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Read Student Reviews of SRM University, [SRM] Kanchipuram Academics & Faculty

Sai Praneeth B.Tech (Computer), batch of 2017
04 May 2016 Rating :
  • Classes are split into 9 periods or hours as they call it here, 5 days a week. Standard timings are 8:50 A.M to 4:55 P.M with a 1 hour break from 12:25 P.M to 1:25 P.M. But within those 9 hours of classes there would be some free hours to make the schedule somewhat relaxed.
  • We have many subjects every sem, but this seems to be the case with every engineering course. Marks split is quite simple. There is 10% each for 2 cycle tests. Then 5% for surprise test or assignment and another 5% for attendance, ridiculous, I know! 20% for model exam of the subject. And finally, 50% for the end-sem exam. Less projects are given to be done. So far till 3rd year we have been asked to show only 2. 
  • Problem with SRM is the population. So many people are enrolled every year. So this makes it obvious to have a number of teachers too. So there are some teachers who have knowledge and are able to teach but others are not up to the mark.
  • But all discussed above are purely academic. There are so many clubs for every interest, like there are a few for computer related stuff also. Joining those clubs is a huge plus as you get to learn a lot more there than in class. What you learn there is quite different from class room as you work together on self assigned projects and try to learn as you go on about finishing them. SRM does provide with a lot of resources to help a student excel. 
  • And yeah, the library. is huge. A 3-floor library full of books of all kinds - from learning different languages like Japanese to exceling the art of machine learning. It is a very good library with high quality facilites.
Sreyashi B.Tech (Computer), batch of 2018
20 Apr 2016 Rating :
  • Hii, I am Sreyashi,pursuing BTech(CSE) from SRM Univ,Chennai. Highly reputed right. Well the daily routine might seem somewhat tedious. Classes start as early as 8:00 am and continue till 3:40 pm.Tea break from 8:55 to 9:10 is a great relaxation followed by an hour long lunch break from 11:55am.Over a semester,3 rounds of examinations are held before the final university examinations namely the cycle test 1,cycle test2 and the model examinations covering the entire syllabus for the semester subjects.1 assignment per subject is mandatory for Internal Marks.Projects are mandatory only for the 4th,6th and 8th semester students,however students continuously participate in the various project competitions held by the respective depts and also as a part of being involved in many of the dept clubs for attaining knowledge outside of the book.Practical Implementation is highly supported.
  • Quality of teaching is sufficiently good.Teachers are punctual,helpful,readily available and help the stidents with important questions,notes and everything that can be expected of them.
  • Overall experience at college is just too good.Already learnt a lot.Aiming for more.Cannot ask for anything more than this.
Rajat B.Tech (Civil), batch of 2016
23 Jun 2015 Rating :
  • The academic schedule of our college is very good.
  • All classes are smart classes with all facilities. Students can do here any type of project like research, technical or social, they will get all facilities for their projects including labs at any time.
  • Our university conduct test every month so that students will study regularly and teachers give assignments in the class different topic to all students and then discuss all the topics with class.
  • Here students can choose courses based on their choice as they want to study which makes best this university. If a student wants to study the subject of a different branch then they can study if that subject will be useful for him or her in the future.
  • The quality and methodology of teaching are excellent. All teachers are highly qualified and helpful at every step. You can ask doubts at ant time or after the class.
  • They teach in the class with a different method like others which makes it best and clear all doubts.
  • After the class teachers all available at a full time.
  • You can take their number call them and fix the time for meeting them or you can directly go to their cabin and ask the doubts.
  • All are ready to help at any time or at any place.

Read Student Reviews of SRM University, [SRM] Kanchipuram International Exposure

Rajat B.Tech (Civil), batch of 2016
23 Jun 2015 Rating :
  • There are so many foreign universities like Carnegie Melon University, University of California-Berkeley, University of Dayton, University of Georgia Athens, Lancaster University, Birmingham City University, The University of the West of England,  University of Toronto, etc.
  • Around 100 students go annually on an exchange program in different universities. The basic criteria for selection are their CGPA, their behaviour, their way of talking, their attitude and student will be financially able to go.
  • The language of teaching is English and English is spoken in the campus. Here students are from different states and countries but English is the only major language here.
  • Around Rs 20 lakhs is the average cost incurred on a foreign exchange program as the university also helps students by giving them a scholarship.


