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Read Student Reviews of Indian Institute of Technology, [IIT] Kharagpur Academics & Faculty

Phanindra M.Tech (Electrical/Electronics), batch of 2016
22 Sep 2015 Rating :
ACADEMICS & FACULTY: I study in one of the Premiere Institutes in India,Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur.Hence,the overall quality of education is very good. Our Academic schedule follows the credit hour based system, i.e., If a particular course is 4 credits, then we have 4 hours of classes per week. We usually have 21 to 24 credits per semester. Regarding Projects we have B. Tech & M. Tech Project, which goes on a year long. We have two tests for every subject every semester on called the midsemester and the other called the end semester.Every semester we are given the choice to choose our courses.. For my interest in Finance I have taken additional courses like Machine Learning, R studio, etc.. We also have well equipped labs to encourage us for scientific research.The Quality of Teaching is very good. The methodology is same as any premiere institute in the world. We choose the most advanced books followed in every premiere institute. The research done at the institute is world class.The professors are very friendly and encourage doubts. We can always knock the door of a professor and ask for doubts. They also reply to the emails.Overall, It is a world class Institute for education.
Ravikant B. Tech., batch of 2016
11 Jan 2015 Rating :
ACADEMICS & FACULTY: 1. IIT Kharagpur can be best known for its great academics, in depth as well as in sense of breadth. IIT Kharagpur is having maximum number of 17 departments also total 13 schools of excellence like management school, Intellectual property law school. Best part of the academics is that students are allowed to take any number of courses in other departments as well as schools as additional subjects. 2. If someone finds these additional courses interesting one can go forwards and can have minor degree in that. Ex. If someone who got admission in Electrical Engineering and further coming to college he got interested in Computer Science and Technology, he can take additional courses in additional to regular courses and after clearing certain number credits as decided by department one can get 2 degrees as (I) Major degree - B. Tech in Electrical engineering (II) Minor degree - B. Tech in Computer Science and Technology 3. Institute infrastructure is also considered excellent with separate lab facilities for each subject. 4. Institute provided various types of degrees which includes (i) B. Tech - 4 year Program (ii) Dual Degree Program - year course with both B. Tech and M. Tech will be given at the end of years (iii) B. Arch - 4 year program (iv) B. Sc. - 2 year B. Sc Program (v) Integrated M. Sc. - 5 year program with both M. Sc. and B. Sc. degree at the end of 5 years 5. Faculties are more or less alumni of IIT Kharagpur with great research profile and excellent knowledge but they lag a bit in delivering the knowledge. 6. Research interest can be pursued under certain projects which professors allot to some interested students hence help in building research profile.
Amit B-Tech, batch of 2019
10 Jan 2015 Rating :
  • Academic schedule at IIT, Kharagpur is quite enjoyable and non rigorous.
  • The classes start early in the morning at 7:30 am. \\
  • Classes consists two-component that is theory and practical so there are two type of classes every day that are theory classes and practical classes both is equally enjoyable as whatever you learn in theory classes that you apply in practical classes.
  • The students are evaluated by two type of semester examination that is mid-semester and end-semester. unlike other IITs which evaluate their students on the basis of others performance which does not foster shared learning and communication, IIT Kharagpur uses absolute scores.
  • Assignments assigned are interesting, challenging and innovative.
  • The Institute received 171 research revenue worth Rs. 417 million($9.25 million) and more than 130 consultancy projects.
  • The institute has filed 125 patents and more than 25 have been granted.
  • IIT offers courses like undergraduate education (b-tech, b-tech dual, b-arch, master of science, postgraduate and doctoral education).
  • The teaching methodology in IIT is awesome and unique and most of the faculty members are notable and have a vast knowledge of subjects they teach.
  • Professors are friendly and they are always eager to entertain doubts of students.

Read Student Reviews of Indian Institute of Technology, [IIT] Kharagpur International Exposure

