Best e learning websites

Online learning websites

e-learning is not the choice of everyone, but plenty of online learning sites gives us insight into the strong interests of the learners. The online learning supports portable learning options and it is convenient than the traditional classroom set up.

In this article, you will be benefited with the best e-learning websites with the details on the courses offered and the charges made.

List of Best e-learning Websites

Here is the list of best e-learning websites. Let's make our free time more productive.

  1. Udemy

  2. Coursera

  3. Lynda

  4. Open Culture

  5. Future Learn

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1. Udemy - Best e-learning websites

Udemy - Best e learning websites

Udemy tops the chart for being such an incredibly popular and valuable resource. It offers more than 80,000 courses from various categories with additions of courses every month. In each category, you can go through several lectures and select your perfect fit after reading the reviews. A freely accessible introduction video takes you through the overview of the course. The Udemy Mobile App has a good user interface and allows you to take classes through mobile. The pricing starts from as low as 700rs. The courses purchased can be saved offline and can be watched at any time through the same account.

It offers courses across plenty of categories. The top categories are given below.





IT and Software



Health and Fitness


Office Productivity

Personal Development


2. Coursera - Best e-learning websites

Coursera - Best e learning websites

If you are looking for a course from top universities and organizations, then Coursera will be the perfect suit for you. It has partnered up with the University of Pennsylvania, Stanford University, University of Michigan, Indian School of Business and many other top universities across 28 countries to provide universal access to the world's best education. You can find over 2,000 paid and unpaid courses across 180 fields related to Computer Science, Data Science, Business, Social Sciences and so on. You can find the course fee after selecting it from the dashboard of the Coursera Official website. It also facilitates you with the mobile app for better convenience.

The categories in which courses are offered are as follows

Arts and Humanities

Life Sciences


Math and Logic

Computer Science

Personal Development

Data Science

Physical Science and Engineering

Information Technology

Social Sciences

Language Learning


3. Lynda - Best e-learning websites

Lynda - Best e learning websites

Lynda is a popular educational hub owned by Linkedin, It helps professionals seeking to learn new skills related to business, creativity, and technology. It provides you with more than 13,000 expert-led courses. It offers a 30 days free trial and then you will be charged Rs 1400 per month for the regular membership or effectively Rs 1150 per month for the annual subscription. Unlike Udemy and other websites, Lynda doesn't charge you separately for each course and thus you can take as many courses in the subscription period without any limit.

You can watch the videos at any time from your computer or mobile phone. You can practice with exercises and quizzes to make the experience of learning more interesting.

The categories in which the topics are covered are given below.

3D and Animation

Education and Learning

Audio and Music










4. Open Culture - Best e-learning websites

Open culture - Best e learning websites

If you are looking for top quality education at free of cost then Open Culture will be the perfect fit for you as the library consists of 1,300 courses with over 45,000 hours of audio and video lectures. Many of the courses available are from leading institutions around the world. It provides you courses in audio format which makes it unique from other websites.

The categories in which the courses provided are:-









Classics/Ancient World


Computer Science

Political Science







5. Future Learn - Best e-learning websites

Future Learn - Best e learning websites

Like OpenLearn, FutureLearn is the division of The Open University and is another option on this list that provides programs from leading educational institutions and establishments. The courses are accessible both from the PC and mobile. The uniqueness of this learning hub is that it is committed to social learning as it provides the student with the opportunity to engage in discussions with millions of people around the world. It also concentrates on extensive learning by offering full programs. Students can watch any video and learn free of cost but the certification is chargeable and it starts from £ 39.00.

The categories are as given below.

Business & Management

Nature & Environment

Creative Arts & Media

Politics & the Modern World

Health & Psychology

Science, Engineering & Maths


Study Skills

Languages & Cultures



Tech & Coding



Free Online Courses with Certificates

1. Khan Academy



About: Khan Academy is a non-benefit instructive association made by instructor Salman Khan with a point of giving free, world-class training for anybody, anyplace. It creates short addresses by means of YouTube recordings. All assets are free of expense to anybody around the globe and its recordings are converted into 36 dialects including English as their fundamental language. Starting at 2015, it has in excess of 5,000 courses. In 2012, the organizer of the Khan Academy was recorded among the Time 100 Most Influential People. As of late in 2015, it banded together with Disney and Pixar Animation Studios to dispatch Pixar in a Box on Khan Academy. They additionally banded together with NASA, The Museum of Modern Art, The California Academy of Sciences, and MIT to offer a particular substance.