Karthik B.Tech (Mechanical), batch of 2015
18 Feb 2015 Rating :
  • SRM Ramapuram also encourages students who want to pursue course of their choice in other nations by providing them an option of programmes like: "SAP","Dual degree programme", "twinning programme" in which  students who are passionate and have an excellent grades in starting years of their graduation can make use of this opportunity can study abroad.
  • For this, the SRM University has links with many other great institutes across America and Europe like MIT (Cambridge) and University of Wisconsin.
  • The cost incurred by the student during this program is shared by the student and university to certain ratios depending on program and the specific university.
  • The language used for communication between students and teaching staff includes both English and Tamil, which helps the regional student too.
  • Students being from diverse culture across India use English, Hindi, and other regional languages to interact with each other.
Shiva Mechanical, batch of 2015
16 Jan 2015 Rating :
  • The University has its share of International Exposure. The Foreign Institutes include a wide variety of Institutes from various countries. Carnegie Melon, University of Wisconsin, MIT to name a few.
  • The Language of Teaching or the mode of communication primarily is English.
  • There are other foreign languages available which include Japanese, French and German (for Ramapuram Campus and Vadapalani) and including these three plus Chinese and Korean for the main campus.
  • Average cost incurred depends on the program chosen and the University. The minimum cost incurred would be around Rs. 4 lac/ year.
  • There are various exchange programs which include Semester Abroad Program (SAP) for a single semester, A 3+2 Dual Degree program with B.S and M.S Certification from the Two institutes involved. The duration of the study here would be 3 years and in the foreign university would be 2 years.

Read Student Reviews of SRM University, [SRM] Kanchipuram Fees and Scholarship

Nilesh B.Tech (Computer), batch of 2018
28 Apr 2017 Rating :
  • for software engineering its 2,15,000 per year.
  • there are various scholarships available

                      based on 10+2 performance
                      based on acacdemic performance
                      based on sports etc. 

         TOP 3 students from every department.

yes loan facilities are provided.

Manoranjan B.Tech, batch of 2017
21 Jan 2017 Rating :
  • My course fee at SRM University is Rs. 1,85,000 per year.
  • Many scholarship options are available to students like merit scholarship.
  • 100% scholarship facility if they get under 100 rank in SRM-JEE, 50% scholarship for students getting 95 and above in intermediate, 25% scholarship if they belong to minor caste or parent's annual salary below Rs. 2 lakhs, 50% scholarship for sports quota if they reach any cluster, national or international level and 25% based on academic performance in college for top 10 % students from each branch.
  • Approx 25% students get a scholarship every year.
  • Yes, many students need a loan for fee payment. At the time of admission only those students who want loan, private bank are there provide loans at a certain interest, so taking loans from a bank is easy.
Sreyashi B.Tech (Computer), batch of 2018
20 Apr 2016 Rating :
  • Tuition fees is Rs 1.85 lacs per year. Additional Rs 15,000 for books and stationary and Rs 15,000 as career development training fees. Tuition fee may differ depending on the mode of admission of a student, as in from Counselling or from Management.
  • Scholarships are given to those candidates within 1000 rank in the University Entrance Examinations for BTech Programmes. State and All India Rank Holders of JEE or Statewise Entrance examinations also have a fair chance. Apart from these,University Rank holders also receive scholarships which are updated every year depending on the performance of the student.
  • A mere 1,500-2,000 students receive scholarships under various eligibility criterias.
  • Loans may be needed depending on the students economic background and are easily available through consultation with the Administration dept. of the University as they have tie-ups with a number of banks for providing educatin loans under minimum possible interest rates.


Read Student Reviews of SRM University, [SRM] Kanchipuram Placements & Internships

Kavita B.Tech (Computer), batch of 2017
06 Dec 2016 Rating :
  • Currently, I'm in the first year of so I didn't have any internship in SRM.
  • As I heard from the seniors, so many opportunities you will get in the SRM, so its depends on how you perform during your four yrs.
  • In college placements are fine, so many companies visit SRM, so if you have a qualification with good grades then it sure you will place at a good position in the placements.
  • The average salary packages are Rs. 6 -7 lakhs but if you have the capability then it will be more for you.
  • As in SRM so many programs held every year SAP is also one of those in which you get a chance to do a semester in abroad universities. SAP is mostly for the 3rd and 4th-year students.
  • So many alumni passed out from SRM, And now they are in a high position.
  • Some students even got a chance to go to MIT, USA.
Sreyashi B.Tech (Computer), batch of 2018
20 Apr 2016 Rating :
  • Oppurtunities for internship from some startup companies have been provided to the interested candidates. Zybeak Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is one among the many.Oppurtunities are ample,it just needs the right person to figure it out.
  • Companies like Google,Amazon,Microsoft,HCL,HP,Goldman Sachs,Fidelity Investments,Mu Sigma,Zoho,Verizon,Ashok Leyland,Tata Motors,Larsen & Toubro,Vodafone,Hindustan Unilever are among the thousands of companies providing placements to students.The SWITCH companies also come under the list.
  • Average salary package comes to about Rs 5 lakhs yearly. Highest Salary package goes to Rs 21-25 lakhs yearly. A near about 85% of the students are placed .
  • The University also has a strong alumni network,with reputed Entrepreneurs leading lives their own way,with Job Holders creating beyond the imaginary pictures of themselves through their quality of work and dedication,with even big musicians and actors hailing from SRM University.The network is diverse and has people in it excelling in all fields possible. 
Rajat B.Tech (Civil), batch of 2016
23 Jun 2015 Rating :
  • Students can do an internship in any reputed company in which they want by getting permission from the head of the department. Also, the university also helps students for getting an internship.
  • Around 400 companies come every year of different fields for offering a job to students.
  • Therefore, almost all students placed in different companies every year.The key companies are Mahindra and Mahindra, Google, Paytm, L&T, Godrej construction, Titan, CCCL, Petrofeck, Wipro, Infosys, Capgemini, Cognizant, etc.
  • The average salary that student get in job offers is around Rs. 3,50,000 annually and around 90% students placed in different companies all over India.
  • The size of Alumni network is very big as they get different opportunities for students which will help them in future.

