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B.Tech (Civil), batch of 2018
14 Jun 2016 Rating :
  • Mostly classes are in the morning with afternoon slots occupied by labs for around 3 hours, or tutorial / assignment classes which run from anywhere between 1-2.5 hours. The course material is extensively covered over the duration of the semester with 1 tutorial test/class per week.
  • Exams are conducted once in a month ( Quiz-1, Quiz-2 and end semester) ( Each semester is for 4 months ). Also we have surprise tests ( which generally depends upon the professor taking the course ), which help us to be better prepared for exams. 
  • Over and above all these we get assignments ( usually given if tutorials are not regularly conducted) and end of semester projects which count towards our final evaluation. 
  • The professors are very learned and excel in their chosen field of teaching. Being friendly and approchable one can always approach them with doubts pertaining to the subject. Apart from clearing doubts they are mostly always open to students approaching them with novel and innovative ideas. 
  • We also have the option to work on a project under a professor or start a project on our own with the guidance/ assistance from a professor.
  • The overall experience so far, in my opinion has been very satisfactory.
Nikhil Integrated B-Tech and M-Tech (Aerospace), batch of 2018
13 Jun 2016 Rating :
  • Some of the things in this review might not still hold due to the change in curriculum and a few points might be inclined towards my own program of study.
  • Daily routine in any IIT is more or less the same. Class timings from morning 8 AM to afternoon or evening (depends on the program and year of student). Exams are really competitive but the fact that the grading is mostly relative, gives a sigh of relief. (Relative grading: Instead of how much you score, its how much you score relative to others in your batch). Assignments form a regular part of the semester and are given out at regular intervals. Each assignment carries a certain weightage for that course. Projects are an integral part ofthe curriculum. Dual Degree students have to compulsorily do a final year project with a professor, while in B.Tech one has a choice of either a final year project or an extra set of courses.
  • The quality of education and teaching is superb. The professors are highly qualified and experienced in their field of research and teaching. And they are always willing to help, regarding any academic and non-academic guidance.
  • I have experienced a very different and exciting lifestyle in here. The freedom to do anything of our interests assists us to extra curricular skills. And this can be experienced pretty well, just by a visit here.
Shiva B.Tech (Computer), batch of 2019
21 Apr 2016 Rating :
  • Timing are very comfortable for students and we have projects in third or fourth year , coming to exams we have two quizzes (or one mid sem ) and end semester exams, not too many exams. Assignments it depends on which course it is some of them have assignments and some don't ,but the assignment are not gonna be lengthy. The maximum number of hours of work you can have is 60 per week including classes .
  • In IIT Madras you are going to be taught by top notch professors in our country , recently IIT Madras is ranked as No.1 engineering college in India . Now I think you have a great idea about quality of teaching. Coming to methods ,we here in IIT Madras have modern labs and teaching assistants to help in all our academic activities and professors are also use computer based teaching methods in classes for teaching.
  • In IIT Madras you gonna find it as a place where you can learn things from a group of talented professors ,seniors and your classmates too. You can do anything in which you are interested in and definitely you will be helped by other members of same interest (there are many clubs of different aspects) . Chennai is one of the best city in India and you can see different culture as well .

Read Student Reviews of Indian Institute of Technology, [IIT] Chennai International Exposure

Anuj general MBA, batch of 2016
12 Feb 2015 Rating :
FOREIGN EXCHANGE & INTERNATIONAL EXPOSURE: more than 30 university in more than 10 countries department of management studies IITmadras is in partnership for a semester exchange programme . 
Alekhya Dual Degrree, batch of 2016
14 Jan 2015 Rating :
  • Indian Institute of Technology has a vast international network. The technical and cultural festivals conducted in the institution help in developing international exposure to the students.
  • The alumni help in establishing the relations between different universities abroad.

Read Student Reviews of Indian Institute of Technology, [IIT] Chennai Fees and Scholarship

Shivam B.Tech + (civil), batch of 2021
11 Mar 2017 Rating :
  • The course fee in Indian Institute of Technology, [IIT] Chennai including Hostel and Mess for both the semesters combined reaches to 2.70 lacks for General and OBC students & 50000/- for SC , ST's PWD & students of general and OBC category whose parental income is less than 1LPA (They are waived from tuition fee). For students whose parental income is 1-5 Lakhs Per Annum are waived from 60% of the tuition fee.
  • A lot of scholarships are available for category students and students with less parental income(less than 5 lacks) but not many opportunities are there for the deserved students.
  • Loans are certainly required for poor students but are also easily available in the name of an IIT student from all leading banks in India.
Kouti Integrated B-Tech and M-Tech (Aerospace), batch of 2017
06 Sep 2016 Rating :
  • The upcoming year 2017 the fees structure will be approximately Rs 2 lakhs per year and its not yet confirmed 
  • We have many scholarships which college provides MCM SCHOLARSHIP SC/ST SCHOLARSHIP and many more scholarships. 
  • Students with parents less income with proof of income certificate can get scholarship for sure 
  • For LOAN, we have a very good friendly bank STATE BANK OF INDIA IIT CHENNAI BRANCH which is inside the campus and it approves as soon as in the beginning of the semester of joining in institution hopefully loans are not that much needed because once scholarships get approved we have no more queries with academic and hostel fee and especially loan can be applied for students who cannot really afford for remaining amount. Llaptop if needed bank givesRs  50000 for laptop and Rs 5000 per semester to purchase books  and for applying educatinal loan you need to have all the government official proofs of parents as well students (eg:- pan card, aadhar card, voter id, parents income certificate).


