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Abhijeet , batch of 2021
14 Aug 2017 Rating :
Societies & Associations:

There are many groups in the college regarding all the activities like, Dance, Music, Coding, Dramatics, Social services, etc. The main fest of the college is "Thomso" which is one of the most famous fest of asia. College life is very good, I am really enjoying a lot here.

College Infrastructure:

There are totally 12 hostels, 9 for boys and 3 for girls. Food is very good and the quality o the class is also very nice.

Academics & Faculty:

The daily routine is breakfast at 7:30 am- 9 pm, lunch 12:30 pm- 2 pm, dinner 7:30 pm- 9 pm. The class schedule is from 9 am- 6 pm, in which we don't have continuous classes.

Fees and Scholarship:

For the fee, you can easily refer to the Internet. One of the main scholarship is INR 25000 per month But for that, you must have got at least 8.5 CGPA in every semester exam, and you must have got under 300 AIR rank in JEE ADVANCED. Loans are needed, which are easily available at the banks present inside the campus. Our campus consists of two banks that are SBI and PNB.

Placements & Internships:

I am a first year student, just joined my college so, don't know much about internship, placements, and packages.

Alumni network is very good and we have been provided with lectures by many alumni, and it was a great time.


The eligibility criteria for this course was-

  1. One must have secured 75% marks in his 12th.

      2.One must have cleared JEE MAIN with the minimum cutoff marks.

The entrance exam that I took was JEE ADVANCED and the cutoff for my course was: 

      1. Under 449 air for general candidates. 2. Under 202 category rank for Obc-

      2. Under 202 category rank for OBC- NCL.

      3. Under 132 category rank for SC candidates. 4. Under 98 category rank for st candidates.

      4. Under 98 category rank for ST candidates.

Siddharth INT. M.Tech Geological Technology, batch of 2018
15 Jun 2017 Rating :
Societies & Associations:

All kind of student clubs are there on the campus.