Pranshul Dual Degree, batch of 2017
27 Jun 2015 Rating :
FOREIGN EXCHANGE & INTERNATIONAL EXPOSURE: Yea foreign exchange programes are present but they are very frequent and moreover they are not present in every department . The language of teaching is English. If you have interest in other language then you learn that language by taking it as btreadth subject. If you are passing out with good academic record then there is quite possibility that you can get a recommedation from the Professors for doing MS or PHD in foreign Universities for which he expense will be bear by govt. Alot number do their research internship every year in various reknowed universities in all over the world. But I believe there can be lot of improvement needed for IIT kgp in this prospect.
DUAL DEGREE, batch of 2016
16 Jan 2015 Rating :
  • IIT Kgp has signed MOU with many world class universities, Providing opportunity to students for foreign exchange programs and summer research internship in Canada, Germany and some other countries.
  • Funding and expenses are taken care by programs like MITACS and UAE, and for international competition and conferences help is always insured by the Alma mater to its righteous students.
  • With students from all across the country, one can find almost all common tongue spoken here including Hindi, Bengali, Marathi, Telugu, Punjabi, with English as the official language.
Ravikant B. Tech., batch of 2016
11 Jan 2015 Rating :
FOREIGN EXCHANGE & INTERNATIONAL EXPOSURE: As a part of relationship with foreign universities IIT Kharagpur have signed Memorundum of Association with total 60 universities from all over the world. Under this Memorandum students from 3rd of B. Tech. OR Dual degree and 4th year students from Integrated M. Sc. Course get research projects under foreign university professors. Also IIT Kharagpur provides International Summer and Winter Tern course in which some short term courses are conducted in IIT Kharagpur which are of various departments. For all the foreign studies also on for some foreign exhibition, paper presentation IIT motivates students to do such research project and provides financial support to such activities.

Read Student Reviews of Indian Institute of Technology, [IIT] Kharagpur Fees and Scholarship

Bunny M.Sc (Maths), batch of 2015
01 Nov 2016 Rating :
  • The course fee for M.Sc. course is much less than that of B.Tech/M.Tech courses. It is around Rs 57,000 per annum including mess charge, hostel charge, medical etc.
  • No tuition fee is needed.
  • There are many ways to avail a scholarship for the course in Maths, N.B.H.M, M.C.M. can be availed. N.B.H.M is entrance and interview based, While to avail M.C.M. scholarship, we have to only maintain a good C.G.P.A, that is above 7.
  • Almost all the students get M.C.M. scholarship.
  • Loans are not needed actually, as the amount is not huge. But if needed, then we can get loans from banks like Indian Bank with an interest rate of 9.75,I guess. So, applying for Loan is not a big deal, nor paying the fees in Indian Institute of Technology. 
Zaid B.Tech (Civil), batch of 2017
18 Mar 2016 Rating :
  • Academic Fees for my batch is INR 90,000 per year but this usually increases every year. Other than academic fees you have other charges like mess charges, hostel fees, etc. which lead to the total fee of INR 1,40,000 per year.
  • There are good options for scholarships, one of them is Merit Cum Means Scholarship in which if you belong to the economically lower section of the society your academic fees is waived off.
  • There is also Inspire scholarship, provided by govt. of India to the people pursuing M.Sc courses, which is INR 70,000 per year.
  • Other than these options you can also apply for a loan which is easily available from State bank of India.
Archisman B.Tech (Instrumentation), batch of 2017
15 Mar 2016 Rating :
  • The course fee per year is INR 1,50,000.
  • The scholarship otions mainly include the Merit Cum Means scholarship and the Aditya Birla Scholarship. But the competiton is very huge and a majority of the students fail to receive the advantages of these scholarships.
  • Average number of students include 5 out of every 100 student.
  • Loans are needed, they are also very easily available from the State Bank of India Branch attached to the college. But the rate of interest of the Educational Loan is pretty high which forces the student to think 10 times before taking the loan.

Read Student Reviews of Indian Institute of Technology, [IIT] Kharagpur Placements & Internships

Zaid B.Tech (Civil), batch of 2017
18 Mar 2016 Rating :
  • I have not completed any internship yet. If you are 3rd year B.Tech you can get an internship in the companies visiting the campus throughout the year. Many people don\'t get an internship through the campus placement cell they arrange on their own. A number of people go abroad for research internships.
  • Many big corporations like Facebook, Google, ITC, HUL, Shell, etc visit the campus and also a lot of startups come for internships and recruitment like Oyo rooms, Tinyowl, etc. During placement, a lot of Analyst and Consulting firms visit the campus and recruit the largest fraction of students.
  • Average salary stays around Rs. 11 lakh per annum while the highest reached Rs 2 crore p.a this year but this was offered to only one student. Most of the people get placed and the placement percent ranges around 80% to 90%.
  • IIT KGP has a good Alumni network throughout the world and the alumni relations cell is trying to improve it.
Korok B.Tech (Chemical), batch of 2017
19 Nov 2015 Rating :
  • Companies like Google,Oracle,Facebook,Deutsche Bank,Credit Suisse,Texas Instruments,Goldman Sachs,GE,Baker Hughes ,Schlumberger,Royal Dutch Shell.Robert Bosch etc visit the campus for placements as well as internships. There has been a recent boom in the placements and internships by the sudden increase of data analytics and startups.
  • Around 90-95 % of the students registering for placements through CDC get placed in the two phases. The remaining may pursue higher education like MS Phd,MBA etc.
  • The alumni of this Institute occupy top positions in business, industry, R&D and academia in India and abroad.Many conpmaies which is presided over by our alumnis are regular vistitor in the campus during the placements and  internships recently. 


