It is that time of the year when students are faced with one of the most important questions of their life, “Which course to choose after 12th?”. Sure, the temperatures are rising, but so are the tensions and the pressure to choose quick. With recommendations and suggestions coming from every side, the decision is not an easy one to make and there are a plethora of careers to choose from - besides the typical Engineering and Medical.

Students these days are looking beyond the quintessential courses and getting into some quirky and creative jobs as well. This includes ethical hacking, photography, freelance artists and others.

Why is this question important?

The choices you make after your 12th are essentially the choices that shape your career as a whole. The right choices will take you ahead on your path, while the wrong choices could pull you down a whole lot more. Moreover, once you take a decision, it is difficult to switch careers and is draining- physically and mentally.

It is advisable that you do thorough research regarding all the available courses and what they have in store for you before making a decision that you will have to live with for the rest of your life.

To help you get through this, we have put together the details regarding the options available to students after their 12th.

Courses after 12th Science

The science stream boasts of promising careers for students in the future and is ever-growing, with research and develop booming in this field.

It can further be divided into four categories:

  • PCM

PCM stands for Physics, Chemistry, and Maths. Students who intend to take up engineering or Architecture in the future can opt for this stream.

  • PCB

PCB is the abbreviation for Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. Students aspiring to get into the fields of Medical can take up this stream.

  • PCMB

PCMB stands for Physics Chemistry, Mathematics, and Biology. Students who take up this stream are likely to have options that come under both the above-mentioned streams.

  • PCMC

PCMC is an abbreviation for Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Computer Science. Besides the typical fields, it adds an option for students to get into the field of computer sciences as well.

Courses after 12th Commerce

Students who take up this stream are expected to have strong analytical skills and a flair for management and finance related areas. It is a perfect option for students who want to move away from the generic Engineering and Medical departments and make a mark in the corporate world. Mathematics can be opted for as an additional subject. Accounting, Finance and Business Studies are the core subjects in the field of commerce.

Courses after 12th Arts

Gone are the days when Arts used to be a stream for students with low scores. The arts field is now accepted as a go-to for students with creativity and imaginative skills, offering a plethora of diverse career options. Mass Media Communication, Journalism, Interior designing, Advertising, Graphics designing, Psychology, Fashion designing, Sociology, Photography, Theater, and so on. and various other fields to mention a few.

Vocational Courses after 12th

Vocational Courses, unlike the other streams, are for students who intend to do something different and learn new skills. They are not restricted to a particular stream. The main advantage of Vocational courses is that they can be taken up online, and equip a student with new skill sets without taking up a major part of their day. They are not expensive and last for a shorter duration of time.

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