  • Name a club, you will get it on the campus.
  • There is currently council which includes Dance, music, drama, audio, lights, cinematics section. Entrepreneurship club, magazine clubs, software & data science groups, Share.
  • There is even a Sanskrit club.
  • Thomso, Cognizance, Sangam, and Srishti are the cultural, technical, sports and hobbies club fests in the college.
College Infrastructure:
  • There are around 15 hostels out of which 2 are girls hostel and one is a married hostel.
  • The hostel fee is around 2000INR per month.
  • You will get very few PGs outside the campus.
  • The accommodation provided by the college is the best one can get in Roorkee.
  • The cost of food per meal is around 50 rupees and it is around 2400 rupees per month.
  • The food is quite good and is mixture of all the Indian cuisines
  • . The infrastructure of the college is pretty outstanding.
  • 24*7 library, the internet everywhere in the campus, Wi-Fi enabled classrooms and labs with modern softwares and apparatus.
Academics & Faculty:
  • The daily routine is not very hectic.
  • The student can focus on their hobbies and extra-curricular activities.
  • Anyone working on research projects can easily balance their academics and other activities.
  • students are given the practical experience of everything taught to them.
  • The courses are more practical, assignment and project oriented.
Fees and Scholarship:
  • 2,00,000INR per annum is the tuition fees.
  • Various scholarships like Merit-cum-means scholarship can be availed by the students.
  • Top 25% of the students can avail this scholarship.
  • Loans can very easily be availed by the banks present in the campus.
  • State Bank of India and Punjab National Bank have their branches the campus.
Placements & Internships:
  • You have the option of either pursuing research internships in foreign universities which are most of the times fully funded or doing an industrial internship in Energy, Mining, Space Exploration companies and many more companies.
  • Schlumberger, Shell, Cairn, ONGC, OIL, Halliburton, Chevron are the main companies which recruit through campus. Finance, consultancy companies are open for everyone irrespective of their branch
  • . The average salary is 11-12 lakhsINR per annum.
  • Highest salary is around 34-36 lakhsINR if they get an Indian posting.
  • 80% of the batch is mostly placed.
  • Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee is one of the oldest and prestigious colleges of India.
  • Its foundation was laid in 1847 and was previously known as Thomson College of Engineering, based on the founder of the college.
  • Since 2001, it has been recruiting through IIT-JEE and JEE-Advanced. It offers a 5-year B.Tech plus the M.Tech integrated course in Geological Technology.
  • Anyone having a rank better than 7000 may get it through JEE-Advanced.
Nature B.Tech (Civil), batch of 2020
11 May 2017 Rating :
Societies & Associations:
  • The Indian Institute of Technology is an educationally oriented campus.
  • The overall college life is so interesting.
College Infrastructure:
  • The hostel fee is around 7000 at Indian Institute of Technology.
  • The college has many restaurants for the student so there won't be a problem for food. 
Academics & Faculty:
  • The teaching method at Indian Institute of Technology is excellent and all teacher are well experienced. 
Placements & Internships:
  • The college has lots of opportunities.
  • Indian as well as international companies provide placements for candidates. 
  • For admission, JEE MAIN or ADVANCE is the eligibility criteria at Indian Institute of Technology.
Dushyant B.Tech (Civil), batch of 2018
02 May 2017
  • The eligibility criteria at Indian Institute of Technology should approximately be 80% in 12th exams.
  • Then, you should have cleared JEE-MAINS exam conducted by CBSE in the first week of April. Top 2 lakh students clearing JEE-MAINS will be allowed to sit for JEE-ADVANCE.
  • Finally, get a good rank in JEE-ADVANCE exam (You could write this exam twice i.e. during passing year in twelfth and next year too)
  • For example, you are passing twelfth in 2017, so you could attempt cracking JEE-ADVANCE in 2017 and 2018 conducted in the first week of June. In 2014, cut-off for CML -152, OBC(NCL)-117, SC-74, ST-63, PWD-63.
Vishal B.Tech (biot, batch of 2018
02 May 2017
  • The eligibility criteria for Indian Institute of Technology, [IIT] Roorkee is very hard because it is the top college in India.
  • The entrance exam is Jee entrance and advance exam.
  • The cutoff are Jee mains and advance 170 marks in advance or around 5500 ranks in advance
Arnab B.Tech (Electrical/Electronics), batch of 2018
24 Oct 2016 Rating :
Societies & Associations:
  • there are a lot of clubs, groups inside the campus like team robocop, SDS labs, img , hobbies club, students club, audio section, dance group, cultural group etc.
  • there are two main festivals: Thomson(cultural) and Cognizance(tech fest)
  • The general life in college is awesome. all time fun and learning.
College Infrastructure:
  • nearly 10 including 7 boys 2 girls and 1 for married. hostel fee is nearly 28 thousand per year for general category people.
  • no pg's are allowed
  • the food is good. its cost is included in the hostel fees.
  • the quality of classrooms , labs libraries is really pretty good.


Academics & Faculty:
  • the daily routine is good. neither hectic nor too lousy.
  • the quality and method of teaching are not bad but not too good either.
  • the overall college experience is awesome.
Fees and Scholarship:
  • The course per year the fee is Rs.1.3 lakh
  • there are scholarships available for the meritorious and needy student.
Placements & Internships:
  • a lot of key companies ranging from microsoft , adobe, oracle, wipro, infosys, jindal, etc hire from our campus
  • the average salary in our branch is Rs9 lakh per anum
  • the alumni network is pretty good
  • The exam is IIT JEE is the entrance exam.
  • admission is based on your all India rank. the cut off rank for the general was around 2500
Aditya B.Tech (Electrical/Electronics), batch of 2019
18 Oct 2016 Rating :
Societies & Associations:
  • Here at IIT Roorkee there are many student societies & groups...& we are free to choose any of those groups...but to be a member of the group we need to qualify the entrance exams along with the PI
    There is one main cultural fest of IIT Roorkee one Technical fest & one sports fest along with a number of small fests of IIT Roorkee

  • hard ,really hard!
Academics & Faculty:
  • The class timings are  from 8AM to 6PM.
  • The quality and method  of teaching  at IIT Roorkee are very good. Assignments are given on weekly basis.

