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Chetan B.Tech (Electrical/Electronics), batch of 2020
28 Mar 2017 Rating :
  • Daily routine is little conjusted, if  I may say at Veermata Jijabai Technological Institute.
  • Leaves home at 7 in the morning and reaches at 7 in the evening.Teaching staff is average. Some faculties are good and some average.
  • This sector is a good one in my college.
  • Societies like Society of robotics,DLA,etc are existant at Veermata Jijabai Technological Institute
VAIBHAV B.Tech (Computer), batch of 2012
09 Nov 2016 Rating :
  • College timing was from 9-5. 
  • The quality of teaching was not that great. But good exposure to learning new things.
  • CSI, SRA and much such technology societies were present to join. 
  • For main festivals: cultural is Pratibimb, technology is Technovanza and sports is Enthusia.
  • Life was great in college.
B.E., batch of 2017
28 Jun 2016 Rating :
  • “Faculty of the Civil branch is excellent”, says a final year student. Departments like Information Technology and Mechanical have excellent teachers. There is a lot of room for research work in these departments. Above average teaching in other branches, but you cannot expect more from professors of a government engineering institute. However, the importance of professors is much more here because of its autonomous nature. Many times the questions asked in the final exams are straight from the professors’ notes. Many experienced faculties have retired in the recent past and the new appointees do not match them in knowledge, qualifications or experience. However, they make up for all these with their enthusiasm and friendly nature.


  • While many students say that Veermata Jijabai Technological Institute (VJTI) has lost its lustre, yet it eclipses many other institutes in terms of innovative methods of teaching and facilities provided to students. And undoubtedly, the legacy has been its pivotal factor. Its name is known to many, even outside the country. Must take if you get your desired field.


  • Crowd:
  • Crowd at VJTI is sad; rather, nerdy would be more appropriate. Students get engrossed when it comes to technical festivals, be it their own college fest or any other, and this happens all round the year. Students from the Reserved Category are seen in healthy numbers (Thanks to the 50% reservation quota)
  • Hangouts:
  • Various restaurants in Matunga and among favourites are Mani’s Idli, Sherry’s Rolls and Frankies (best and the cheapest), Garnish, Classic, Relax, etc. There’s Only Parathas and Madras Café for those who eat only in 'elite' restaurants. CCD is also close by.
  • Festivals:
  • Technovanza is the technical festival of VJTI. Pratibimb is the cultural festival and Enthusia is the sports festival. Many other fests organized by hostel folks are held all-round the year.
Kartik B.Tech (Electrical/Electronics), batch of 2017
24 Mar 2016 Rating :

VJTI is considered among one of the best institutes of Maharastra after IITB. Odd sems start from first week of July and end on first week of November. Even sems are much shorter which usually lasts for only 4 months. VJTI has the longest vacations in Maharashtra which students generally utilize for making projects or doing internships. End Sem Exams(ESE) get over within 10 days, so you must prepare before the exams start if you score high pointers. Professors are pretty average while some are exceptionally good. 

  • There are different societies also like DLA,SRA,AERO,VJTI RACING,etc.
  • All the festivals of VJTI are held during the odd sem vacations. The major festivals of VJTI are Technovanza(Technical Fest),Enthusia(Sports Fest) and Pratibimb(Cultural Fest).
Mohit B.Tech (Electrical/Electronics), batch of 2017
17 Mar 2016 Rating :
  • The academic portion and infrastructure both are old but rich in culture.
  • Technological textbooks and reference books are not updated, however extra curricular in VJTI is quite efficient and inspiring.
  • There are too many fests to explore.
  • Extra curricular is best feature of this college.
Nikhar B.Tech (Civil), batch of 2017
17 Mar 2016 Rating :
  • The college starts at 9 am.
  • Our professors are highly experienced and demand strict punctuality from students for lectures. Lectures are very interesting and are non-exam oriented. Most professors are more keen on giving knowledge. Lectures are highly interactive. We are asked to give individual and group-wise presentations on various topics very often in the class.
  • Overall, the experience is amazing. Due to the quality of teaching, we students love to attend lectures.
Pradeep B.Tech (Electrical/Electronics), batch of 2017
09 Mar 2016 Rating :

Class timing is good and starts at 9 in the morning.Paper pattern and questions are really interesting and something in which you have to apply your brain.I am yet to for a project as students go for projects in the 7th semester although i believe that project will be a very good opportunity to apply engineering skills in a real world scenario. The assignments are on a easy side since there a direct questions from the book The faculty is not highly qualified. From my last six semester experience maximum of 2 teachers were capable to teach a subject properly. The faculty is helpful and are available for one to one session their cabins.

