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Read Student Reviews of National Institute of Technology, [NIT] Thiruchirapalli Academics & Faculty

Jishnu BTech, batch of 2016
05 Oct 2016 Rating :

The earliest that a class starts is 8:30 am and depending on the no. of classes end timings keep varying. Each class is for 50 min.

We have 2 cycle tests and one final exam. During the course of the semester, you will be given plenty of assignement to work on.

I wouldn\'t say the quality of educaion is great, it is average, although we have some great professors.

Overall experience is simply amazing, This college is goin to teach you lot, not just stuff related to studies but other things like, how to be self reliant, strong, street smart, in short it is going to prepare you for the world out there.

Sahana B. Tech Civil Engineering, batch of 2017
03 Jul 2015 Rating :
ACADEMICS & FACULTY: Scheduling is proper and well planned. Distribution of teching hours has been properly done based on the subject type and needs. It has been made sure that the laboratory sessions for each subject succeeds the corresponding theory subject. This aids in better understanding during lab sessions. The suggested courses are such that the student is exposed to all options and branches of Civil engineerinf before his compulsion to specialise in one of the subjects. The basics which are required for any specialisation have been included in compulsary subjects. The method of teching adopted is of today's technology complete with projectors and models. The quality varies from one professor to another and also on their years of experience. The prfessor accessibility outside the class depends on how busy he is. But, if available they are ready to help with the problem concerned. 
Haripriya BTech, batch of 2017
18 May 2015 Rating :
ACADEMICS & FACULTY: The college life in NIT is the most best part and most student friendly. Usually the class timings are from 8:30 to 4:30 (if there is lab in the afternoon), else 8:30-2:20. The class schedule is very lenient that helps us to concentrate on extra-curricular activities as well through different clubs. Cycle tests and assignments on all subjects happens once in a month for twice per semester. The professors in Metallurgy and materials engineering department are highly experienced and friendly. Students can approach them in the department or even call them or mail them and you can expect a quick reply from them. The course is emerging in different fields and has good scope in near future in research areas. The teaching of the professors even covers the industrial scenarios to give us the application oriented knowledge.

Read Student Reviews of National Institute of Technology, [NIT] Thiruchirapalli International Exposure

Manish B.Tech (Mechanical), batch of 2017
01 Jul 2015 Rating :
FOREIGN EXCHANGE & INTERNATIONAL EXPOSURE: There are very few existing exchange partnerships with other universities, but a lot of the alumni have gone on to study in many prestigious foreign universities. Langge of teaching is mostly English but use of a few native Indian languages is prevalent. Special courses in German and other languages are available.
Ankita B.Tech (Information Technology), batch of 2014
08 Feb 2015 Rating :
FOREIGN EXCHANGE & INTERNATIONAL EXPOSURE: International experiences are difficult to come by not just in NIT Trichy but in all NITs in general. English is the primary language used for communication
Nitish BTECH, batch of 2011
27 Jan 2015 Rating :
  • International exposure is very good at National Institute of Technology and people often go to universities like USA and Canada for student exchange program.

Read Student Reviews of National Institute of Technology, [NIT] Thiruchirapalli Fees and Scholarship

AKASH REDDY B.Tech (Electrical/Electronics), batch of 2017
20 Oct 2016 Rating :
  • The Course Fee is approximately Rs.50000 per year. 
  • But at present Due to a hike of fee in NITs, The fee raised to Rs.80000 per year. 
  • The scholarship options for reserved candidates are countless. 
  • They provide the scholarship for excellent candidates as well. 
  • Average ratio of students who gets a scholarship is 30-40%. 
  • Loans are given by SBI branch which is available on the campus and are needed for economically backward students.
Akash MCA, batch of 2018
29 Sep 2016 Rating :

Tuition Fee in NIT is  Rs 35,000 per semester.(Total 6 semesters)

In total including all the hostel,mess and other charges the fees can amount to approximately 1.5 lacks per year (Rs 70,000 tuition fees+ Rs 60,000 Hostel Fess+others).

