Amazon Placement Procedure

There are 4 rounds in interview process –

  1. Written Test
  2. Group Discussion
  3. Technical Interview
  4. HR Interview

1) Written Test

The written examination will be divided in to 2 main sections -

  1. Section - A will include a total of 20 objective type questions which needs to be completed within a time limit of 30 minutes. These questions will essentially cover both 5 aptitude questions and 15 technical oriented questions. The aptitude part will cover questions from topics like Average, matching definition, number systems, ratio, percentages, simple interest, clock, and logic deduction.
  2. Section – B consists of objective and subjective type questions. A total of 25 objective questions need to be completed within a time limit of 45 minutes. There will 2 subjective type questions which should be answered within 30 minutes time frame. The questions included in this section will essentially concentrate on subject areas such as C and data structures, SQL queries, operating systems, networking, DBMS etc.

2) Group Discussion

This is the biggest elimination round. In group discussion they will judge you mainly on –

  • Expression
  • Team Spirit
  • Personal Projection
  • Listening Power
  • Eye Contact

Time Limit - 
15mins max. , importance level- very high, topics- current affairs.

3) Technical Interview

Technical questions are related to your field such as C, C++, Java, Data structures, DBMS, SQL, .NET, OS, OOPS, Networking, Pointers etc.

4) HR Interview

For sample interview questions, see the HR interview questions section