Manish's review on Hans Raj College, Delhi University

Manish's Bio

College: Hans Raj College, Delhi University

Degree: Bachelor

Program: B.Com (Hons)

Graduated in : 2014

Discipline: Others


Rating given: 9 out of 10

Manish's review on Hans Raj College, Delhi University | Written on: 01 Jan 1970


  • Hans Raj College is a dream of every student to get into.
  • One of the top rated colleges of Delhi University is totally impeccable.
  • Freedom within boundaries builds up the horizon for students to rise high in career but with great moments of happiness and enjoyment. 


  • Hans Raj College, not just only gives us the knowledge to widen our horizons and work anywhere on a reputed seat all over the country but it provides numerous job offers to reduce the hustle of the students.
  • The college is connected with a lot of companies that provides direct placement from the college itself.
  • Recently, a student in was hired with an annual contract of 14 lakhs.

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  Harshit, batch of 2017

ACADEMICS & FACULTY: Academic syllabus of covers a wide knowledge of bussines and management and is recognized worldwide. It is a 3 year course divided into 6 semesters.Regular internal examinations are conducted and then there are external examinations at the end of each semester.The overall performance of a student is based upon the aggregate of these 6 semters. The faculty of Hansraj is amazing.Members are highly educated in their respective fields. Teachers adopt a friendly and caring attitude towards students.Personal attention is given to each student.Method of teaching adopted is very interesting inc...

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  • In Hans Raj College there are 5 classes per day.
  • Assignments and tests are held of which marks are included in external exams in judging the overall performance of students.
  • The teachers are very friendly and their method of teaching is good.
  • College fee at Hans Raj College is very economical and scholarship option is given to students who is not able to afford fees.
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FOREIGN EXCHANGE & INTERNATIONAL EXPOSURE: less of international exposure at the college. the college does not have many international links. few of many meritorious students are given a chance to travel in an exchange programme. but a student with good command over the language, academically, intellectually competent, adventurous and smart student can get into a exchange programme. all lectures are taken in english and english is also the commom language spoeken in campus as well.
FEES AND SCHOLARSHIP: scholarships and financing is merely provided by the college. though, the fees is as low as 15k (annually). but students keep writing in for ...