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Career in Digital Marketing in India

Updated on - Jun 08th, 2020 | 07:31 PM by Pranati S

Career in Digital Marketing

Career In Digital Marketing in India

Digital Marketing is a growing field where many opportunities are lying untapped and there is an enormous potential for growth. Below is the table of contents where the readers can jump directly to the desired section to know more about a career in digital marketing in India.

What is Digital Marketing?

In a simplified version, Digital Marketing is the promotion of products/services via one or more forms of electronic media. It is also known as Online marketing, Internet marketing or Web marketing. Digital marketing has been around us for quite some time but it was not very well defined. It is a very wide scope consisting of various methods such as SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Social Media Marketing, Pay per Click, Banner advertising and so on. Each of them has its usage and benefits depending on the type of target customers and the marketing strategy of a company.

To be more clear, the signboard advertisements we see on the roadside is a traditional type of marketing, promotion. Which is replaced with banner ads on social media and websites. There are many benefits of doing this over electronic media, the important one is that we get instant feedback and report where we won't be able to track the number of observers of the signboard. In the case of banner ads, the interested user can instantly access the product/ service via the internet.

Why Digital Marketing?

As told, in digital marketing it favours real-time analytics and reporting. The company gets the instant report of the performance of the digital marketing campaign which is very useful to make the necessary changes required with immediate effect.

  • Runs 24/7: The digital marketing campaign can be run for 24 hours, which makes the company more productive. As you can say traditional marketing campaigns can be done 24/7. Probably yes but not in all the channels and it is not effective to concentrate on the same geographical area day and night, whereas online marketing overcomes the geographical boundaries.

  • Target customers: It allows you to target customers based on their interests, age group, sex, demographics and so on. This makes the campaign more cost-effective.

  • Interactive: The details about the product not only reach the targeted customers but it also provides direct access to the product which is just one click away.

  • The growth of online communities and social media: The growth of online communities represents the change in the lifestyle and behavior of the people which is, in fact, the sign of replacement of the word of mouth marketing to forum discussion and social media shares. So it is required to establish a strong reputation for the brand in social media.

Skills Required for Digital Marketing

The key skills required to start your career with digital marketing are given below

  • Content creation skills: The content shared should have the ability to engage the customers. Content can be text, image or video. One should be good at the grammar, structuring the sentences, designing the images, and editing the videos. Learn typing lessons to improve speed.

  • Analytical skills: Digital marketing makes it possible to collect a huge amount of data consisting of the feedback of the campaign. Hence it requires strong analytical skills to go through the results and make the necessary changes to improve the results. One should give attention to the details. Practising with MS Excel helps you to save time in the process of managing the data.

  • Designing: We come across many images across social media but only a few catches our eyes. Hence it is required to have a good designing ability to attract and engage the customers. Practising photoshop with your cool imagination helps you to come with awesome designs.

  • Soft skills: These are the personal attributes that enable you to work productively and take initiative at the workplace. It involves adaptability, decision making, problem-solving, time management, verbal communication, multitasking, presentation, and ability to meet deadlines. These skills are required not only for digital marketing but for all the industries.

  • Coding: Coding is not that important in the whole process of digital marketing. Even though the basic knowledge is required in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to a small extent, it is the process in which the web page is optimized in such a way that it is shown as the first result for the relevant query of the user in any search engine. So some of the attributes like page speed and layout of the website deal with coding. In-depth knowledge is not required as there will be a separate team dealing with technical issues.

Roles in Digital Marketing

There is always a lot of roles to play in the digital marketing arena. Here are some major roles of Digital Marketing with the responsibilities involved in each role.

Digital Marketing Manager/ Digital Director

It is the highest position in the field which requires at least 5-7 years of experience in Digital marketing. He is the one who looks after the overall marketing development of the company. Implementing new strategies to drive more traffic. Manages all the teams working under different aspects of digital marketing.

Social Media Executive and Social Media Manager

Working as a social media executive is the coolest job but don’t ever mistake it for only using Twitter and Facebook as there are many other aspects involved in it. As a social media executive, you will have to be updated with the latest trends and plan strategy accordingly. Coordinate with the content team and clients regularly. It also involves creating eye catchy content, image and videos. A lot of creativity with the knowledge to use the appropriate tool is required for this job. It deals with both generating leads as well as building a relationship with existing customers.

SEO Executive/ Expert

Seo Executives are responsible to bring traffic to the website from the different search engines. The executives optimize the website analyzing the trend and search habits of the users. They have to make sure that the webpage is search friendly. It involves processes such as keyword analysis, competitor analysis, on-page SEO, off-page SEO, web analytics and so on.

PPC/SEM Expert

They generate a lot of leads for the company by posting ads on several platforms. There is a great demand for the PPC Expert as the return on investment is very high and affects the revenue of the company by generating new leads. They are responsible to manage PPC keywords, split ad groups, refine landing pages, generate reports, provide suggestions for ad copies and graphics.

Content Marketer

It deals with developing content on the webpage. It requires coordination with the SEO team to develop the content which is search engine friendly. The responsibility includes developing content that has all the qualities of going viral, following trends, and cooperating with other teams. It requires a lot of creativity with knowledge of the English language.

Analytics Expert/Manager

It plays an important role in digital marketing as it analyses the existing feedback and implements necessary changes for the improvement of the results. The responsibilities include collecting data related to consumers, competitors and the market, Providing advise marketing teams on optimizing the strategies for a better result, Designing surveys to determine the changing consumer preferences, Getting updated with the marketing and analytics tools and so on. It requires time management and decision-making skills.

Future Opportunities report says that India will have 511.89 internet users by 2022. There is a significant percentage of increase in internet users each year, which represents the fact of replacing traditional marketing with digital marketing as more companies get involved in it. This creates enormous opportunities in the field of digital marketing.

As per the combined study of CII and KPMG, India’s digital advertising industry is growing at 33.5 percent (2015-2020) and by 2020, the value will exceed the INR 255 billion marks. As a result, the scope of digital marketers gets bigger and better in the years to come. It is assumed that the Digital Industry will provide more than 20 lakh jobs in India by 2020.

Scope of Digital Marketing

The Scope of Digital Marketing is increasing day by day. The number of internet users, mobile users, and digital device users has increased to a great extent. According to the estimated value, the internet user population is about to reach 5.07 billion this year (2019).

Main factors of Digital Marketing's Success:

Flexibility: Digital Marketing is known for it is flexibility. There is no restriction on the place the user is located in. The digital activities can help the user to get what they want at their doorstep.
Ease of Usage: Products/Services can be easily accessed by users and accessing them has been made with user-friendliness so that the users don't have to go through complicated processes to get what they want.
Eco-Friendly: Digital Marketing is an eco-friendly platform where the users get to see a company's promotion on an online platform where no important resource is wasted and only the least amount of resources have been utilized to reach the audience.
Faster Reach: Digital Marketing platform reaches users faster as the users tend to use digital platforms more frequently when compared with channels of traditional marketing
Influence: Digital Marketing has more influence than any other marketing platform as the traffic that this medium gets is always higher compared to other marketing channels.
Job Opportunities: The job opportunities in digital marketing are always growing as more diverse sections pop every day. It is better that candidates who want to join this field gain enough theoretical and practical experience.

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