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Animation Courses in India

Indian animation industry posses a good demand for the traditional 2D animation, 3D animation and visual effects for feature films. However, most of the animations done today are made by utilizing computer-generated imagery (CGI). Bangalore, Trivandrum, Pune, Hyderabad, Kolkata and Mumbai are the cities where major concentrations of animation studios in the country.

The animation in India is large and growing. As Indians caries a lot of emotions, there is a scope of animation in Cinema and Commercials. This field will offer you an exciting career and a lot of opportunities in India.

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Scope of Animation


Animation Salary in India


 Eligibility Criteria and Aptitude test for Animation Course


Animation Degree Courses in India


Short-term Animation courses in India


Best Animation Institutes in India


Animation Courses Fees

Scope of Animation

  • The scope in animation and multimedia as a full-time career is that it doesn't have a fixed schedule and you can enjoy your work without having a feeling of liability.

  • There has been a rapid growth in the entertainment industry, hence, even the animation has seen growth and now it is a multi-billion industry.

  • Famous production studios like Sony Pictures and Walt Disney are choosing the option of outsourcing for the development of animation content and Indian animation studios are widely benefitting from it.

  • The job for animators and related professionals like graphic designers, game developers, keyframe animators, layout artists, multimedia developers, character designers, and 3D- Modelers exists in the sectors listed below:

    • Advertising

    • Film and Television

    • Video Gaming

    • Online and Print News Media

    • E-Learning 

    • Cartoon production

    • Theatre


Animation Salary in India

  • The animation career is one of the best options according to the present trends.

  • Talking about animation job salary, one can earn from Rs. 12,000- Rs. 18,000 as a junior animator after completing the training from any of the famous animation studio.

  • After developing more skills and techniques in the field one can earn from Rs. 25,000- Rs. 40,000.

  • If you are planning on setting up your own animation studio or freelancing, then you can charge how much ever you want from the client depending on the work that you produce.

Eligibility Criteria and Aptitude test for Animation Course

  • It is necessary for the candidate to have passed class 10 with a minimum aggregate of 50% in every subject.

  • The candidate should have also passed class 12 with a minimum aggregate of 50% in any stream from a recognized school.

  • Students who have opted for humanities (HCG) in class 12 are also considered eligible for the course. 

  • Certain colleges take aptitude tests that are completely based on the creativity of the candidates. Few of the creative aptitude test for animation are given below.
    • Character Design

    • General Knowledge

    • Drawing Life Situation

    • Storytelling through Sketching

    • Information Technology

    • Skill of Visualization

    • English non- verbal and Verbal Reasoning

    • Creative Thinking 

Animation Degree Courses in India

Bachelor Courses in Animation

  • Bachelor of Arts - Animation & Digital Arts

  • Bachelor of Animation

  • B.A(Animation and Computer Graphics)

  • B.A (Animations and Graphic Design)

  • B.A Digital Film Making and Animation

  • Bachelor of Fine Arts in Animation

  • Bachelor of Science Animation and Film Making

  • Bachelor of Science Animation and Visual Effects

  • Bachelor of Science in Animation

  • Sc. Media Graphics & Animation

  • Bachelor of Science (BS) - Multimedia and Animation Degree

Master Courses in Animation

  • M.Sc(Multimedia & Animation)

  • Master in Animation and Special Effects

Advance Diploma Course in Animation

  • Advance Diploma in 3D Animation, VFX and Multimedia

  • Advance Diploma in Animation and Visual Effects

  • Advance Diploma in 3D Animation

  • Diploma in 2D and 3D

  • Diploma in Animation Software

  • Diploma in Digital Animation

  • Certificate Course in 2D and 3D Animation

  • Certificate Course in Animation

  • Certificate Course in Visual Effect (VFX)

Short-term Animation courses in India 

Animation Master

  • The Advanced Diploma Course is one of the best of all animation courses.

  • If you are good at sketching and want to express your creativity through your work, then Animation Master Course can be your worthy choice.

  • Requirements:

    • Knowledge of Mac and Windows with basic computer navigation

    • Animation Master Plus Course is specifically designed for undergraduate and graduate candidates with keen interest for extreme level creativity.

 Visual Effects Master Course

  • Visual Effects Master course is a course design in such a way that it acts as a fusion between the artistic aspect as well as the technical aspect of integrating computer creating an imagery with live action footage in VFX.

  • This course mainly focuses on developing the artistic and technical skills in visual effects (VFX).

  • Requirements:-
    • If you have completed your 10+2, then you are eligible to apply for this course

    • One must have at least the basic knowledge of computer and internet.

    • You should have a flair for designing and artistic activities are highly required.

2D Animation Courses

  • 2D Animation course will help students develop and polish their skills in pre-production techniques land 2D animation. In 2D animation, students will be helped to improve their techniques by using mediums like clay, pencil, camera, and paper. 

  • Students are solely responsible for manipulating and controlling the volume, weight, movement, action, and proportion of the subject given to them. 