Shubham Btech, batch of 2017
11 Jan 2015 Rating :
PLACEMENTS & ALUMNI NETWORK: The placements at IIT are pretty different from the thousands of engineering colleges in the country. You need to maintain a good CGPA (academic score roughly around 7 on 10), to get short listed by the great MNC’s that visit the college every year. Microsoft, Google, Facebook, YES Bank, Nomura, Facebook and hundred more companies recruit students from the IIT Kharagpur campus. There are no mass placements, hence the salary students are offered is roughly around 7-9 lakhs per annum. International offers reach upto 50-75 lakhs per annum depending upon the company and your performance. Students get on campus internship offers from excellent companies during their third year of engineering. They get paid around 35,000 per month (varies with the company). And yes, needless to mention, 100% placements.

Read Student Reviews of Indian Institute of Technology, [IIT] Kharagpur College Infrastructure

Bunny M.Sc (Maths), batch of 2015
01 Nov 2016 Rating :
  • There are hostels available for both boys and girls. The hostel fee is less and is a part of the semester fees.
  • There is no need to look for a PG. The hostel has good facilities. Students will love to be a part of it. Lots of hostel activities are conducted, which keep on boosting our staying at Indian Institute of Technology, internet is free and unlimited, with a very good speed.
  • Rooms are clean, washing machine, fans, bulbs, cleaning facilities, Everything is provided in the hostel itself.
  • A mess is attached to every hostel. Food is quite better compared to other hostels, and cheaper too. mess workers are nice, and the menu is decided by students only. Healthy food is provided.
  • I can\'t give a separate mess fees, hostel fees. but overall, it costs around 6000 per month, in which hostel, mess, tuition, wifi, library, medical all kind of fees are included, no extra money is required to give later.
  • Classrooms are comfortable. Labs are also good. The library is the center of attraction.
Zaid B.Tech (Civil), batch of 2017
19 Mar 2016 Rating :
  • There are a lot of hostels or halls as we call it, here. Usually the first years stay in one hall and move to a different hall the second year onwards. Interhall championships are a serious thing here, and you can involve many events. Halls don\'t have any specific fees, though mess fees is Rs. 12,000 per semester which is already included in the total fees.
  • Food is not good, and you might start missing your home food. There are a lot of canteens and you always have a place to eat 24 hours a day.
  • Classrooms and Labs are of international standards. Library is state of art and is one of the biggest in India, but you won\'t find books other than academics. Wifi is available throughout the 2200 acre campus, and when in room you can also use your LAN ports for more high speed access. The campus is huge and you won\'t be able to explore everything easily.
Shubham Btech, batch of 2017
11 Jan 2015 Rating :
INFRASTRUCTURE & TRANSPORTATION: Even though the campus is located in quite a rural area, the college building is pretty modern in terms of its facilities. Most of the classrooms are air conditioned with quite comfortable benches and projectors. There is a vast library with books of all the possible streams of engineering and management available at any odd hours as well. Laboratories, an integral part of an engineering student, are well maintained. The campus is WiFi enabled, thus speeding up the research activities and projects. Also there's active ODC (high speed intranet) maintained by students for quick and efficient data sharing. Unlike other IIT’s, the hostels are not located within the campus. More than 20 hostels are approximately a kilometer away where the facilities are quite decent. Beds are decent and not dusty, rooms are neat and clean, internet connection with unlimited download, and the above average washrooms. All in all, the facilities are pretty satisfactory considering it’s a hostel. Sports facilities include gymnasiums, swimming pools (with water polo in some) and hockey ground apart from the regular cricket, football, volleyball, basketball, badminton and table tennis.

Read Student Reviews of Indian Institute of Technology, [IIT] Kharagpur Hostels & Food

Gursewak Integrated B-Tech and M-Tech (Electrical/Electronics), batch of 2016
09 Sep 2015 Rating :
HOSTELS & FOOD: A number of quality restaurants are available on campus. Housing is entirely within the campus with 24hrs of water, electricity, and Internet supply. The mess food is good in quality and quantity at a reasonable rate. Internal security is present throughout the campus and any complaints are instantly resolved.
Pranshul Dual Degree, batch of 2017
27 Jun 2015 Rating :
HOSTELS & FOOD: Hostel are very good with LAN connectivity in every room and WI-FI enabled. Every hostel has space allocated for major sports and has music room library , gym etc Mess are not good as expected. I have been IIT bombay, the mess food there is much better than ours but still its eatable. 
Ravikant B. Tech., batch of 2016
11 Jan 2015 Rating :
HOSTELS & FOOD: IIT Khargpur is fully residential campus with all the professors, students have to be in campus which is of total area 2200 Acres ( Yes 2200 Acres). Hostels are properly managed by committee called Hall Management Committee ( HMC ). Professors only act as warden of hostels. There are separate ground for each and every sports in each and every hall of IIT Kharagpur. Mess food is Okay :) If you don't like food there are lot many eateries in campus you can have food 24*7.