  • My overall experience at IIT Roorkee is very good.
Fees and Scholarship:
  • The course fee course is INR 60,000 P.A

  • Scholarship options are available.

  • No loan is required.

  • to get into IIT's we need to clear the 3 benchmarks.
  • for getting into IIT Roorkee i first cleared (1).JEE Mains then cleared the benchmark of the (2).Board(CBSE) then finally i cleared (3). JEE Advanced to get into the IIT Roorkee.
  • only the top rankers of the JEE Advanced will get to study in the branch Electronics & Communication Engineering from IIT's because only the 2 of all the IIT's have this branch.


Prashant M.Tech (Computer), batch of 2018
14 Oct 2016 Rating :
Societies & Associations:

The competitive academic environment and co-curricular activities in IIT, Roorkee keep the students on their toes. There are clubs like student club, Hobbies club,  U.G. club,  P.G. club, Alaknanda club and the Jawahar clubhouse. Indoor sports facilities are available like seven Billiards & Snooker Tables, Carrom boards, Chess boards, Table Tennis facilities and a Football table. The hobbies club also has sections devoted to pursuits like star-gazing, philately and numismatics, and robotics. The clubs also have reading rooms with a plethora of newspapers and light magazines. Each of the clubs has a TV room with a seating capacity of a hundred-odd people providing a great atmosphere.

College Infrastructure:
  • Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee has 12 hostels which can accommodate 9,000 students.
  • The fees charged by the hostel is 18,000 INR.
  • PG option is not available.
  • The quality of food provided in IIT is good.
Academics & Faculty:

In Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee classes are held from 9am to 5pm and lot of projects and assignments are given.

Professors are good in IIT, Roorkee. Overall we get  a lot of time to study.

Fees and Scholarship:

Course fee in Indian Institute of Technology is Rs 40,000 per semester. Scholarship of Rs 12,400 is available and about 50% of students avail the scholarship. Student loans are provided by the banks at an interest rate of 8.5%.

Placements & Internships:

Indian Institute of Technology has great placement opportunities. Almost all top notch companies like Microsoft, facebook, Google, Cisco etc come for placements.

Majorly IT companies come here for placements. The average salary offered is Rs 12 lack P/A.

99% students get placed.

  • The eligibility criteria for getting admission in Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee is that you have to be graduate having computer science as major.
  • Admission is also available through entrance exam called GATE.
  • The cut off for general category is that one should get a rank around 350 in entrance exam
Shubham Integrated M.Sc. Physics, batch of 2019
11 Oct 2016 Rating :
Societies & Associations:

There are a lot of clubs and association in Indian Institute of Technology. Some of them are Robotics, Star-gazing, SDS labs, Geek gazette, etc. The main festivals in the campus are Thomso(Cultural Festival), Sangram (Sports Festival) and Cognizance(Tech festival). 

The life here in campus is pretty interesting but busy. There are always new things to learn. The people here are very cooperative.

College Infrastructure:

There are total of 19 hostels in Indian Institute of Technology out of which 10 are for boys, 3 are for girls and 6 are for married people. The hostel fees is around 5000 per semester. There are not many hostels outside the campus. The food here is hygienic but not so good in taste.

The classrooms are fully air-conditioned and have loud speakers. The library has huge collection of books of different fields . Wi-Fi and LAN connection is provided in every hostel. There are various facilties for sports.