  • Requirements:

    • There is no particular educational qualification looked for this course, but having good drawing skills will be advantageous for the student.

    • If you are looking to pursue a career in 2D animation then this course will be helpful.

3D Animation Courses

  • In the duration of 6 months, through Autodesk Maya Master students can learn about the fundamentals of animation and 3D design.

  • The students will be trained in the advanced level, as well as the basic level.

  • Requirements:

    • You need to be proficient with the operating systems.

    • It is essential to have knowledge of the hardware and software of a computer.

    • The student is required to have knowledge of Adobe Photoshop.

Cinema 4D Master

  • Maxon Cinema 4D application is an application where one can unleash their creativity and understand the world of 3D designing without any limits. Cinema 4D (C4D) software is designed in such a way that it fulfils all the requirements for creating the high-end 3D designs.

  • Procedural and polygonal animating, texturing, lighting, modelling, rendering, and custom options are found in 3D modelling applications of Cinema 4D Master.

  • Requirements:

    • Cinema 4D Master is an advanced level course and to learn it better one has to have the basic knowledge of the fundamentals of graphic designing.

    • The student is expected to have knowledge in few of the graphic designing software such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe after effects, Adobe Animate, or knowledge of any other video editing or motion graphic software.

Adobe after Effects Master Course (2 Months)

  • This course provides students with a better understanding of 2D and 3D tools used for VFX effects.

  • This course is preferred by editing professionals, motion graphics & visual effects artists and also for graphics & web designers.

  • Requirements:

    • The student needs to have the basic knowledge of the Mac and the Windows operating system.

    • It would be advantageous if the student knowledge of Photoshop/ Illustrator.

Animation Institutes in India

Here are the best animation institutes in India

Best Animation Institutes in India

Sr. No.

Name of the College

Courses offered


 Picasso Animation College


  • BSc in Animation & VFX(3 years): The course includes 2D Animation, various Digital Methodologies, Character Design etc.

  • M.Sc in Multimedia ( 2 years ): The course includes project oriented training in 3D animation.

  • Diploma in advanced filmmaking (16 months): This course covers concepts such as texturing, character design, modelling, etc. 


Arena Multimedia 


  • Arena Animation International Program (AAIP): The course duration is approximately 33 months. In this course, the basics of 2D and 3D animation will be covered through topics such as design visualization, image magic, and digital sculpting.

  • Animation filmmaking (DAE)(23 months)


Maya Academy of Advanced Cinematics (MAAC)


  • AD3D EDGE Advanced program in 3D animation (24 months): The topics include 3D Tracking & Match Moving, Character Set-up & Skinning, Stop-Motion etc.

  •  D3D – Professional Program in 3D Animation(18 months): The topics include 3D Character Development, Character Animation, Particle Dynamics etc.

  • DAFM – Program in Animation Filmmaking (12 months): The topics include Modelling & Texturing, Stop Motion, Character Setup & Skinning etc.

  • Design VizPro – Program in Architectural Design: The topics include 3D Design, Animation, Hyper-realistic Rendering etc

4.  Zee Institute Of Creative Arts (ZICA)


  • B.Sc in Animation and Visual Effects (3 years)

  • B.Sc in Animation and Filmmaking (3 years)

  • B.Sc in Visual effects Filmmaking (3 years)


Global School Of Animation and Games


  • BSc in Animation (3 years)



Webel DQE Animation Academy


  • 2D Diploma in Animation filmmaking (12 months)

  • Specialist program 2D digital animation (6 months)

  • 3D Diploma in Animation filmmaking (12 months)


Whistling Woods International Institute


  • Diploma in Visual effects – VFX (2 years)

  • BSc in Digital Filmmaking (3 years)


 Toonz Academy


  • Advanced Diploma in Digital Arts and Animation (12 Months)

  • 3D Finishing Program (6 Months)

  • Certificate Course in Digital 2D Animation (3 Months)


Frameboxx  Animation & Visual Effects

  • Red Boxx 1: Career Specialization Diploma in 3D Animation & Visual Effects (20 months)

  • Red Boxx 2: Diploma in Animation and VFX (12 months)

  • Green Boxx 1: Certificate Course in Animation & VFX Specialization(8 months)

  • B.Sc degree in Multimedia & Animation (3 years)


 Indian Institute Of Digital Art & Animation (IIDAA)


  • Bachelors degree in Animation & Filmmaking (3 years)

  • Masters degree in Animation & Filmmaking (2 years)

Animation Courses Fees

Here is an estimate of the fees for learning animation in India

Animation Courses Fees
Institutes Course Fees
IIT, Bombay Rs. 60,000/year
NID, Ahmedabad Rs. 2,00,000/year (approx)
DSK, Supinfocom Rs. 8.5 lakh per year
Maya Academy of Advanced Cinematics Rs. 50,000 to Rs 2.5 lakh

The fee is subjected to change every year.

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