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e-learning is not the choice of everyone, but plenty of online learning sites gives us insight into the strong interests of the learners. The online learning supports portable learning options and it is convenient than the traditional classroom set up.

In this article, you will be benefited with the best e-learning websites with the details on the courses offered and the charges made.

Here are some of the benefits of e-learning, some of them might be already known to you.

Benefits of Online Learning

Here are the benefits of online learning:

You can learn whatever you want: Learning online initiates your proactive learning skills, this makes you learn more than what was just thought in the class. Clearing the doubts over the internet can teach you the same topic from various perspectives and thus having greater knowledge about the specific topic.

Flexibility: The learners have the option to carry their school and career at the same time as they are not tied into a fixed schedule. In a classroom setting students do not have any access over the timings fixed. Most of the learners who choose e-learning can manage studies and other responsibilities efficiently.

Reduced Costs: There are many reasons which make online learning cheaper than traditional learning. When you choose online learning you save on fuel expense, parking charges, vehicle maintenance cost. Saving time can bring you additional monetary benefit by allocating it to a part-time job or business.

Community Building: It also equips students with community building opportunity in a wider prospect. When community building opportunity is restricted to the classroom in traditional learning, online learners get an opportunity to build the network around the world. This helps students to get a wider viewpoint on the specific topic.

Documentation: You can save all the details safely in an online database which is easily accessible at any point in your life. This enables repetition of class and thus clearing the doubts. Storing the theory documents online is more convenient than maintaining several notebooks.

It looks great on a resume: Nowadays, people seek the candidate who exactly knows the stuff and not the reputation of the institution. Attaining an online degree/ certification shows that you are committed to learning and you are eager enough to access new knowledge and skills. Thus your resume looks better when you apply for a new job or position.

Self-paced learning: When you start browsing through online learning courses, you will come across the self-paced label on them. This simply means that students can complete the target at any time according to their individual needs.

List of Best e-learning Websites

Here is the list of best e-learning websites. Let's make our free time more productive.

List of Best e-learning Websites
Sl no e-learning websites
1 Udemy
2 Coursera
3 Lynda
4 Open Culture
5 Future Learn

You can jump directly to the session directly by selecting any in the table.

Udemy - Best e learning websites

Udemy - Best e learning websites

Udemy tops the chart for being such an incredibly popular and valuable resource. It offers more than 80,000 courses from various categories with additions of courses every month. In each category, you can go through several lectures and select your perfect fit after reading the reviews. An introduction video which is freely accessible takes you through the overview of the course. The Udemy Mobile App has a good user interface and allows you to take classes through mobile. The pricing starts from as low as 700rs. The courses purchased can be saved offline and can be watched at any time through the same account.

It offers courses across plenty of categories. The top categories are given below.

Development Photography
Business Music
IT and Software Language
Design Health and Fitness
Marketing Office Productivity
Personal Development Lifestyle

Coursera - Best e learning websites

Coursera - Best e learning websites

If you are looking for a course from top universities and organizations, then Coursera will be the perfect suit for you. It has partnered up with the University of Pennsylvania, Stanford University, University of Michigan, Indian School of Business and many other top universities across 28 countries to provide universal access to the world's best education. You can find over 2,000 paid and unpaid courses across 180 fields related to Computer Science, Data Science, Business, Social Sciences and so on. You can find the course fee after selecting it from the dashboard of the Coursera Official website. It also facilitates you with the mobile app for better convenience.

The categories in which courses are offered are as follows

Arts and Humanities Life Sciences
Business Math and Logic
Computer Science Personal Development
Data Science Physical Science and Engineering
Information Technology Social Sciences
Language Learning  

Lynda - Best e learning websites

Lynda - Best e learning websites

Lynda is a popular educational hub owned by Linkedin, It helps professionals seeking to learn new skills related to business, creativity, and technology. It provides you with more than 13,000 expert-led courses. It offers a 30 days free trial and then you will be charged Rs 1400 per month for the regular membership or effectively Rs 1150 per month for the annual subscription. Unlike Udemy and other websites, Lynda doesn't charge you separately for each course as you can take as many courses in the subscription period without any limit.

You can watch the videos at any time from your computer or mobile phone. You can practice with exercises and quizzes to make the experience of learning more interesting.

The categories in which the topics are covered are given below.

3D and Animation Education and Learning
Audio and Music IT
Business Marketing
CAD Photography
Design Video
Developer Web

Open Culture - Best e learning websites

Open culture - Best e learning websites

If you are looking for a top quality education at free of cost then Open Culture will be the perfect fit for you as the library consists of 1,300 courses with over 45,000 hours of audio and video lectures. Many of the courses available are from leading institutions around the world. It provides you courses in audio format which makes it unique from other websites.

The categories in which the courses provided are

Astronomy History
Biology Literature
Business Math
Chemistry Philosophy
Classics/Ancient World Physics
Computer Science Political Science
Economics Psychology
Engineering Religion

Future Learn - Best e learning websites

Future Learn - Best e learning websites

Like OpenLearn, FutureLearn is the division of The Open University and is another option on this list that provides programs from leading educational institutions and establishments. The courses are accessible both from the PC and mobile. The uniqueness of this learning hub is that it is committed to social learning as it provides the student with the opportunity to engage in discussions with millions of people around the world. It also concentrates on extensive learning by offering full programs. Students can watch any video and learn free of cost but the certification is chargeable and it starts from £ 39.00.

The categories are as given below.

Business & Management Nature & Environment
Creative Arts & Media Politics & the Modern World
Health & Psychology Science, Engineering & Maths
History Study Skills
Languages & Cultures Teaching
Law Tech & Coding

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