Read Student Reviews of SRM University, [SRM] Kanchipuram College Infrastructure

Manoranjan B.Tech, batch of 2017
21 Jan 2017 Rating :
  • There are 6 hostels at SRM University which include both AC and NON-AC.
  • Hostels are good but their mess is not good, even paying mess charge they prefer to eat outside.
  • Hostel fee is Rs. 95,000 including accommodation and mess charges.
  • PG option is good, students can take room according to their choice whether a single or double person or they can opt flats for 5-6 members and their cost per month is approx Rs. 3,000 per month.
  • Food in college is good but only south indian meals is only available and per meal cost Rs. 50.
  • Classrooms are big enough with projectors and accomodate 60 students in a single classroom.
  • Labs are also good with all new technology instruments and apparatus for lab performance, and for software labs, PCs are there to practice the programs for students.
  • Libraries are the best thing which any student can like the most in the college, it having upto 4 floors in which each and every department/feild of books are their also computers are there to search book online and their location in the library.
  • Wi-fi service is also there for students, each student has given a user id and password for enable wifi and it is acess upto 10 hours after once login and its speed is also good.
Sreyashi B.Tech (Computer), batch of 2018
20 Apr 2016 Rating :

4 boys hostels and near about 10 girls hostel are their in the University Campus itself.The Hostel fee per month is near about Rs 5,000.

Other stay options are available in plenty at an affordable rate outside of the college premises, nearby to the college locality.Being a student's hub, these options are just too much in number with no security or safety issues in anyway.

The Mess food is quite good,with separate North and South Indian kitchens,and also Veg and NonVeg varieties.The meals cost about Rs 4000 on monthly basis for the hostelites,and might cost a mere Rs.50-60 per meal.

The Classrooms are huge with ample space and airy with lights,fans,ACs and curtains.Labs are fully Air-Conditioned making use of the high quality apparatus and computer systems.Libraires consist of all types of books starting from novels,fictions to journals and what not. E-librairies are also present for online surfing and study at no extra cost.Dining Halls are huge,airy, arranged with rows of chairs,separate halls for girls and boys,but might sometimes be stinky because of the dustbins filled with the spilled food,and the sink pipelines may be jammed,but anyways they are cleaned regularly,so just a temporary issue.

University campus is a small word in itself with all facilities provided such as banks,parlour,gym,gift and stationary shops,laundry shops,food outlets such as McD and KFC to name a few,juice shops and what not.The entire campus is a treat to the eyes of the beholder.


Shivani B.Tech (Computer), batch of 2018
17 Apr 2015 Rating :
  • The SRM University - [SRM], Kanchipuram has got one of the best infrastructures which add on to its repute like
  1. Separate buildings are available for every department.
  2. The university building and tech park are the major attracts.
  3. A lot of e-learning takes place which adds on to the classroom environment/academics.
  4. A very impressive university library is available. A digital library is also present.
  5. A lot of greenery and open space is present in a campus.
  6. Many canteens/food courts present all around the campus.
  7. Wifi is available at all places throughout campus but is secured in sime areas.
  8. University buses(air-conditioned) are available for day scholars and hence transportation won't be an issue.
  9. Adding on, the TP Ganesan auditorium is one of the best of all and is one of the largest in Asia accommodating a strength of more than 5000.

