Snigdha's review on Loyola College, Chennai

Snigdha's Bio

College: Loyola College, Chennai

Degree: Bachelor

Program: B.Tech

Graduated in : 2017

Discipline: Engineering and Technology


Rating given: 8 out of 10

Snigdha's review on Loyola College, Chennai | Written on: 04 Feb 2015


  • The faculty is impressive; at least they have made an impression on the students.
  • The faculty is not too friendly, nor too strict. They get along well with the students.
  • The students are even taken for an industrial visit during their course, although it is just a day visit.


  • Only IT companies visit the campus.
  • Most of the core branch students have to find their placements off campus.
  • No help is provided by the college.


  • The road to Loyola Institute of Technology is not constructed; it is in a very bad condition.
  • The college has huge grounds and the college building and interiors are not appealing. 
  • Overall it looks like just another college on NH4. 
  • Labs have much non-functional equipment which is neither replaced nor repaired.

 HOSTELS & FOOD Know more

  • Hostels are decent, just a notch above the mark which would classify it as bad.
  • The tiny rooms are shared by 3 people. Toilets, which at times are a major factor while deciding on the hostels, are bad.
  • Many of the doors don’t have knobs so you better be prepared to sing while you attend the nature's call.


  • One-third of the students are from outside the city and consequently hostel dwellers.
  • These students are from the South Indians states only. The rest are from the suburbs of Chennai.
  • Loyola does have a few North Indian students too, who initially find it difficult to adjust here but later they mingle well with the locals.
  • If you are from a liberal school of thought then you might find it difficult to adjust to the environment here.

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