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FinShiksha is an IIM Calcutta alumnus venture, and specializes in education in the financial services domain. But we are more than just education providers; we help you build a career – and work with you during the process. Our programs help a candidate evaluate his/her strengths and hone them, at the same time spotting weaknesses and eliminate them. We teach, we hand-hold and we guide. And yes – we simplify finance.

 Problem Statement:

We have come up with a competition on Industry Analysis which will help you to do in-depth analysis of Industry which is useful for aspirants who wish to build career in various fields of Finance.

The main objective is to focus on extensive and thorough industry research (unlike we do in college which is
sort of cursory one day research). This shall help the participant get an understanding on how in-depth
industry analysis is useful in areas such as financial analysis, equity research and investment banking.

The competiton will be held from 18th April 2016 (by which participants have to submit their selected sector) to 15th June 2016. Cash prizes worth Rs. 16,000 to be given. This competition is open for Corporates, Pursuing/Passed Post Graduation and Pursuing/Passed Graduation.

The competition fee would be Rs. 650 if enrolled before 11th April 2016 and Rs. 900 if enrolled post that. 

Registered Participant has to make a payment through -

One can find details about round and other information by accessing the attachment.


All Participants Will Be Awarded With Participation Certificate And Winners Will Get Certificate and cash prize.

Competition will have four rounds.

Prizes For Round 1: Rs. 2000/-
Prizes For Round 2: Rs. 2000/- 
Prizes For Round 3: Rs. 2000/- 
Prizes For Round 4: Rs. 2000/- 

Mega Prize: Rs. 8000/- 

April 18, 2016 - June 15, 2016


Round 1
• Submit explanation on Competitive Analysis of selected sector/industry
• You can use Porter’s Five Forces/SWOT or any other established and valid framework
• Provide details on market structure in your opinion – Monopoly, oligopoly, Monopolistic Competition or
Perfect Competition. If there are subsegments in the industry, do this for all.

Round 2
• Provide comprehensive data analysis on Industry (such as industry growth rates, penetration of industry in the
country and globally)
• Effect of global and India related macro on industry and company

Round 3
• Provide forecast and future expectations about the industry. What will be the key drivers for growth, and how
fast the growth would be. Use benchmarks from the world to show how the growth could pan out.

Round 4
• Detailed Financial Statement Analysis of any particular company from the sector and compare with peers
• Use relative valuation methods to evaluate the companies in the sector – both locally and globally.

 Rules and Guidelines:

Participant have to disclose respective sector/industry by 18th April 2016.

2. The industry has to be with respect to India. Only work done on Indian sectors and companies will be

allowed in the competition.

3. Once the sector/industry is finalized, participant can’t change the same

4. Every stage will have points attached to it, max point per stage would be 10. If the submission happens

post deadline then participants can get maximum of 8 points.

5. Grand Prize would be based on accumulation of first 4 stages.

6. Participant can choose to participate in any round. He/she will be eligible to win in that particular


7. To be eligible for mega prize, participant has to participate in at least 3 out of the 4 rounds.

 Key Documents:

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