Vandana Thakur

Vandana Thakur

Content Marketing Specialist

Vandana Thakur is a Content Marketing Specialist at Getmyuni. She develops informative and engaging articles regarding colleges and universities for aspiring students. She firmly believes in" Education as a kindling of a flame than filling of a vessel" and strives to put the best on students' plates through her research and findings.

She holds a bachelor's from the University of Calcutta as an English Major. However, her passion for writing ignites by her curiosity to explore and learn the unknown from a very young age. This drove her to choose a career in Content Marketing. Over the years, she has worked with multiple brands and published highly engaging blogs and articles on Education, Beauty and Fashion, Technology, Travel and Psychology.

She is well recognized and featured for her writings and aspiring qualities as a whole.
Apart from surfing and fetching the latest trends in the education sector, you might find her talking about Psychology, Languages, Cultures, Fashion, food or locating the next destination to explore.

You can reach her out at [email protected].