Scholarships are available for SC,ST students as they are not charged tuition fees.

Loan facility is available at the campus itself and involves very fewer efforts as NIT Trichy is one of the premier institutes in the country.


Kedarnath B.E (Metallurgical), batch of 2015
15 Feb 2016 Rating :
  • Institution fees-Rs 39500 per annum and Hostel fees -Rs 26200 per annum.
  • You can apply many scholarship and we have scholarship section in admin which will acknowledge all your scholarship stuff. For more details you can visit NIT trichy official website.
  • For loan purpose we hav SBI bank inside the campus which is ready to give loans to students for studies and it will be easier to pay the fees also because the bank is located inside the campus.

Read Student Reviews of National Institute of Technology, [NIT] Thiruchirapalli Placements & Internships

AKASH REDDY B.Tech (Electrical/Electronics), batch of 2017
20 Oct 2016 Rating :
  • The internship I have done is Research on Smart Grids in Indian Institute of Science Bangalore. 
  • There are a lot of highly reputed multinational companies that come for placements and hire from our college every year.
  • Lets say for Electronics - TI, Qualcomm, Sandisk, Nvidia, Synopsys, MediaTech. 
  • For Software - Innumerable all the year. 
  • Electrical - L&T, Tata Motors, Tata Steel, ABB, Mahindra,Maruti, Hyundai, Siemens, Schneider.....and Analytics - a decent number of companies.
  • Average Salary is Rs. 8-9 lakhs per anum.
  • Alumni Network Base is so strong in all the fields.
Amit M.Tech (Mechanical), batch of 2016
10 Oct 2016 Rating :
  •  There is no stipend for qualifying GATE. However, if you get a college through GATE and join it for masters, it is Rs. 12,400 per month with teaching assistantship(optional).
  • Key Companies like IT, Manufacturing etc hire students from National Institute of Technology, [NIT] college.
  • a)Average salary-10 lakh for & 5-6 lakh for

          b)Highest salary for & 21(PayPal)

          c)For some batch, it is 100% in Safety Engg., Thermal Engg., Computer Science, Welding Engg., etc.ery Broad Alumni Network of college.

  • Very Broad Alumni Network of college.
Jishnu BTech, batch of 2016
05 Oct 2016 Rating :

Being from an NIT, getting internships wasn\'t that much of a problem. I did intern in three different places, with different roles.

First one was in a Civil Consulting company in Bahrain called NASS for 2 months. This one had no stipened, but that was fine as it was one of the biggest firms in the Middle East. 

Second one was in IIM Bangalore, for data analytics. Got a stipend of 10,000 Rs for 2 months.

Third one was in IIM Trichy, again data analytics. Got a stipend of 5000 Rs for 3 months (This was an on campus project)

When it comes to placements, NIT Trichy is full of them. Almost all the departments get an assured 95% palcements, and some 100%. Average package offered is 5 lpa. Lowest being 4lpa and highest can go upto 35 to 50 lpa.

NIT Trichy has a strong alumini network maintained by students studying presently.

Read Student Reviews of National Institute of Technology, [NIT] Thiruchirapalli College Infrastructure

