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Rajini MA, batch of 2019
29 Jun 2017 Rating :
Societies & Associations:
  • There are lots of student societies and clubs at Loyola College, Chennai. Each department has their own club or society. Sports day and cultural day are the main festivals in Loyola.
College Infrastructure:
  • Loyola College, Chennai has 2 hostels separately for boys and girls.
  • The hostel fees is around Rs. 20,000/- per year.
  • The quality of food in the mess is good and the mess fee is Rs. 5,000/-.
Academics & Faculty:
  • The class timings at Loyola College, Chennai are from 8:15 am in the morning and end at 1:30 pm.
  • Well trained teachers are there to teach us, so the method of teaching is very good.
Fees and Scholarship:
  • The course fee at Loyola College, Chennai is Rs. 20,000/- per year which does not include hostel and mess facilities.
Placements & Internships:
  • Placement facilities at Loyola College, Chennai are good and many major companies come for campus recruitment at the college.
  • The admissions at Loyola College, Chennai are done on the basis of the score in the entrance examination and a personal counselling interview.
Nancy B.Sc (Physics), batch of 2019
02 Jun 2017 Rating :
Societies & Associations:
  • There are a lot of clubs at Loyola College like AICUF, NSS, NCC, Rotary Club
  • Hostel day, graduation day, college day, saints feast, Christmas are celebrated on campus
  • Life in college is good
College Infrastructure:
  • There are 5 hostels at Loyola College
  • The hostel fee is INR 6000 per month
  • PGs are available outside the college campus
Academics & Faculty:
  • The class timing for the afternoon shift is from 1:25 pm to 6:15 pm at Loyola College
  • The quality and method of teaching are good
Fees and Scholarship:
  • The course fee is INR  60,000 per year at Loyola College.
  • BC scholarship, merit scholarship are provided to the corresponding students
  • Loans are not needed
Placements & Internships:
  • Stipend options are not provided at Loyola College
  • The eligibility criteria to get into Loyola College is to get a minimum of 60 percent in higher secondary.
  • Typical cutoffs are not considered for the admission
Arun B.sc(plant biology& plant biotechnology), batch of 2017
24 May 2017 Rating :
Academics & Faculty:
  • Day college is from 8:15 to 1:15 at Loyola college.
  • Very good & excellent teaching
  • Overall experience is very good
Fees and Scholarship:
  • My course fees is Rs.48000 for 1st graduate at Loyola College
  • Especially for sc&BC (Christian) scholarship is around Rs.20000 
Placements & Internships:
  • If you entered into Loyola College you have great scope & salary after completing your degrees
  • The eligible criteria for my course at Loyola College are 10 and +2pass.
  • No entrance exams
  • The typical cutoff is 80 percent
Sathish B.Com, batch of 2016
24 May 2017
  • 1160 and above and cut off must me 790 to 800 to get admission in Loyola College.
  • No entrance exam are conducted.
Sathish BBA, batch of 2017
16 May 2017 Rating :
Societies & Associations:
  • Loyola College has many clubs and societies for its students. 
  • Various national and cultural festivals are also celebrated at Loyola College. 
  • The overall life at Loyola College is good. 
College Infrastructure:
  • The infrastructure at Loyola College is excellent. 
Academics & Faculty:
  • The timings at Loyola College are from 9:00 am to 1:30 pm. 
Fees and Scholarship:
  • The course fee at Loyola College is 37,000 per year.
  • Scholarships are awarded to students from a poor economic background. 
  • Around 150 students receive scholarships every year at Loyola College. 
Placements & Internships:
  • Loyola College offers various internship and placement opportunities to its students.
  • The average salary is 1.5 lakhs and the highest is 4 lakhs per year. 
  • The eligibility criteria to get an admission at Loyola College is to pass the 12th board examination.
  • The typical cut-off is 50%.  
Vineeth BBA, batch of 2017
11 May 2017
  • Admissions at Loyola College depend on the result of the 12th board examinations. 
Ragu B.A. (Computer Applications), batch of 2017
10 May 2017 Rating :
Fees and Scholarship:
  • The course fee is 75,000/- per year.
  • Loans are needed and can be availed from any bank. 
Placements & Internships:
  • The average salary is 3lakh per year. 
  • The cut-off is 50%.
John B.Com, batch of 2017
09 May 2017
  • In Loyola College, Chennai, the cutoff is 160 and entrance should be conducted.
Danish B.Com, batch of 2019
06 May 2017 Rating :
Placements & Internships:
  • The placement cell at Loyola College is good.
  • The eligibility criteria at Loyola College is to score good marks in the 12th board exams.
  • Also perform well at the interview.
Sunitha B.com cs, batch of 2017
04 May 2017
  • The student must come from a commerce background to apply for this particular course. 
  • He/She must have secured 80% or more in the 12th results. 
