Shruti's review on Jain University, Bangalore

Shruti's Bio

College: Jain University, Bangalore

Degree: Master

Program: M.Sc Forensic Science

Graduated in : 2016

Discipline: Others


Rating given: 7 out of 10

Shruti's review on Jain University, Bangalore | Written on: 01 Jan 1970


  • Qulaity of teaching is good at Jain University, with interactive sessions, presentations, crime scene investigations etc.
  • For M.Sc we have a varied number of courses which are spread across different campuses. In my campus, we have English Literature, Psychology and Forensic Science. I have heard all of them are good from students from those backgrounds.
  • We have 3 exams/ tests in total, the first one is an IT which is an internal test, the second is the preparatory test or exam and the final is the main exam which will carry the most amount of marks. 


  •  I am not aware if this applies to the students who are pursuing their Masters. 
  • It might apply to the students doing their Bachelor's though.
  • The language in which things are taught is English, while on the campus, you can hear and array of languages from across the length and breadth of the country, and sometimes even the world.


  • The college fee varies, from course to course at Jain University. While the other courses in Masters cost way lesser, Forensic Science costs around Rs. 3 Lakhs for the entire course.
  • The provision for the scholarships is available for students with academic excellence. 
  • In my present batch, I am assuming that at least 4 to 5 people out of a class of 17 students have availed this.
  • Bank loans are also available.  


  • In Jain University it is compulsory to have done 2 internships, one being a 1-week internship and the other being a 4 weeks internship. 
  • We apply to places of personal interest varying from working with labs, hospitals, lawyers etc. 
  • Though these internships are mostly unpaid, the experience is invaluable.
  • We are the third batch for the Master's course for Forensic Science, hence we do not have the "alumni network" per say.


  • The classrooms are just fine at Jain University, with AC. But the classes are rather small considering the size of the class in terms of students are also less.
  • We have 3 labs, a fingerprint lab, a computer lab and a forensic science lab, only for the foreign science students.
  • We have a common library for everyone in the college.
  • As per my knowledge, there are transportation facilities in terms of a college bus, though I do not use it myself. 

 HOSTELS & FOOD Know more

  •  There is a college hostel for both the boys and the girls at Jain University. Though I am a day - scholar I have friends who use these services. The hostel is about a 10-minute walk from the campus.
  • You also have various other PG's in and around the campus.
  • In terms of food, the campus only has a small canteen, but there are places around the campus where the quality and costs sufficient for a student budget.  


  • There are no such problems in Jain University. Here, you can see a diverse group of students staying cordially with each other. 
  • There is a strict rule of no non - veg and alcohol at the campus.
  • There are no bars and pubs around the campus, but there are various restaurants with no alcohol options around the campus.

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