Sri Guru Tegh Bahadur Khalsa College, [SGTB Khalsa] New Delhi

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Sourabh Zoology hons., batch of 2016
26 Jul 2017 Rating :
Societies & Associations:
  • All indian festivals mainly punjabi festivals are celebraed
  • Good and enjoyable life
College Infrastructure:
  • Girls hostel is their
  • There are many PGs around the college
  • Good food is available
  • Excellent libarary and ac classes along with wifi
Academics & Faculty:
  • Timings are from 8:30 am to 4:30pm
  • Excellent teacher and lab staff
  • Good and interesting life with a good environment
Fees and Scholarship:

THe college fees is Rs 21000 per year.  Student should participate and pass with good marks then only scholarship is given by college. No loans are needed although, if someone needs then can get it from Punjab National Bank. 

Placements & Internships:

No, I have not done any internship. 


After 12th you can fill the form of Delhi University online from Then wait for the cutoff. No entrace exam is conducted. Admission are taken through merit. Students should have minimum 92 % in pcb to get admission.

Manpreet B.A. (Political Science), batch of 2019
25 Jul 2017

This is a worthy institution of education which receives mojority of students applying for bachelor degree courses through the merit based entries of Delhi University which are based on the cut off system which sets certain benchmark for the admission in diverse courses which vary in each & every scenario generally soaring high SGTB Khalsa college keeps the outlook of being an ilumnie institution of University projected through its higher cut off lists every year which have now reached slab of 90% and above in past 2-3 years. Managed by a wide based altruistic organisation, Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee (DSGMC) this college caters the demands of Sikh religious community of reservation in this and other DSGMC's managed educational initiatives as 50% of seats (total entries) are only entitled to students belonging to Sikh community. Even after under taking a religious minority reservation the institution provides an equal oppourtunity to all classes and communities without any discrimination.

Savneet Dual Degree (B-tech plus MBA), batch of 2019
25 Jul 2017 Rating :
Societies & Associations:

The College has various Societies Including •Theatre •Photography •Dance etc.  Annual programs in the college auditorium During Guru Purab's etc. The college annual Fest is named LASHKARA this year in 2017. General life in Sri Guru Tegh Bahadur Khalsa College is pretty good and a person Can find a good social life around him/her.

College Infrastructure:

The Sri Guru Tegh Bahadur Khalsa College canteen serves a variety of items including samosa's, Chole nature, Dosa, Chowmein And beverages like cold coffee, and shakes are available The Quality of the classrooms is great A lot of them having air conditioning is a great help during hot summers in Delhi  Sri Guru Tegh Bahadur Khalsa College has Jio wifi enabled

Academics & Faculty:

The average start time of the classes is 8.30 am Semester wise assignments are given in every subject. The quality and method of teaching can be judged as above average The atmosphere and the crowd is pretty Good With a big cricket ground and good hang out spots around the college and the North campus

Fees and Scholarship:

The Fee for My Course As of 1st year was 17995 rupees. I don't know of any available Scholarships, The college has a branch of Punjab and Sind Bank inside the college for student loans and other purposes

Placements & Internships:

I haven't heard about placements in my course Yet. program And honors have placements with what I have heard around 20% of the batch get placed


I got admission in under Ikh minority policy, The typical cutoff for my course was 95-98 according to the category of the individual

