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Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) Overview:

Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) is an Academic Degree which is awarded to students graduating in the field of Science. Bachelor of Science is one of the most popularly pursued courses in India. In India, the duration of the B.Sc course is 3 years. There are many Science subjects offered to students according to their interests but it depends on the university and combinations offered, that students can choose from. Though most universities refer to the degree as B.Sc, it is also sometimes referred to as BS. Science course combinations include various branches of Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and Computer Science. The Bachelor of Science course involves a lot of practical experience as well as interdisciplinary theoretical practice. Students are exposed to a vast range of subjects and research in the field of their choice. Graduates of B.Sc are given employment opportunities in both core science industries and otherwise. There are also some Arts/Commerce subjects that are sometimes offered under B.Sc, like Economics or Statistics, depending on the university and other norms.

The subjects studied during the B.Sc course are both factual as well as application-based. Most students, after obtaining the B.Sc degree, prefer to further their specialisation in the field of their choice by pursuing the M.Sc course. Only students who have a strong aptitude for Science and Applied Sciences must pursue the B.Sc course. Since the Science degree is completely focussed on factual information and practical knowledge, the applications of science are the same universally, and scientists are constantly in demand across the globe.

To be eligible for admission to Bachelor of Science, the student must have cleared the Higher Secondary School Examination (10+2 level) with English, Physics and Chemistry as compulsory subjects with Mathematics, Biology or Computer Science. Selection and admissions for B.Sc are entirely through merit on the basis of the candidate’s performance in the previous qualifying examination. Some colleges may, however, have an entrance test or personal interview as the basis for their selection process.