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College: Indian Institute of Technology, [IIT] Bombay

Degree: Bachelor

Program: B.Tech (Information Technology)

Graduated in : 2018

Discipline: Engineering and Technology


Rating given: 10 out of 10

's review on Indian Institute of Technology, [IIT] Bombay | Written on: 01 Jul 2016



  • Every Professor here holds a PhD from IIT or from a reputed University
  • They are all highly experienced and qualified
  • They are fantastic teachers too and students are full of praise for them
  • The College faculty makes learning innovative by using slides, projects, etc.,



  • There is nothing to say that hasn’t already been said about IIT Bombay



  • Rs 67,876 Per Year

Courses Offered:

  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Computer Science & Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Metallurgical Engineering & Materials Science
  • Energy Sciences and Engineering
  • Engineering Physics

All the above departments also offer integrated 5 year dual degree programs (DD) in which you are awarded a Bachelors (B.Tech) and a Masters degree (M.Tech) at the end of the course.

Choice of specialisation for M.Tech is to be made only from parent bachelors department.

There is also a 5 year integrated M.Sc Chemistry course.


Placements and Internships:

  • One of the Best Institutes in India, you expect some brilliant internships and placements, and IIT Bombay does not disappoint
  • Some of the best companies from all fields – including investment banks like Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley, the big names of management consultancy like McKinsey, BCG and Bain pick up a number of IITians at some high-raising salaries
  • It’s one of the very few colleges visited by IT leaders like Samsung,Microsoft and Google, and the salaries can go as high as Rs.80 Lac per Annum (provided you’re extremely lucky, and terribly good at what you do, of course)


Campus and Infrastructure:

  • The huge 500 acre campus looks like nothing else you may have seen in Bombay, primarily because it’s lush green! The lakeside view adds some more to its aesthetic appeal
  • But IIT Bombay isn’t just about nature, of course – it’s arguably the finest Technological Institute of the Country because of its excellent faculty, and its amazing facilities
  • There are 14 hostels with 2 more coming up. Each hostel is equipped with its own mess, sports facilities, music room etc.,
  • The wing culture is unique to each hostel and is a matter of pride during intra hostel competitions



  • The food is edible, but we’ll be lying if we say it’s extraordinarily great
  • Night messes are available during Mid-Sem and End-Sem
  • Canteens are open till 2 A,M in all hostels, some are open even till 5 A.M


Festivals and Activities:

  • IIT Bombay hosts one of the most eagerly anticipated festivals in Asia, called 'Mood Indigo'
  • There is wild participation from across the Whole continent, and it regularly attracts a number of established as well as upcoming rock bands for its concert
  • The technical symposium quite simply called "Techfest" is the playground for the Tech Gods across India and some from even neighbouring countries
  • Techfest receives more participation then even the cultural festivals of most other colleges

Famous Alumni:

  • Jairam Ramesh - Minister of Rural Development, Formerly Environment and Forests
  • Nandan Nilekani - Founder, Infosys
  • Arun Netravali - Former President of Bell Labs
  • Victor Menezes - Former Vice Chairman, Citibank


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