts must be presented in the review.
    [Eg. - "Placement is decent" is very generic. " The placements in our college are great. Companies like Infosys, TCS, Accenture come and recruit and offer between 3.5 - 5 Lakhs per annum. About 80% of the students get placed." is quite specific ]

Q2. What if I am not able to reach the target that was decided by me? For example, I decided 620 but was able to reach only 400?

A2. If you are not able to reach the exact target, you will be paid on pro-rata basis:

  • For your example, for 620 Referrals your reward should be Rs. 9000, since you achieved only 400, your reward will be: Rs. 9000/620*400 = Rs. 5806

Any kind of fraudulent means to get reviews etc [duplicacy/fake] will lead to immediate disqualification

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