Harsha M.A., batch of 2018
02 May 2017 Rating :
Fees and Scholarship:
  • Per year the course fee at Indian Institute of Technology comes up to 60,000 INR for Shift 2 students (students that attend college during the evening). The shift 1 is aided so it is really low, the fee is 12,000 INR.
  • There are scholarships provided to students by the college.
Placements & Internships:
  • The placement cell at Indian Institute of Technology is good.
  • Google, Facebook, McKinsey are among top companies that come to campus for hiring. Average salary would be around 60,000 per month.
  • The eligibility criteria at Indian Institute of Technology is to have at least 50% score in the Graduation and admission procedure would include an Entrance exam and Interview.
  • The Entrance and Interview happen on the same day and have 50-50 leverage. The typical cut-off is around 70 to 80%.
Pooja B.A. (Sociology), batch of 2017
26 Apr 2017 Rating :
Fees and Scholarship:
  • There are many scholarship schemes is available at Kohima College.
Placements & Internships:
  • The internship is important for all the students at Kohima College.
  • There is an entrance exam for getting into the Kohima College.
Bharath B.Sc (Chemistry), batch of 2017
15 Apr 2017 Rating :
Societies & Associations:
  • In Loyola College some students club andNCC.
  • The main festival is asend off party in any collage.
  • Collage life is the very good at this college.
College Infrastructure:
  • The overall infrastructure of Loyola College is very good.
  • Quality classrooms, labs and library is good and well maintained.
Academics & Faculty:
  • Teaching are very good at Loyola College
  • Overall experience is very good at this colege.
Fees and Scholarship:
  • Course Fee of Loyola College is quite high.
  • Loans are required and can easily available.
Placements & Internships:
  • Many companies come for placement in Loyola College.
  • Alumni network is very good.
  • Eligibility criteria for getting into Loyola College is through merit basis only.
  • Entrance exam is not required                  
Sara M.Sc (Others), batch of 2018
02 Jan 2017 Rating :
Societies & Associations:
  • There are multiple clubs at Loyola College but mostly for ug students. NSS, NCC, LILAC, LIAC and lot more.
  • Almost all festivals are celebrated but mostly Christmas, Pongal and some more.
  • Ovations are the most rocking competitions for cultural and literature.
  • Sports day, college day, hostel day all are well celebrated.
  • College life is just awesome in Loyola.
College Infrastructure:
  • Hostel facilities are provided in Loyola College campus. One hostel for four collaborations of the college. So each dept gets four seats for students.
  • Rs. 65,000 is the hostel fee per year.
  • Food in college is mostly cheap. They are almost 8canteens.
  • Wifi is provided but has to be registered with the dean's office. WiFi registering for mobiles can be online through college website. It can only be used for opening college website.
  • Classrooms, labs, Library are of top class.
  • Infrastructure and all is great. The college has a very good brand name and this will help you get anywhere.
Academics & Faculty:
  • In Loyola, College classes start from 1.30 pm to 6.30 pm.
  • Assignments are given based on the teacher's choice. We have lab 4 days a week and most Saturdays would be working.
  • The working status of the college is published in the academic calendar.
  • The teachers are well qualified with a doctorate. They have pursued their research in India and abroad as well.
  • The method of teaching would be mostly ppt, OHP, or they use the board.
  • The college offers you a big library and variety of choices. We have a vast digital library as well. We have to take care on our attendance per sem.
  • The cutoff is 75%. College is very innovative and offers you upliftment in both academic's and co-curricular activities
Fees and Scholarship:
  • Rs. 40,000 per semester is the course fee at Loyola College.
  • There is a scholarship for RC students and also lower caste as well. Based on your marks you can enrol for scholarships.
  • Fee concession is given to RC and lower caste as well.
  • You can take a loan if you want from any bank. The college has tied up with axis bank so maybe that might benefit you more.
Placements & Internships:
  • The internship is one thing you will have to do for your exposure. Either you can go out to your internship or stay in college for it. But the college is not going to grant you any stipend for that.
  • For the record, there is no campus selection for this course at Loyola College. 
  • The criteria for getting into any course in Loyola would be to write an entrance exam and interview which would be followed right after. You'll be evaluated based on the average of entrance written, interview and your previous course marks.
  • The results would be published on the college website within days.
  • For taking Bio-Tech in particular you must have a science background in your higher secondary for your bachelor's.
  • For your masters, you can be a graduate in Bio-Tech, botany, zoology and most of the science course, though not physics.  
Akansha B.A. (English), batch of 2015
05 Aug 2016 Rating :
College Infrastructure:
  • They provide the students with the hostel facilities and the rooms and its facilities could be rated above average.
  • Also there are rooms around the college which could be rented by the students. The hostel rules are not more mild.
  • The quality of food has improved over years.
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