Naga B.A. (Philosophy), batch of 2017
27 May 2017 Rating :
Placements & Internships:
  • No such internship is provided at SGTB Khalsa.
  • You get a job for about a good salary of 60000 for starters.
  • It depends on  your performance and degree of your work
  • 91% is the cutoff for getting admission at SGTB Khalsa
  •  It fluctuates year to year
  • But you can expect cutoffs getting higher Every year
  • There is no such entrance exam
  • You need to reach the criteria of the required percentage
Ashish B.Com (Hons), batch of 2017
03 Apr 2017
  • The course which i did had very low eligibility criteria and their cut off was very high.
  • Also exam checking was strict at Sri Guru Tegh Bahadur Khalsa College and was difficult to pass.
Tayyab B.Com (Hons), batch of 2016
03 Apr 2017
  • There was only demand for 70+ marks for disability person in 8th cutoff and therefore I was selected into Sri Guru Tegh Bahadur Khalsa College
Twarit Kaur BA honors Business Economics, batch of 2017
01 Apr 2017 Rating :
Societies & Associations:
  • Sri Guru Tegh Bahadur Khalsa College has very good societies like Ankur- theater society and Confero- the MUN and Debating society
  • There is a recent one for poetry enthusiasts, acrostic. The music society and western dance societies are there as well.
College Infrastructure:
  • There is a girls hostel in Sri Guru Tegh Bahadur Khalsa college premises and as per the reviews, it is extremely good.
  • Classrooms and other infrastructure are very good of this college.
  • The canteen could get more variety, but it is good and serves cheap but tasty food.
Academics & Faculty:
  • The quality of teaching is very good of Sri Guru Tegh Bahadur Khalsa College and very much involved with the students.
Fees and Scholarship:
  • The course fee of Sri Guru Tegh Bahadur Khalsa College is 35,000 per year.
  • As compare to other university courses, it is not that much high.
Placements & Internships:
  • The alumni network of Sri Guru Tegh Bahadur Khalsa College is quite good.
  • Many companies are coming for placements into this college.
  • BMS entrance exam is required for getting into Sri Guru Tegh Bahadur Khalsa College.
  • Eligibility criteria for getting into this college is 60% in 12th standard.
Ritu zoology honours, batch of 2014
20 Oct 2016
  • The admission procedure was based on your 12th standard's marks.
  • The typical cutoff for my course is around 94 to get into Sri Guru Tegh Bahadur Khalsa College, [SGTB Khalsa] New Delhi.
Yashika B.Sc (Physics), batch of 2015
06 Aug 2016 Rating :
College Infrastructure:
  • I am living in a private hostel. The fees of my hostel is very high its too expensive.
Placements & Internships:
  • I havnt done any internship. I havnt earn anything. I will do it this year may be.
Fees and Scholarship:
  • Fees is around Rs 20000 per annum.
  • No scholarships option.
  • I don't think so anybody is getting a scholarship.
Academics & Faculty:
  • The method of teaching is good. Teachers are excellent.
  • My experience is amazing.
Akanksha B.A (hnrs) business economics , batch of 2017
22 Jul 2016 Rating :
Academics & Faculty:
  • The quality of teaching is good, Teaching methods involve e-teaching as well.
  • Overall experience in college has been good till now.
Jasveen B.Sc (Maths), batch of 2018
20 Jul 2016 Rating :
College Infrastructure:
  • The college has a girls hostel. Being a delhite i have no idea about the fees but the facilities provided by the hostel are good.
  • PG's in the campus are good and the rent is about Rs 15,000 per month.
  • The food in our college's canteen is not expensive.
  • Half of the college is air conditioned and the labs as well as classrooms are in good condition.
Placements & Internships:
  • Not done any job or internship.
  • Manufacturing, finance, marketing and sales companies hire students from the campus.
Fees and Scholarship:
  • The college fees is not that high. For maths hons it's Rs 20,000 for an year.
  • The students can also avail for scholarship programs of the college. Scholarships are also provided on the basis of highest marks scored in a particular subject for different courses.
Academics & Faculty:
  • The teachers are quite friendly and helping. Different socities in the college help the student to grow as an individual. The environment of our college is so good. People at SGTB Khalsa are very friendly and the faculty is also good.
Prerna Mathematics(h), batch of 2015
19 Jul 2016 Rating :
College Infrastructure:
  • There is hostel available only for girls. Its really costly.
  • Food is nice and prices are ok too.
  • Quality of classrooms and libraries are ok.
Placements & Internships:
  • Alumni network is average.
Fees and Scholarship:
  • Course fee is around Rs 20000 per semester.
  • Yes, there is scholarship available for students.
  • Loans are not necessary.
Academics & Faculty:
  • Class timings are as usual. Assignments are given related to subjects only.
  • Teaching is good.
  • Overall experience is ok.
Jaswinder B.Com (Hons), batch of 2017
13 Jul 2016 Rating :
Academics & Faculty:
  • The daily routine is precised.
  • Teachers are good and teaching methods are unique, better than other colleges in the university.
  • Overall good experience to cherish.
Hargun B.Com, batch of 2018
11 Jun 2016 Rating :
College Infrastructure:
  • There is one hostel for girls in the college itself, the infrastructure is nice and the rates are minimal.
  • The food they provide is nice.
Fees and Scholarship:
  • The fees is very minimal. Around INR 20 thousand per semester.
  • No loans are needed and I don't know about any scholarship programs!
Academics & Faculty:
  • The university and the campus are good but the teachers are not motivated or eager to teach us.
  • The classes are not productive at all.
  • Personally I don't like the "DU" experience.
Bhaskar B.Sc (Physics), batch of 2018
22 Apr 2016 Rating :
College Infrastructure:

Hostels are for girls only and thier monthly charges are at Rs 12000 per month .

Pgs are good outside the college and average PG cost at Rs 10000 per month.

Food quality in college and canteen is normal.

classrooms, lab quality are good and wifi facility is good . infrastructure is best in Delhi university.

Placements & Internships:
  • I am now in Ist year, So have not yet done any internship . But i am doing entrepreneurship with sarso biznet international pvt ltd. Its type of ambassdorship .
  • Highest package offered is Rs 30000 per month. 
Fees and Scholarship:
  • My college fees is Rs 20000 per year.
  • Many scholorships are available to sikh students and SC Students but not for general students .
  • No, there is no need of loans.
Academics & Faculty:
  • I am doing graduation from SGTB khalsa college and i am studying physocs honours and my department staff is best in college . all facilities are there in my college like labs appratus, everthing is ok .
  • There is not only theoritical knowldge but also practical knowldge . Method of teching is very best because we have also practical knoweldge with theory. And projects and assignments are given to is due to CCE pattern and CBCS exam pattern . so student can explore in all manners . Also we learn here to how to give presentation or seminar to students . This is best part i like. Because it helps me lot to remove my fear .
Raman B.Com (Hons), batch of 2016
13 Jan 2016 Rating :
College Infrastructure:
  • There is only girls hostel.
  • The pgs are very costly. They cost around Rs 10000 a month.
  • The quality of classrooms is quiet good.
Placements & Internships:
  • A lot of companies come for placement.
  • The average salary is around Rs 200000 per annum. Highest salary is around Rs 350000 per year.
Fees and Scholarship:
  • Fees is Rs 18000/year.
  • There are no scholarship options available.
  • Yes sometime loans are needed, they are not easily available
Academics & Faculty:
  • College timing is not good. college starts early in the morning. Else everything is perfect.
Shantanu B.Sc (Computer Science), batch of 2017
09 Nov 2015 Rating :
College Infrastructure:
  • The infrastructure of the classrooms are good at Sri Guru Tegh Bahadur Khalsa College
  • The quality of food is good on campus
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