Subjects secured:



Financial matters




PC Programming

Material science





2.Tata Interactive Systems

Foundation: 1990

About: Tata Interactive (TIS) has 25 years of involvement in custom learning arrangements and is a standout amongst the most presumed pioneers also in a similar field. It is one of the top E-learning organizations in India to give all sort of online instruction at one spot. With a group of more than 350 multi-disciplinary pros, it has won 100 worldwide honors and was included as the main 20 preparing redistributing organizations universally throughout the previous 7 years.

Subjects secured:

  • Law

  • Humanities

  • Criminal legal sciences

  • Drug

  • Social insurance Instructional plan.

3. W3 Schools

Foundation: 1998


About: W3 Schools is one of the famous sites for learning advances online kept running by Refsnes Data, product improvement and counselling organization in Norway. It has organized instructional exercises and plays areas that offer a better than average learning background in the web programming field. It is a totally free engineers asset.

Subjects secured:









4. Codecademy

Foundation: 2011


About: Coacademy is an online intelligent stage established by Zach Sims and Ryan Bubinski that offers free coding classes in 12 diverse programming dialects. As of January 2014, it had more than 24 million clients who had finished more than 100 million activities. In 2013, it propelled their first iOS application called Hour of Code that centers around the nuts and bolts of programming including a similar substance of the site. It got Skillies Technology Award in 2015.

Subjects secured:







JavaScript (jQuery, AngularJS, React.js)


5. Ask IITians

Foundation: 2007 (a primary area called Transweb)


About: Aditya Singhal and Nishant Sinha of IIT Delhi established askIITians, to cook essentially to understudies of India and the Middle East who are planning for building selection tests like IIT-JEE or AIEEE. It is one of the pieces of fundamental internet coaching and an instructive site called Transweb Educational Services.

Subjects secured:


  • Medicinal

  • Building and so forth.

6. Tutor


Website: is a completely web-based mentoring administration that gives balanced learning answers for understudies and experts. They have finished 11 million balanced sessions and spread in excess of 30 subjects. They have gotten numerous honors like Parents Choice Gold Award, Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Program for the New York Region, 25 Best Small Companies for Women by Working Mother, and so forth.

Subjects secured:

  • SAT/Test prep

  • AP Support

  • Social Studies

  • Science

  • Math

  • English

7. Open Yale Courses

Foundation: 2007


About: Open Yale Courses is an undertaking of Yale University that gives free access to a choice of initial courses. It has now 42 courses that are subsidized by William and Flora Hewlett Foundation. Every recorded address of Yale University is available with no enlistment in the video, sound, and content transcript positions.

Subjects secured:



Biomedical Engineering

Brain science


Religious Studies

Financial aspects

Political Theory

Geography and Geophysics

Material science, and so forth.

History of Arts


8. edX

Foundation: 2012


About: edX is a monstrous open online course (MOOC) supplier that was made by The Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University. It has in excess of 7 million understudies taking in excess of 700 courses online starting at 2016. It is the main driving MOOC supplier that is a not-for-profit and open source. The Open edX is the open-source stage that controls its edX courses for nothing.

Subjects secured:


Nourishment and Nutrition

Craftsmanship and Culture

Wellbeing and Safety

Science and Life Sciences






Software engineering


Information Analysis and Statistics




Financial matters and Finance


Instruction and Teacher Training



Rationality and Ethics


Material science

Natural Studies


9. Apna Course



About: Apna Circle is an E-Learning stage that gives sought after video courses conveyed by their top Instructors. All given courses are focused on working experts who need to improve their abilities to propel their vocation. It is a result of Spearhead online Pvt Ltd. It got the Startup of the Year Award by Silicon India in 2014 and is perceived as the best E-Learning Companies in India by the World Education Congress in 2014.

