DEEPANJAN NAG's review on Christ University, Bangalore


College: Christ University, Bangalore

Degree: Master

Program: MBA/PGDM

Graduated in : 2018

Discipline: Business and Management


Rating given: 7 out of 10

DEEPANJAN NAG's review on Christ University, Bangalore | Written on: 15 Sep 2016


  • MBA in Christ University is a very rigorous program. Classes are held from 9am to 4pm normally which includes classes, corporate interfaces, guest lectures and group assignments. Due to a strong Alumni network, the corporate interfaces are very helpful and help the students get a vivid idea about the competitive industry outside. 
  • The faculty is highly qualified and disciplined and do their best to teach the students. Also, personal mentors are allocated to every student who help them regarding any problem the student faces, be it professional or personal.


  • The fees of Christ University is very student friendly. The first year fees for MBA is Rs 3.45 lakhs per year for students outside Karnataka and Rs 3.3 lakhs per year for students in Karnataka. Second year fees is same for all which is Rs 3.3 lakhs per year.
  • Christ University has a very good reputation in the country and any bank would readily give loan to a student getting admission here. Also, the fees are quite minimal so risk attached to the giving of a loan is very less. 


  • For a first year student, Summer Internship is a very important factor in building a good resume for placements. Christ University has many companies visiting its campus for Summer Internship recruitment. Many students get pre-placement offers from the company they intern in.
  • There are a variety of companies visiting the campus for recruiting students from all four specialisations namely Finance, Marketing, Human Resource and Operations and Systems. Also, students get the field they want to work in which is a big plus point for the students.
  • Placements in Christ University has seen a rise over the past few years. Last year the University placed 89% students with an average salary of Rs 6 lakhs per annum.  
  • Christ Univeristy also has a superb alumni association.


  • Canteens are there in every block which provide healthy eatables. Hostel facilities are remarkable as they are cheap and very well maintained.
  • The college has excellent infrastructure. Every block has a well-equipped library, every class has a projector, there are toilets on every floor. Also, lifts are provided for students suffering from any kind of injury. Also, students are provided with grounds and courts for various games. So, on the whole, any student will appreciate the infrastructure that the college provides.


  • The college has many academic clubs. Pioneer, Public speaking and quiz are three major ones. Apart from that, Christ has a well organized CSR club that functions on a daily basis to help the poor and the needy. 
  • Also, Christ is known for its cultural and sports talent. There are teams for dance and singing and also for various indoor and outdoor sports. Inter-class sports events are conducted which also includes a Sports Day. For MBA, there are two main annual fests. One happening in the city campus and the other in the Kengeri campus which is 30kms from the city campus.
  • Also, there is an Alumni club, which concentrates on building up of better Alumni connection and taking their help for attracting more companies for placements every year.

 Eligibility Criteria and Admission Process Know more

  • The eligibility criteria for MBA in Christ University is 70 percentile score in either CAT or CMAT entrance exam, or scoring 600+ marks in MAT entrance exam. I answered CAT and scored 71.51 percentile. This helped me qualify for the further selection procedure which consisted of group discussion, micro presentation, written ability test, English writing skills and personal interview. After going through all this, 700 students all over the country get admission in Christ University for MBA course which is a rigorous two-year program. 

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