T's review on SRM University - [SRM], Kanchipuram

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College: SRM University - [SRM], Kanchipuram

Degree: Bachelor

Program: B.Tech (Electrical/Electronics)

Graduated in : 2017

Discipline: Engineering and Technology


Rating given: 10 out of 10

T's review on SRM University - [SRM], Kanchipuram | Written on: 01 Jan 1970


  • Academic schedule: - Academic schedule is very precisely set well before the session begins in SRM University - [SRM], Kanchipuram.
  • Projects: -There are lots of opportunities for the projects individually as well as in a group . The presence of technical groups formed by the talented students of the university makes it more interesting.
  • The frequency of tests and assignment: -Frequency of tests are very high. Even the lab practices seem like tests due to pre-lab and post-lab questions which are very helpful for increasing the detailed knowledge about the experiment.
  • Choice and relevance of available courses: - Due to a subject elective system, one has many choices and a chose personally according to their interests.
  • Quality and methodology of teaching: - It is just outstanding, faculty is very talented and have a great explaining and approachability skills.
  • Professor accessibility outside classes: - Whenever free hours are available, teachers are free to spend their time with students, and are equally interested to clear their doubts and provide a solution to their problems.


  • SRM University has a very good relation with Foreign Universities, which help students a lot in gaining exposure at a very high level, which is like a pavement to success.
  • There are programs like SAP (Student exchange program) which is optional for the interested students.
  • The language spoken while teaching is purely English and in campus, multiple languages are spoken as students of all diversities are present .
  • The average cost incurred on a foreign exchange programme is the same as the fee paid .


  • The college fee is quite high but it equalizes with the opportunities it provides in SRM University - [SRM], Kanchipuram.
  • 10% of the total number of students secure some or the other type of scholarship.
  • University provides the best opportunity to avail bank loans and it has very simple criteria.


  • Internships are compulsory to bedone after the second year, which helps a lot in gaining practical knowledge, final job offers are up to the mark.
  • TCS, WIPRO, MU, SIGMA, INTEL, GODREJ, MAHINDRA, PAYTM, PETROFEK, CCCL, INFOSYS visit SRM University - [SRM], Kanchipuram for placements.
  • Rs. 4 LAKHS per annum is the average salary and 80% students get placed in good companies.
  • Size and effectiveness of alumni network are quite good.


  • The quality of classrooms are good, they are well equipped with proper ventilation, projectors, and teaching equipment.
  • Excellent transport facilities are provided within a campus, in the city as well as neighboring areas. 

 HOSTELS & FOOD Know more

  • On campus housing is wonderful, as it lets you into the university's spellbound fun and opportunities provided by it can be availed more frequently.
  • The quality and quantity of food are amazingly remarkable, both north Indian as well as south Indian food is provided so as to suit every student's expectation and is healthy as well in SRM University - [SRM], Kanchipuram.
  • Off campus food also tastes great as there is chain of restaurants available at cheap rates which offer mouth-watering cuisines.


  • All clubs are amazing as one has easy access and entry into the clubs, where all seniors and juniors work as a team without any feeling of inferior or superior, due to the excellent functioning of these clubs SRM is able to manage regular fests at it campus which are organized and participate with extreme enthusiasm.
  • Sports infrastructure is just awesome.


  • There is huge diversity but no inequality and racism in SRM University - [SRM], Kanchipuram.
  • Alcohol use at the campus and strictly banned and whoever is caught in such an activity, strict steps are taken which may even involve resignation.
  • Many restaurants are in and around the campus that provides proper hygienic food.

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