's review on Jai Hind College, Mumbai

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College: Jai Hind College, Mumbai

Degree: Bachelor

Program: BA

Graduated in : 2016

Discipline: Humanities and Art


Rating given: 9 out of 10

soumya's review on Jai Hind College, Mumbai | Written on: 05 Apr 2015


  • BA from Jai Hind college (affiliated with Mumbai University) is a 3 year course with 6 semesters. In the first two semester there are three compulsory subjects and three optional subjects. The 3rd and 4th semester, we continue studying the three optional subjects which we chose during the start of the course, along with one additional component and one compulsory subject. the final year, last two semesters, we can major in any one subject or do a part major in two subjects.
  • The choices of subjects is vast, with around 15 subjects to choose from. Teachers use various methods such as presentations, group discussions, textual, student performence, etc. Teachers in Jai Hind college are helpful and very easily approachable.


  • Many courses in Jai Hind have placements in their final year. Companies like KPMG, Ernst and Youngm PwC, etc hire students from Jai Hind.
  • Every year one student is appointed as the placement head who co-ordinates with students and teachers regarding these companies.


  • Recently, Jai Hind has started using an annexe building with newer, better and modern classrooms and facilities.
  • The annexe builiding is used by degree college students and the old building is used by junior college students. There is a vast and highly informative library with excellent collection of books. There is a cafeteria and a canteen.
  • There are psychology Labs, computer labs and science labs. Jai Hind also has an enormous Auditorium which can accomodate 1000 people. there is also an AV room where many conferences, talks, presentations, etc happen. There is a Gymkhanna which has chess and carrom boards and table tennis tables.


  • Jai Hind is an extremely active college when it comes to outdoor activities. There are a number of clubs which are incharge of cultural activities, sports, inter-college and intra-college events, etc. Some of the clubs are Gymkhanna association, Social and Dramatic Union, Rotract Club of Jaihind College, Gujrati Sahitya Mandal, Hindi Parishad, etc.
  • There are also many associations which are related to studies like the Psychology association, History association, etc. 


  • The students in Jai Hind college are from different religions, race, economic status.
  • There is no sex discrimination practised by teachers or staff. Use of alcohol and drugs is strictly prohibiited in campus. 

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