Read Student Reviews of SRM University, [SRM] Kanchipuram Hostels & Food

Bhawna B.Tech, batch of 2015
17 May 2015 Rating :
  • I think they are taking too many fees at SRM University.
  • Mess foods are not edible for 4 years since they don't change the menu and taste, they would be so many things to eat but the taste will be missing.
  • But for a south Indian, it's heaven.
  • They provide breakfast, lunch, snacks, diner+fruit every day, 2time tea/coffee/bread-butter will be available, afternoon you'll have buttermilk and dinner hot milk will be served with a banana every day.
  • They provide non-veg thrice in a week. I am rating it as 5 due to the repetition of the menu and taste.
Karthik B.Tech (Mechanical), batch of 2015
18 Feb 2015 Rating :
  • The On campus students have Hostel facility which makes them comfortable to attend classes since the classes are being conducted in the same campus in SRM University - [SRM], Kanchipuram.
  • Off-campus students have a facility to live near a college in a rental home within walkable distances.
  • There are a large number of homes available for rent at reasonable prices.
  • The environment surrounding college is safe for people from different regions of India, especially girls.
  • There are a large number of hotels nearby college which caters to both north and south Indian food. The canteen within campus also provides a variety of dishes which are delicious and hygienic. 
Mani B.Tech, batch of 2017
10 Jan 2015 Rating :
  • Students staying at SRM hostels are provided with considerable options of food, for there are many mess halls in the campus.
  • Students can choose North Indian or South Indian menu and to the benefit of the international students, the hostel also offers multi-cuisine dining facility providing Thai, Chinese and continental foods.
  • Life on-campus helps the students not only to study but also to socialize with the peers.
  • SRM provides a comfortable and safe housing to all its students.
  • The students housed on the campus are encouraged to use the gymnasium, playground, and all indoor gaming facilities.

Read Student Reviews of SRM University, [SRM] Kanchipuram Societies & Associations

Diya B.Tech (Biotechnology), batch of 2019
20 Apr 2016 Rating :
  • The college has more than hundred clubs, and each department has atleast one club.

Freshers Welcome Fest - SHURU

National level Techno Management Fest - AARUUSH

Intracollege Inter House Cultural and Sorts Fest - Jhalak ( Odd Semester )

National Level Cultural and Sports Fest - MILAN 

Intra college Inter House sorts fest - Tarana ( Even Semester )

  • Its is very good and lively. You will always love to work and never sit seeing people around you work day in and out dedicating for clubs and fest as well as working on the academics with 8 exams every year and er semester 4 exams. Students also work inReasearch pojects funded by Govenrnment and Private agencies carried out in specialized laboratories in the College Campus itself during breaks.
Sreyashi B.Tech (Computer), batch of 2018
20 Apr 2016 Rating :
  • Student Socities are many depending on their respectives depts. ,TechWiz,AndroPedia to name a few which are highly active and always involved in competition level endeavours such as projects and so on.A good scope for the active people 
  • The main festivals are Aaruush which is a Technical Fest held every year in August expanding over 5 days, and Milan which is a cultural festival held in the momth of March every year for over 5 days.Great oppurtunities for participation.
  • Life in general in college is simply high standard.
Karthik B.Tech (Mechanical), batch of 2015
18 Feb 2015 Rating :
  • SRM Ramapuram does encourage students for all-round development by motivating them to participate in activities apart from academics which is important for career development and social life.
  • This includes the participation of students in various clubs like Eco club, Literary club, Entrepreneur club etc.
  • Students are encouraged to be a part of these clubs and engage in conducting various events to raise awareness on important issues.
  • Activities like dance, singing and acting are also very popular among students and they always try to give their best.
  • Sports like basketball, Badminton etc are also given importance and students are very enthusiastic to participate, play with better players and improve their game.

Read Student Reviews of SRM University, [SRM] Kanchipuram Social Atmosphere

Rajat B.Tech (Civil), batch of 2016
23 Jun 2015 Rating :
  • The social atmosphere of the college is very good as there is no cast discrimination or no religion discrimination. All are living here together as a family and learn from each other qualities.
  • Students can do parties or celebrate their happiness in the campus.
  • There is no use of alcohol inside the campus if any students caught during drinking alcohol or smoking he will be suspended.
  • There is no bars or pubs in or around the campus. Only small food restaurants are here for food.
Bhawna B.Tech, batch of 2015
17 May 2015 Rating :
  • Social atmosphere depends on you!!
  • If you want to drink, smoke you can, otherwise, it's okay, but in the campus, it is STRICTLY PROHIBITED.
  • The campus is SAFE FOR GIRLS at SRM University.
  • Yes, the number of rich kids are more but again it doesn't mean one who comes from a lower middle-class family can't survive.
  • Students are helping there, they will try to raise your standard of living in your budget itself, the campus is trendy and friendly that's all I can say.
Bharath B.E (Mechanical), batch of 2017
09 May 2015 Rating :
  • Since the number of students in each branch is very high, there are usually no official freshers' parties or farewell parties like in most of the other colleges.
  • But very soon after you enter the college, you'll be forming your own groups and the partying culture would soon set in. It becomes little tough with the 6 PM in-time for girls (They aren't allowed outside hostels after 6pm).
  • But there are workarounds for that too.
  • SRM is not a big time party school , but definitely better than many other colleges.
  • I would suggest you to meet as many people as possible through clubs or groups, so that you get invited to most of the parties.