Santosh M.Tech (Metallurgical), batch of 2017
28 Mar 2016 Rating :
  • There are 18 boys\' and 5 girls\' hostels. Together they accommodate 5320 undergraduate and postgraduate students. Two more hostels (2 for boys) are under construction.
  • It\'s lies in suburban, around college it will take Rs 3000-6000 per months as better as get..
  • Totally 11 messes and about 6-10 food courts are there.. in messes north india, South india dinnings are special in each mess and for Andhra and Kerala have seperate mess for deticatedly for special crusines
  • Classes are done in Lecture Hall complex and Orion Complex, pleasent atmosphere and Good Audio and video systems. Central library avaliable 9:00am to 11:00pm, and intranetwork(Internet facility) is avaliabe in hostels we can use it 24hrs. Additionally computer center(Octagan) is 24hrs. innternet facility is there..
Sahana B. Tech Civil Engineering, batch of 2017
03 Jul 2015 Rating :
INFRASTRUCTURE & TRANSPORTATION: The campus is fast developing its infrastructural amenities. Classrooms are spacious and acoustic. All labs are properly equipped with the required instruments and machines. The campus has a library complete with reference sections and book banks. Books required for all banches are available with mutiple copies and all recent editions. Wi-fi inside the campus is excellent and extremely useful. Apart from all time Wi-fi the campus has computer annexures and printing labs which are available 24*7. The computers in the lab have all softwares and programmes required for practise and execution. A is hospital availabe within campus, which is approachable 24*7. It is complete with facilities for attending to emergency situations and some common infections and sicknessess possible within campus. Busses are available to and from the hostels to the lecture halls on all working days. During Industrial visits, proper bus and tranporting facilities have been made available for the concerned group of students and teachers. For club excertions, activities and outings also, busses can be availed. There are two bus stops very next to the two entrances of the college. The town busses available here, make tranport to the city and neighboring areas easy and accessible. 
Preethy B.Tech (Electrical/Electronics), batch of 2017
30 Jun 2015 Rating :
INFRASTRUCTURE & TRANSPORTATION: In my brief stay of 2 years in the institution I have seen astronomical development in terms of its infrastructure. There is constant development and dynamic review. Classrooms have been built with air conditioning, acoustic accessories and are vastly spacious.  Labs are constantly replacing and updating equipments. We have one of the finest libraries with a humungous collection. There is top notch Wifi availability in our computer centres, hostels, library, and to an extent in classrooms.  The campus is well connected with transportation. There is regular availability of buses to and fro classrooms following everyday schedule of students. Moreover there is an adequate availibilty of autos for off schedule travel and for access to the cities. The institute is placed right against the bus-stop with an everlasting availabilty of govt. buses. 

Read Student Reviews of National Institute of Technology, [NIT] Thiruchirapalli Hostels & Food

Sahana B. Tech Civil Engineering, batch of 2017
03 Jul 2015 Rating :
HOSTELS & FOOD: The hostel made availale to girls in the campus is self sufficing except that like all the other hostels inside campus, they are not air conditioned. The absence of ACs is a major drawback because students find it very difficult to cope with the heat during the even semester. Other facilities inside the hostel include a xerox and printing shop, a bakery and two small snakcs corners. Security and discipline are maintained without any flaws. Residential Student Counsellors are available with each block of students which ensures better safty and immediate response to emergency situations. The quality of food available from the mess is below the bar. Students are often found diagnosed due to the unhygenic food from the mess. Outside food sources like canteens and dhabas do satisfy the taste, but the hygene and quality maintained is something questionable. 
Preethy B.Tech (Electrical/Electronics), batch of 2017
30 Jun 2015 Rating :
HOSTELS & FOOD: NIT Trichy is a vastly residential institution. Majority of student population is comfortly housed within its walls. A lot of care and consideration is laid in this sphere. There is regular renovation. Strong Wifi signals, hygienic rooms and resident scholars and workers at our disposal for all resources and safety. The institution has a very liberal curfew allowing students to work and access resources without compromising general well-being or safety. There is complete availability of adequately healthy food at comfortable schedule.  Including the choice of diet off-campus, Trichy is city of all benefits catering to any choice of student craving, from accessible street food to top class restaurants. 
Vishnu B.Tech, batch of 2017
07 May 2015 Rating :
HOSTELS & FOOD: Hostels are just about okay, but fortunately there aren’t any problems with water supply at least. First years share their rooms with three other students, second and third year students with one more, while final year students normally have a room to themselves, although that may change a bit due to the increased intake of NIT Trichy.PG and other options are available at affordable cost nearby campus but students generally prefer to live in hostels.

