Aaron Jude's review on Loyola College, Chennai

Aaron Jude's Bio

College: Loyola College, Chennai

Degree: Bachelor

Program: B.A. (Economics)

Graduated in : 2017

Discipline: Humanities and Art


Rating given: 8 out of 10

Aaron Jude's review on Loyola College, Chennai | Written on: 28 May 2015


  • While the academic schedule is rigorous, there is scope for one to excel at academics, provided the warranted work ethic exists.
  • Classes last for approximately five hours and while there is limited flexibility in the first year when it comes to the choices of courses available; this expands much more in the second and third years and one can choose a specialisation which matches with his aptitude and interest.
  • For major subjects, there are usually two projects per semester which usually well spaced out and have a completion duration of approximately two weeks.
  • While there exists a case of having a single professor who is a bit of a let down each semester, the rest are of a very high standard with one or two professors being just incredible and pretty inspirational!
  • The teaching methodology generally varies from teacher to teacher and across subjects but it is, on the whole, engaging and the use of real life examples is rife. Professors also try engaging the students in discussions, a la the Harvard Case Method.
  • Professors are generally accessible if one has doubts or would like to discuss an intricacy of the subject in greater detail. They are generally adept at providing reference material or recommending ; at the very least.


  • There exists a BBA programme with the Catholic University of Lille in France and in their third year, students go to France to complete their complete education.
  • Those who are admitted into this programme spend under three lakhs in terms of total academic expenditure.
  • While the lingua franca is English; Tamil features heavily on campus and to a lesser extent, Hindi.
  • There are a wide variety of languages which are taught on campus which include Spanish, French, Russian and German and the Iberian language of Portuguese is also spoken by a few.
  • International students from far-flung countries also study at Loyola. These countries include Sudan and East Timor, among others.


  • The college fee is a very economical Rs. 12,600 per annum which is supplemented by exam fees bringing the total to approximately Rs. 14,200.
  • Scholarships are generally given on a need basis to economically weak students and two scholarships are given per class; to the highest scorers, on merit which entail a rebate of about 10% of the fees.
  • The non-merit scholarships generally entail the writing off of anywhere between 30 and 70% of the fees.
  • A heavily subsidised afternoon meal is also provided to these students; should they qualify for it.
  • Generally, bank loans for a small amount like this are not warranted.


  • There exists a compulsory internship programme in the winter of the third year and it lasts a month. It is thoroughly audited. At the end of the second year, the selected students intern at institutions such as Goldman Sachs and Barclays with a view to attaining a Pre Placement Offer (PPO).
  • The World renowned companies such as D.E. Shaw, Deutsche Bank, Mahindra & Mahindra, McKinsey, Deloitte and others hire from campus; across fields ranging from consulting to FMCG to financial services.
  • Salaries range around Rs. 8.5 lakh and usually a 100% of the economics and commerce batches are placed.
  • It is harder to estimate the figure for the arts and science streams, with most students in the latter going into research.
  • Considering the college is nine decades old and is called the 'St. Stephens of the South', the alumni network is large and includes notable figures such as P. Chidambaram and more infamously, the Maran brothers of Sun TV & SpiceJet infamy.
  • As for the efficacy of the network, it is entirely what an individual can make of it.


  • The entire campus is wi-fi enabled, and the network is reasonable, considering the campus is over ninety acres.
  • Labs are quite well maintained and there is always new work ongoing to improve them and build new facilities.
  • Sporting infrastructure is functional and decent, without being very good.
  • The Central Library is rather large and contains among the largest book collections libraries in the state have.
  • There is a golf cart shuttle for disabled students with transport outside the campus being no trouble whatsoever with autos, share autos, and buses freely available from the gate and the local train station adjacent to the campus.

 HOSTELS & FOOD Know more

  • Food is very economical while there is a slight dearth of choice.
  • The bakery provides excellent fare at great prices. One may gorge on far too many chocolate filled doughnuts as a result.
  • I stay off campus for personal reasons.




  • In the first year, a student is mandated to complete 120 hours of club activities to pass the year.
  • There are about thirty clubs to choose from; across varied fields of interest.
  • The NCC, both the army and navy arms, are well reputed and have provided many an officer to the military since their inception in the years prior to independence.
  • A full-size football pitch exists with significant seating capacity, akin to the cricket pitch.
  • Supplementarily, four basketball courts are augment with two volleyball courts.
  • All these facilities are well used. There are plans on to build a swimming pool. The gym, however, does not meet expectations.


  • While Loyola is primarily a boy's college, it has a diverse student body. The sons of politicians study alongside those of illiterate farmers. From the perspective of nationality too, there are cases of Germans being classmates of Sudanese nationals as well.
  • Dorm parties are non-existent albeit students do party hard outside campus as there are many nightclubs and fine restaurants within a fifteen-minute radius of the campus.


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