Sreyashi's review on SRM University, [SRM] Kanchipuram

Sreyashi's Bio

College: SRM University, [SRM] Kanchipuram

Degree: Bachelor

Program: B.Tech (Computer)

Graduated in : 2018

Discipline: Engineering and Technology


Rating given: 9 out of 10

Sreyashi's review on SRM University, [SRM] Kanchipuram | Written on: 20 Apr 2016


  • Hii, I am Sreyashi,pursuing BTech(CSE) from SRM Univ,Chennai. Highly reputed right. Well the daily routine might seem somewhat tedious. Classes start as early as 8:00 am and continue till 3:40 pm.Tea break from 8:55 to 9:10 is a great relaxation followed by an hour long lunch break from 11:55am.Over a semester,3 rounds of examinations are held before the final university examinations namely the cycle test 1,cycle test2 and the model examinations covering the entire syllabus for the semester subjects.1 assignment per subject is mandatory for Internal Marks.Projects are mandatory only for the 4th,6th and 8th semester students,however students continuously participate in the various project competitions held by the respective depts and also as a part of being involved in many of the dept clubs for attaining knowledge outside of the book.Practical Implementation is highly supported.
  • Quality of teaching is sufficiently good.Teachers are punctual,helpful,readily available and help the stidents with important questions,notes and everything that can be expected of them.
  • Overall experience at college is just too good.Already learnt a lot.Aiming for more.Cannot ask for anything more than this.


  • Tuition fees is Rs 1.85 lacs per year. Additional Rs 15,000 for books and stationary and Rs 15,000 as career development training fees. Tuition fee may differ depending on the mode of admission of a student, as in from Counselling or from Management.
  • Scholarships are given to those candidates within 1000 rank in the University Entrance Examinations for BTech Programmes. State and All India Rank Holders of JEE or Statewise Entrance examinations also have a fair chance. Apart from these,University Rank holders also receive scholarships which are updated every year depending on the performance of the student.
  • A mere 1,500-2,000 students receive scholarships under various eligibility criterias.
  • Loans may be needed depending on the students economic background and are easily available through consultation with the Administration dept. of the University as they have tie-ups with a number of banks for providing educatin loans under minimum possible interest rates.



  • Oppurtunities for internship from some startup companies have been provided to the interested candidates. Zybeak Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is one among the many.Oppurtunities are ample,it just needs the right person to figure it out.
  • Companies like Google,Amazon,Microsoft,HCL,HP,Goldman Sachs,Fidelity Investments,Mu Sigma,Zoho,Verizon,Ashok Leyland,Tata Motors,Larsen & Toubro,Vodafone,Hindustan Unilever are among the thousands of companies providing placements to students.The SWITCH companies also come under the list.
  • Average salary package comes to about Rs 5 lakhs yearly. Highest Salary package goes to Rs 21-25 lakhs yearly. A near about 85% of the students are placed .
  • The University also has a strong alumni network,with reputed Entrepreneurs leading lives their own way,with Job Holders creating beyond the imaginary pictures of themselves through their quality of work and dedication,with even big musicians and actors hailing from SRM University.The network is diverse and has people in it excelling in all fields possible. 


4 boys hostels and near about 10 girls hostel are their in the University Campus itself.The Hostel fee per month is near about Rs 5,000.

Other stay options are available in plenty at an affordable rate outside of the college premises, nearby to the college locality.Being a student's hub, these options are just too much in number with no security or safety issues in anyway.

The Mess food is quite good,with separate North and South Indian kitchens,and also Veg and NonVeg varieties.The meals cost about Rs 4000 on monthly basis for the hostelites,and might cost a mere Rs.50-60 per meal.

The Classrooms are huge with ample space and airy with lights,fans,ACs and curtains.Labs are fully Air-Conditioned making use of the high quality apparatus and computer systems.Libraires consist of all types of books starting from novels,fictions to journals and what not. E-librairies are also present for online surfing and study at no extra cost.Dining Halls are huge,airy, arranged with rows of chairs,separate halls for girls and boys,but might sometimes be stinky because of the dustbins filled with the spilled food,and the sink pipelines may be jammed,but anyways they are cleaned regularly,so just a temporary issue.

University campus is a small word in itself with all facilities provided such as banks,parlour,gym,gift and stationary shops,laundry shops,food outlets such as McD and KFC to name a few,juice shops and what not.The entire campus is a treat to the eyes of the beholder.



  • Student Socities are many depending on their respectives depts. ,TechWiz,AndroPedia to name a few which are highly active and always involved in competition level endeavours such as projects and so on.A good scope for the active people 
  • The main festivals are Aaruush which is a Technical Fest held every year in August expanding over 5 days, and Milan which is a cultural festival held in the momth of March every year for over 5 days.Great oppurtunities for participation.
  • Life in general in college is simply high standard.

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