Read Student Reviews of Indian Institute of Technology, [IIT] Kharagpur Societies & Associations

Ankit Integrated B-Tech and M-Tech (Mining), batch of 2018
10 Feb 2016 Rating :
  • IIT Kharagpur has a very wide range of extra-curricular activities categorized majorly under Cultural Activities, Sports and Technical Activities. You name it, we have it. These activities are conducted in the institute by the students who are passionate about it, through different clubs, camps and competitions. Students learn a lot from these activities and events through interaction with peers, seniors, juniors, faculty, professionals. There are more than 30 student run organisation covering all the aspects and hobbies including dramatic, singing, painting, debating, entrepreneurship, dancing, elocution,space exploration etc.
  • The main festival include Spring Fest- cultural fest, Khitij- Technical fest.
Beena B.Tech (Electrical/Electronics), batch of 2019
06 Oct 2015 Rating :
CLUBS & ASSOCIATIONS: There are a number of societies ranging from cultural to technical background.Students have to go through interview and selection process to join any society which is a good part as it prepares them for the big future.From cultural background the campus as dramatics society(PRAVAH, ENCORE),dance society(BREAKFREE),Vocals and instuments(ETMS,WTMS) and some technical related socities are AGV(AUTONOMOUS GROUNDED VEHICLE),KRSSG(ROBOSOCCER TEAM),AUV,TEAM KART.Some other socities like E-cell(Entrepreneurship),b-club and many more are there.There are a number of sports played on campus and are equipped with good facilities .Technology Students' Gymkhana is the hub of all the co-curricular activities.Football,table tennis,Lawn tennis,Basketball,snooker,cricket,badminton,soccer amd aquatic games like water polo and many more are played on campus.  
Shubham Btech, batch of 2017
11 Jan 2015 Rating :
CLUBS & ASSOCIATIONS: IIT is quite famous for the numerous festivals that are conducted round the year. There are various hostel events and games that are played on regular basis. Apart from the zillion national level competitions, there are two main festivals conducted round the year. Spring Fest, the cultural festival, is held in the month of January, where you see participation from all over India and live performance by great musicians and singers. 'Kshitij', the techno management festival, is held around February. There are active clubs for robotics, Formula SAE (making racing cars), Kraig (artificial intelligence), E-cell (entrepreneurship), Technology Transfer Group (TTG - it's links academic research to industry), etc.

Read Student Reviews of Indian Institute of Technology, [IIT] Kharagpur Social Atmosphere

Gursewak Integrated B-Tech and M-Tech (Electrical/Electronics), batch of 2016
09 Sep 2015 Rating :
SOCIAL ATMOSPHERE: Alcohol use is banned in campus and is strictly followed. There no bars or pubs but a number of quality restaurants ( No alcholic drink is served). Parties are banned inside campus. There a number of fest that are organised throughout the year.
Rajan b tech, batch of 2012
28 Jan 2015 Rating :
SOCIAL ATMOSPHERE: You will find out when you will join. Its ok. You will find mixture of people of different places and culture. As per administration of college alcohol is banned. Restaurants, CCD, B&R icecreams all are available inside campus.
Shubham Btech, batch of 2017
11 Jan 2015 Rating :
SOCIAL ATMOSPHERE: As the campus of IIT KGP is located in a rural area, hangouts and fun activities lower down on a good scale. Students find happiness in their canteen and mess. The canteen serves decent and edible food at a nominal rate. Most of the items are junk food and students sometimes crave for desi food. Each hostel has its own mess which are just like in any other typical college - average. It serves moderately hot lunch with less variety but always on time. Students aren’t completely satisfied thought they haven’t complained much about the same. There are a few night canteens, nescafe and small vendors for milk, momos etc present at night. There's a tech market within the campus, Prem Bazaar just outside the campus and Gol Bazaar about 30 minutes from campus. Government owned restaurant Tikka (within the campus), Chhedis, Veggies, Billo etc are popular restaurants. There is a CCD and a Baskin Robins outlet too. There are a couple of theatres in Kharagpur which students hardly care to explore. But one movie is screened every weekend in insti's very own Netaji auditorium.