's review on Manipal University, Jaipur

Rakshit's Bio

College: Manipal University, Jaipur

Degree: Bachelor

Program: B.Tech (Mechanical)

Graduated in : 2017

Discipline: Engineering and Technology


Rating given: 7 out of 10

Rakshit's review on Manipal University, Jaipur | Written on: 22 Jul 2016


  • Since my college is just 5 years old and not many people know about it, the academic situation here is a little mixture of good and bad to be honest. Yes at times we have faculty who is not up to the mark. The academic structure is great though and should be the same throughout. The projects and assignments given time to time are invaluable.


  • Since a private university, the fees is a lot and I mean it its a lot, I would love to pay this much money if the faculty would have been too class but considering the young years of this college, I really can't say anything about the fee structure.


  • Due to the name of "Manipal" as a brand in the market I was able to get into 2 internships and duly completed it with a certificate. Also the college helps us in getting it at the end of our course in the 8th sem.
  • Average salary is quite decent.


  • Everything from classroom to hostels to WiFi facility to the mess food and other facilities provided. It's a world class place to be at in those terms. The architecture of the main building is just elegant.

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Academic facilities provided by MUJ are above par compared to most private colleges in the North. MUJ is a new college and it has been working hard to earn a name and reputation in the region. To do that, excellent faculties who are researchers, PhDs, UPSC advisers, experienced industrialists.

Teaching methods are simple and yet understanding. Its an advantage for students who grasp less easily as I believe there is a lot of spoon feeding. A students whose school concepts are weak can also perform well in academics due to this factor.


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ACADEMICS & FACULTY: Our academic schedule is from 9 Am to 4PM, faculty takes the classes regularly , projects are not given on regular basis but assignments of every topic are given... I personally feel that B Tech and B Arc are the most relavent courses  Some teachers are extremely good but some just teaches for the sake of their work. professors are always available for doubt sessions..
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  • Manipal University was started in 2011 so, the classes run 5 days a week and with a condition of 75% attendance to be maintained by every individual.
  • A semester of 5 months has 2 midterms of 20 marks each and plenty of assignments and projects to be completed in the given time limit which sometimes adds up for the internal marks.
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