Subjects secured:

Banking and Finance

OB and HR Management

Task and Ops Management


IT and Security

Measurements and Data Analysis

Deals and Marketing

Language (French, Sanskrit, Japanese), and so on.



Benefits of Online Learning

Here are some of the benefits of e-learning.

  • You can learn whatever you want: Learning online initiates your proactive learning skills, this makes you learn more than what was just thought in the class. Clearing the doubts over the internet can teach you the same topic from various perspectives and thus having greater knowledge about the specific topic.

  • Flexibility: The learners have the option to carry their school and career at the same time as they are not tied into a fixed schedule. In a classroom setting students do not have any access over the timings fixed. Most of the learners who choose e-learning can manage studies and other responsibilities efficiently.

  • Reduced Costs: There are many reasons which make online learning cheaper than traditional learning. When you choose online learning you save on fuel expense, parking charges, vehicle maintenance cost. Saving time can bring you additional monetary benefit by allocating it to a part-time job or business.

  • Community Building: It also equips students with community building opportunity in a wider prospect. When community building opportunity is restricted to the classroom in traditional learning, online learners get an opportunity to build the network around the world. This helps students to get a wider viewpoint on the specific topic.

  • Documentation: You can save all the details safely in an online database which is easily accessible at any point in your life. This enables repetition of class and thus clearing the doubts. Storing the theory documents online is more convenient than maintaining several notebooks.

  • It looks great on a resume: Nowadays, people seek the candidate who exactly knows the stuff and not the reputation of the institution. Attaining an online degree/ certification shows that you are committed to learning and you are eager enough to access new knowledge and skills. Thus your resume looks better when you apply for a new job or position.

  • Self-paced learning: When you start browsing through online learning courses, you will come across the self-paced label on them. This simply means that students can complete the target at any time according to their individual needs.

Concept of e-learning

A learning framework dependent on formalized instructing however with the assistance of electronic assets is known as E-learning. While educating can be situated in or out of the homerooms, the utilization of PCs and the Internet shape the real segment of E-learning. E-learning can likewise be named as a system empowered exchange of abilities and information, and the conveyance of instruction is made to countless at the equivalent or distinctive occasions. Prior, it was not acknowledged wholeheartedly as it was expected that this framework did not have the human component required in learning.

Be that as it may, with the quick advancement in innovation and the progression in learning frameworks, it is currently grasped by the majority. The presentation of PCs was the premise of this upset and with the progression of time, as we get snared to cell phones, tablets, and so on, these gadgets currently have a significant place in the homerooms for learning. Books are steadily getting supplanted by electronic instructive materials like optical plates or pen drives. Learning can likewise be shared by means of the Internet, which is open every minute of every day, anyplace, whenever.

E-learning has turned out to be the best methods in the corporate part, particularly when preparing programs are directed by MNCs for experts over the globe and workers can procure significant aptitudes while sitting in a board room, or by having courses, which are led for representatives of the equivalent or the distinctive associations under one rooftop. The schools which use E-learning advances are a stage in front of those which still have the customary methodology towards learning.

Almost certainly, it is similarly critical to take forward the idea of non-electronic instructing with the assistance of books and addresses, yet the significance and viability of innovation based learning can't be trifled with or overlooked totally. It is trusted that the human mind can without much of a stretch recollect and identify with what is seen and heard through moving pictures or recordings. It has additionally been discovered that visuals, aside from holding the consideration of the understudy, are likewise held by the mind for longer periods. Different areas, including farming, prescription, instruction, administrations, business, and government setups are adjusting to the idea of E-realizing which helps in the advancement of a country.

E-Learning is about smart learning and that which additionally influences the understudy to communicate with the course content. The educator could likewise assess and direct the class practically on the web. The best piece of e-learning is that it replaces the customary homeroom based showing were most likely the course content and the understudy barely associates and invest plentiful energy endeavoring to comprehend the exercise.

