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MBA Admissions 2019 in International School of Business, [ISB] Kolkata

MBA Eligibility/Admission Criteria, Application Process and Admission details 2019 for International School of Business, [ISB] Kolkata

Eligibility criteria at International School of Business, [ISB] Kolkata

Eligibility criteria for MBA:

  • The candidate must hold a Bachelor's degree or equivalent in any discipline.
  • The candidate must have a Valid GMAT / GRE score.
  • The candidate must also have less than 24 months of full-time work experience by March 31.
  • The TOEFL / IELTS / PTE score (only if the language of instruction at undergraduate study level is not English) shall also be considered.  


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Application Process at International School of Business, [ISB] Kolkata

Application Process for MBA:

  • The School encourages applicants from diverse backgrounds to become part of the Post Graduate Programme in Management.
  • The online application form shall be available on the college website.
  • The candidate must fill in the online application form.
  • The candidate must then submit it to the college.
  • The ranking in GMAT/ GRE might also be useful for the application.



Admission process at International School of Business, [ISB] Kolkata:

Admission Process for MBA:

  • Applicants are evaluated on the basis of the impact they have made in their past professional and personal life.
  • This is assessed through the initiatives that the applicant may have taken, the responsibilities handled and the career progression achieved till date.
  • The one professional evaluation (i.e. recommendation) which forms an important part of the application also helps in gauging the leadership potential of the applicant in a professional setting.
  • The versatility and well-rounded individuals who can contribute to the society in positive and meaningful ways shall be selected.
  • People who can bring different perspectives to the class and appreciate the different point of views shall be chosen.
  • The extracurricular activities and interests beyond work life gives an insight on personal qualities.
  • All the above qualities shall determine the admission of the candidate.


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