Overall methods of teaching is ok. I'm satisfied with the placements of VJTI as it's providing us lots of internship and ppo offers starting from 6th semester.It's good enough for placements compared to rest of colleges in Mumbai.I will suggest future aspirants to go for VJTI its really good compare to other engineering in all the aspects.

Rohan B.Tech (Mechanical), batch of 2016
11 Feb 2016 Rating :

For 1st year degree(i.e. )

  • Academically first and second sem are very rigorous with daily schedule of 9 am to 5 pm everyday with proper distribution between lectures and practicals
  • Assignments are given as soon as a particular chapter is taught
  • Two IST (In Semester Test) of 30 marks for each subject are conducted and finally an EST(End Semester Test) of 100 marks for each subject. Out of 100% for grading EST has weightage of 60%, IST has weightage of 30% and remaing 10% for assignments, attendance, viva. Grading is given in CGPA out of 10 grade points. (Note: This examination pattern is carried out for all four years.)


Rajshri B.Tech (Information Technology), batch of 2016
10 Feb 2016 Rating :
  • The college schedule is typically different from secondary schools.The college schedule begins from 9AM to 5PM.
  • The college is the second home for students.The college along with the academics provides other opportunities for students to show their talent and passion through various culture,sport and technical festival organized in campus.The college even has different clubs and organizations to increase and adapt additional knowledge 
  • The campus includes SRA,Robotics,Enterpreneur ECell Devlopment club, Sport club etc.
  • The campus has festivals such as Pratibimb(culture fest),Technovanza(technical fest),Enthusia(sport fest).
  • The college is the second home for students
Chaitali B.Tech (Electrical), batch of 2016
21 Jan 2016 Rating :
  • We do not have a perfect daily routine. It changes as per the time table. We have two In-semester exams and one end semester exam for each semester. Assignments get checked on a weekly basis.. VJTI Electrical dept has good quality teaching.
  • The method of teaching is no different than other colleges. The lent is always rewarded. The biggest strength of VJTI is the crowd here. Some of the excellent students in Maharashtra come here to study.There's exchange of knowledge and ideas and lots of fun in the process.
  • The overall experience in the college was amazing!

About Veermata Jijabai Technological Institute, [VJTI] Mumbai

Veermata Jijabai Technological Institute (VJTI), Mumbai was established in 1887, the Veermata Jijabai Technological Institute (VJTI) was given its present title in 1997, formerly known as Victoria Jubilee Technical Institute. The institute is well known for its diploma, degree and post graduate level programs in engineering & technology, functioning as an autonomous institute. VJTI is striving for greater visibility by focusing on research, innovations and technology incubation. 

The vision of the institute is to establish global leadership in the field of technology and develop competent human resources for providing service to society. The mission of the institute is to provide students with comprehensive knowledge of principles of engineering with a multi-disciplinary approach that is challenging and to create an intellectually stimulating environment for research, scholarship, creativity, innovation and professional activity.


To establish global leadership in the field of Technology and develop competent human resources for providing service to society


  • To provide students with comprehensive knowledge of principles of engineering with a multi-disciplinary approach that is challenging
  • To create an intellectually stimulating environment for research, scholarship, creativity, innovation and professional activity.
  • To foster relationship with other leading institutes of learning and research, alumni and industries in order to contribute to National and International development.

Why Join Veermata Jijabai Technological Institute

  • Autonomous institute
  • Courses affiliated to University of Mumbai
  • Highest salary package up to Rs.26 LPA
  • 91.22% placements for 2013-14
  • Received ET NOW National Education Leadership Award for 'outstanding engineering institute (West)'
  • Selected as one of the institute sponsored by World Bank under TEQIP Scheme
  • Scholarships for deserving students

Facilities :- 

  • Laboratories
  • Class Rooms
  • Internet
  • Women’s Development Cell
  • Sports
  • Scholarships


The institutes' Hostels, which offer accommodation for a total of 554 students are located at the southern end of the campus. They comprise four blocks A, B, C, and D. Accommodation is given to 110 new students in all branches every year on the basis of merit-cum-need. Preference is given to students residing outside the city of Mumbai.

There are four messes run by students. Hostel fees are based on three seaters, two sea

Training and Placement Office :-

The office of the Training and Placement Officer is housed in the Mechanical Annex building. The adjoining seminar halls are used for conducting written tests, group discussions and other activities related to training and placement. MCA, B.Tech. Production and PG FDC have in-plant training as an integral part of the course. Besides, in plant training, degree students also undergo internship at the end of 6th semester. In many cases, the students are selected and offered jobs even before they

Scholarship is provided to meritorious students in different schemes.


  • Ratan Tata Scholarship
  • University scholarship for financially backward students
  • State govt. minority merit scholarship

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