Akriti Rastogi

Akriti Rastogi

Sr. Content Marketing Specialist

Akriti is working with us as a Sr. Content Marketing Specialist. She has a flair for writing articles related to both government and entrance exams like JEE Main, NEET, CAT, SBI-PO, etc. She has been providing valuable information to students and professionals on preparations and other exam-related procedures. Her infallible research is what distinguishes her from others. Akriti is a manager by profession, a content marketer by passion, and an engineer by mere luck.

She has been a part of the educational community from a very young age. From teaching basics to young village girls on her trips with her grandmother to teaching and making people aware of education and hygiene at NSS camps during her college days, her journey has been beautiful. She believes every child is potentially the light of the world.

Whenever she is free, she will either read a book and sipping coffee or planning her weekend trip. You might also spot her sleeping in the cozy corner with her laptop or a book. And if you get to take a peek at her laptop, you might find her watching Harry Potter or some K-Drama.