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GPDecaux SpA is the leading Italian player of Out of Home Communication. 
Exterior TransitsSubwaysAirportsStreet Furniture and Billboards are the media for our Out of Home and Digital Out of Home Communication Solutions, carefully integrated in urban environments to turn cities into more welcoming, pleasant and comfortable ones. 

 Problem Statement:

IGPDecaux and Desall invite you to propose new names for a series of advertising products sold by the company, classified by category according to the area they target.


All info available at


DINAMICA Award: €1500
DIGITAL Award: €1500

July 5, 2018 - October 18, 2018


Submission methods: in order to facilitate the submission of the proposals, you are invited to comply with the following indications:
- In the “naming” field inside the contest page, specify the name of the category for which you are presenting the product names (for ex. if you submitting the names for the “Metropolitana” category, the “naming” field will be entitled “Metropolitana”);
- In the “Archive file” field, attach a .ZIP archive (not .rar or other extensions) containing the Excel file filled in with your proposals, based on the category for which you are sending the names.

Every upload shall correspond exclusively to one category.

Submissions NOT containing all the names required for the category, might not be taken into consideration for the final selectio

 Rules and Guidelines:

Evaluation criteria: in the evaluation of your submissions IGPDecaux will take into account the following criteria:
Understandability (5/5)
Communicability (5/5)
Coherence among the names (3/5)
Ability to be concise (2/5)
Rememberability (2/5)

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