Read Student Reviews of National Institute of Technology, [NIT] Thiruchirapalli Societies & Associations

Amit M.Tech (Mechanical), batch of 2016
10 Oct 2016 Rating :

1. The student societies, clubs and associations on campus are:

2. The main festivals on campus of National Institute of Technology, [NIT] are:

3. The life in NIT college is Awesome.


Jishnu BTech, batch of 2016
05 Oct 2016 Rating :

There is literllay a club for everthing that you want to do, be it dancing, singing, designing, martial arts, acting, sports, debating, environmental care, management, Magazine and now we have our own radio station too etc. we have them all. The most notable would be the Dance Club, Music Club, the teams working for festivals, The Design team. I was part of the NIT Design Team, the Feeds Magazine (Monthly College Magazine) and a social responsibility group.

Cultural Fest- Festember (Ranked as one of  the top 10 cult fest in India.

Technical Fest- Pragyan (Again ranks as one of he top 10 tech fest in India.

More than this we have workshops and fests organised by various clubs in the campus. The best part of all this is that, everthing is organised by the students, even the cashflow.

Life in college is amazing, the best one I\'ve ever got till now.

Santosh M.Tech (Metallurgical), batch of 2017
28 Mar 2016 Rating :

1.At NITT, we firmly believe in producing well rounded personalities, hence it isn\'t all work and no play at our campus. Numerous skills and talents have been unearthed from amongst our students and to allow these talents to flourish, numerous clubs have been started for likeminded individuals to meet and polish their skills. Along with that, there are social services clubs to allow students get in touch with reality and do their bit for the upliftment of the human race.

Subdivided into various categories, you\'ll find clubs catering to all tastes at this campus from the highly technical ones to the social ones

Academic Societies,Computing GroupsFine Arts,Cultural Societies,Language Groups, Community Services,Social Services,Sports,Alumni Groups,Student Publications,Hobby Groups

2.The College calendar is interspersed with numerous events whether technical or cultural, at inter departmental level or inter college level. The organisation and execution of most of these events is handled by students themselves guided by the faculty incharge. Here is a brief overview of the various events that form a part of the annual lifestyle of a NITTian.

Convocation Day,Alumni Day,Pragyan - Technical Festival ,Festember - Cultural Festival,NITTFEST - Inter Departmental Cultural Festival,Golden Jubilee,Student Technical Symposium,Sports Day

Read Student Reviews of National Institute of Technology, [NIT] Thiruchirapalli Social Atmosphere

Sahana B. Tech Civil Engineering, batch of 2017
03 Jul 2015 Rating :
SOCIAL ATMOSPHERE: Student diversity is huge inside campus owing to the fact that it is NIT. But no problems are faced due to this diversity. Equal chances and opportunities are open to all. Student Parties and celebrations are encouraged only under supervision and extra security and care for the girls.  Ragging, Drugs and alcohol consumption is strictly prohibited inside campus and strict actions are taken if violated. 
Preethy B.Tech (Electrical/Electronics), batch of 2017
30 Jun 2015 Rating :
SOCIAL ATMOSPHERE: Being a National Institute of Technology is well befitting of us. We have a highly diverse population with students from all over the country. There is zero tolerance to any kind of discrimination or biasing. Students of all economical and social status are placed and treated with equity and offered the same opportunities in every front.  We are blessed with an understanding and mature crowd of students who are ever willing to learn from the diversity and strictly engage in healthy competitions for academic and overall development.  Trichy as a city is closeted and safe. There is a bare minimum of exposure to all social evils (alcohol, drugs) but the aggevation to bend to wrong decisions is monitored and control. The institution is strictly against the consumption of banned substances within its boundary. There is constant surveillance in the hostels and detection of such substances is treated with atmost jurisdiction. 
Jatti BTECH, batch of 2016
11 Jan 2015 Rating :
  • NIT Trichy can boast of a huge number of quality student events that take place annually. It ranges widely from the fresher’s parties organised by the student clubs to various kinds of campus games and contests, along with the academic classes in java, Linux, Matlab, c++, web etc by the technical clubs.
  • Moreover, the college’s main events like Pragyan, Festember and NITT Fest are entirely managed by the students with literally no intervention from the authorities.