Academics & Faculty:

The classes in Indian Institute of Technology are usually between 9 am to 6 pm. The lecture hours vary from day to day. The teachers here are very cooperative and they prefer to use technologies to aid them in better teaching. It feels good to be here among smart people. You can learn something from everyone.

Fees and Scholarship:

The current tuition fees at IIT is around 1 lakh per semester. The scholarships available are Merit-cum means scholarship and Inspire Scholarship. Besides that, students with parental income less than Rs. 5 lakh per annum are given 60% fee waiver. 500-600 students get scholarship each year.

Loans are usually needed to pay the tuition and hostel fees. There are two banks (PNB and SBI) inside the college campus where students can get loan easily. Besides that, a student can get his loan sanctioned from any bank all over India. 

Placements & Internships:

There are various internship oppurtunities e.g through IAS, at IISERs, DRDO etc. A lot of people go to foreign universities for doing their ph.D. Some of the key companies that come here are Google, Oracle, Microsoft, Cognizant, Oxigen, KPMG, EICHER, IBM, etc. The percentage placement is 80-90%. The average package is around 7-8 LPA.

The alumuni network of IIT Roorkee is very vast and strong. Some of the reputed alumuni are 

1976 BATCH

1986 BATCH
1997 BATCH

1979 BATCH

To get admission in IIT Roorkee, I had to qualify JEE Advance entrace exam. Also, my 12th class marks had to be more than 80 percentile. The entrance exams i took were JEE Mains, JEE Advance and WBJEE.

For my cousre your AIR in JEE Advance should be around 5000.

Abhinav Integrated M.Tech Geological Technology, batch of 2017
08 Oct 2016 Rating :
Societies & Associations:
  • If you have a hobby, the college has a clubs where you can find other people of similar interest. There are numerous groups like Music section, Choreo section, Astronomy section as well as many literary sections if you are interested in writing.
  • The campus is green and the facilities are well maintained.
College Infrastructure:
  • IIT Roorkee is well equipped with sufficient number of hostels and students are provided individual rooms. The food in the mess is good. 
  • The infrastructure of the college is state of the art and the labs are well equipped.
Academics & Faculty:
  • The daily routine in the first year is a bit hefty. But it gets a lot easier in the following years.
  • The professors at IIT Roorkee mostly use projector based teaching methods, except for subjects like mathematics.


Fees and Scholarship:
  • The per semester fees is very nominal (less than 50,000) and this includes messing, hostel fees as well as gym, swimming pool and other facilities like hospitals etc.
  • The students can avail a Merit-cum-means scholarship, and get a refund of 100% tution fees on the semester basis. This scholarship is granted to about 50% of the strength of the IIT Roorkee batch.
  • If you come from a financially weaker background, then you can avail loans from SBI as well as PNB, they are more than willing to give loans to students of IIT and the interest rate is also lower in general.


Placements & Internships:
  • Many internship opportunities are available once you enroll in the IIT Roorkee course. People interested in research can go for many research institute like NIO Goa, NGRI Hyderabad, Wadia Institute of Himalayan Geology etc.
  • The key employment sector is Oil and Gas industries, Mineral Exploration industries, Natural Resource Management etc.


  • The admission procedure to the IIT Roorkee program is taken by the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) Advanced.
  • The Eligibility Criteria is that the student should have passed class 12th with a minimum of 60% marks in all subjects.
Dharmender btech, batch of 2017
08 Oct 2016 Rating :
Societies & Associations:
  • all facilites are very very good
  • thomso cultural fest,congnize tec fest,sangram sports fest 
  • life in college is very very good its always remberable 
College Infrastructure:
  • 10 hostels, good, 40k per semester (10k per menth)
  • you can take room on rent outside the campus.
  • good, it cost 12500 per semester or 40 per meal.
  • all are good.
Academics & Faculty:
  • daily routine is good we do class in morning and practicals in evening or vice-versa,we have to do at lest two projects during the course, two exams are conducted each semester.
  • good
  • my overall experience is very good.
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