E-adapting course material is additionally engaging and connects with the understudy for a more extended range of time. These days, e-Learning course content is installed into recreations which have increased abundant of force and appears to use the future social learning in the virtual world. A lot of apparatuses have additionally made making and planning e-Learning course content simpler. Raptivity is one such simple to utilize, world-class quick intelligence developer fundamentally utilized by instructors around the globe to make astounding learning connections, for example, learning amusements, recreations, virtual universes and then some.

Advantages of e-learning

  • Offers Virtual Classroom– Thanks to the Internet, learning doesn't simply need to be limited to a physical study hall any longer. An LMS with a virtual homeroom can unite understudies, paying little respect to their area, to empower instruction. A virtual study hall has highlights, for example, a whiteboard, two-way composing control, and live class recording highlight. An educator has the choice to run ppts, recordings, share screen, all while being available in the virtual study hall. This technique for conveying an address is likewise called a synchronous or an educator drove to class.

  • Empowers Asynchronous (self-managed) Courses – One of the fundamental highlights for improving commitment and information maintenance is nonconcurrent learning — the capacity to learn and finish coursework at one's own pace. In a perfect world, the LMS stage ought to enable the educator to transfer as much substance as required. While nonconcurrent courses are recorded/content substantial, the LMSs are working superbly in giving plentiful extra room to educators and mentors to store their documents on the cloud.

  • Offers Customizability and Adaptability – This is a significant indicator that comes mind while picking an LMS. An LMS ought to enable clients to alter the LMS stage with One of the most anticipated highlights in customization, regularly mentioned by training specialist co-ops is that the LMS must almost certainly give the choice to change the appearance of the stage, in view of the establishment's marking. The LMS ought to likewise be versatile to acclimate to the educator's current IT foundation and be fit for dealing with little or noteworthy changes in client base.

  • Incorporates Games and Gamification- Gamification is a significant apparatus to keep students connected with and propelled through online courses. By 2022 the worldwide gamification market will be esteemed at $22.9 billion. Learning Management programming presently permits gamification applications to be incorporated in them, giving a remarkable encounter to students.

  • Gives Multiple Tests and Assessments – It is fundamental to comprehend where the present harvest of understudies stand with respect to capacities and ranges of abilities to have the capacity to structure the best eLearning course. For this to occur, the LMS ought to give an online test manufacturer highlight that gives the teacher a chance to make sight and sound tests in various configurations to survey the execution of students. It ought to likewise have the capacity to create far-reaching test reports and scorecards to dissect the execution of students.

  • Produces Reports and Analytics – Measuring the productivity of an eLearning course is indispensable to understanding the viability of the online program. Investigation of class and course execution with participation and course-finishing reports helps to address student advance. By featuring feeble territories of understudies/class, eLearning investigation permits educators to take healing activities and offer customized learning, is essential. Furthermore, reports and investigation help educators get quicker ROI and guarantee course accomplishment with focused endeavors to address explicit issues.

  • Empowers Mobile Learning – A report expresses that overall income for the versatile learning market is relied upon to reach $37.60 billion by 2020. A state-of-the-art LMS will encourage learning and substance the executives flawlessly on cell phones, without being associated with the web consistently. A versatile learning application for both Android and iOS gadgets that gives students a chance to get to course content and go to live classes legitimately from their cell phones and tablets is amazingly useful. It enables understudies to begin adapting in a flash without putting resources into costly workstations and PCs.

  • Supports E-business – LMSs that are web-based business empowered, enable the teacher to make paid online courses and live classes, all with a solitary snap. In any case, the framework must guarantee the security of delicate data (card, record and bank subtleties). Another significant thought while searching for an LMS ought to be its capacity to give installment exchanges and related reports through the LMS stage.

  • Smooth Interface- An intuitive, simple to utilize LMS will be received by the client quicker – guaranteeing that both the teacher and the student can explore easily. LMS's utilization of different structure highlights and functionalities that sway the product's connection with the client. A spotless and instinctive interface is generally gorgeous and effectively traversable.

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