B.Tech (Civil), batch of 2018
14 Jun 2016 Rating :
  • The course fee in total amounts to around INR 55000/- to 56,000/- ( Approx ) per semester, equivalent to roughly INR 1.1 lakhs to INR 1.3 lakhs per year out of which  45000/- ( Per semester ) is the tution fees, and the remaining amount goes towards establishment charges.
  • Students from SC/ST/PwD category are exempted from payment of tution fees which leaves them with an amount of around INR 6700/- to 7000/- per semester to be paid.
  • Apart from academic fees, students are required to pay around INR 18150/- per semester amounting to roughly INR 36300/- per year as hostel fees( Mess charges also included in this amount ).
  • There is no exemption for this.
  • Apart from this, meritorious students recieve scholarship based upon certain parameters and can easily approach the administration to avail the same.
  • Loans can be easily availed from State Bank of India branch available on campus itself.
  • Generally students upon admission ( in first year ) open an account in SBI IIT-Madras branch, and this helps them to easily avail the loan facilities offered by SBI among other facilities.
  • Students who feel the neccessity to avail education loans can approach the bank and avail a loan. 

Read Student Reviews of Indian Institute of Technology, [IIT] Chennai Placements & Internships

B.Tech (Civil), batch of 2018
14 Jun 2016 Rating :
  • Students usually have a compulsory internship as part of their course requirements  ( I'm talking about UG studies only, I have no knowledge of PG / PhD studies ), which requires them to undertake atleast 1 internship  for minimum 6 weeks duration ( generally during their 3rd year for B.Tech students or 4th year for Dual degree students ). Companies come to campus for recruitment ( both for interns as well as during placement time ), and a student can submit his/ her resume and apply for an intern/job offer at companies of his/ her choice, based upon the set conditons if any ( Like, minimum CGPA , or branch, etc etc ).

IT companies, Finance companies, Banks, Business consulting comapnies etc , As well as core companies appear for placements.

  • Some examples are : Schlumberger, Goldman Sachs, Wipro, Amazon, Facebook, Google, Honeywell, Mercedes Benz, Robert Bosch, Tata steel .. etc are some of the companies that recruit from IIT-Madras.
  • On an average ( based on last years statistics ) around 76% of students were placed, with an average salary of as much as INR 10,00,000 Per annum.
  • Generally Computer Science department sees the highest placement percentage and also high pay packages, usually closely followed by Electrical engineering branch. 
  • IIT-Madras maintains a huge and extensive alumni network, with almost all alumni remaining in touch with their alma-mater after graduation.
  • We also have an I&AR ( International and Alumni Relations ) team in place which maintains the vast alumni network. 
  • Often students have the opportunity to meet and interact with alumni, and get their advice
Dhanraj Dual Degree (Btech plus Mtech) in Electrical Engg., batch of 2019
13 Jun 2016 Rating :
  • Internship and Placement structure is not very well developed in IITM. Opportunuties are many but there is barrier on applying. Also its very baised to CGPA. 
  • Mock tests are conducted, every month mails come for Internship oppornuities restricted to departments/clubs .
  • Mostly all Internship give a stipend and they pay good.
  • Also Internship is compulsay in IITM for evry students and it is credited.
  • Companies coming from sector :- IT, Finance, COre(Speciifc to each departments), Startups. Also there plenty foreign internship opportunities for students with scholarship by IITM(one time only)
  • No idea over Salary fig. 
  • There is special team for ALumni Connect team I&AR enquire them for details.
Aayush Dual Degree (B-tech plus Mtech), batch of 2017
22 Feb 2016 Rating :
  • Generally many internship options are available. I got DAAD schlorship which provided me internship opportunity in Germany in TU Darmstadt with stipend of 621 Euros.
  • Generally all companies visit our campus there are lots of names, it will be difficult to quote few. The one that pays well are BCG, Mckenzie, Goldman Sachs, Samsung, Facebook, Flipkart, OLA, Amazon etc.  Company recruite students for all the positions as most of the students are quilified for all the roles.
  • 1.0-0.8 million  INR is average pay. Highest is 12-14 million INR vary every year. More than 80% of people who apply for placement get placed.
  • Alumni network is really very strong, which is the real strength of the college. A lot of funds and encouragement for start up is possible due to alumni help only. 

Read Student Reviews of Indian Institute of Technology, [IIT] Chennai College Infrastructure

B.Tech (Civil), batch of 2018
14 Jun 2016 Rating :
  • There are around 21 hostels on campus. Out of which 18 are boys hostels and 3 are girls hostels. The hostel facilities including mess facilities are up-to-date and furnished for students convenience and comfort.
  • Hostel fees per semester amounts to around INR18,150/- including mess charges also.
  • There are around 14 or 15 messes in campus, accessible to students, which include a food court, jain mess and a non-vegetarian mess. 
  • Students have the option of changing their mess every month and thus dining in the mess which best suits their preferences. They also have the option to change their mess in between, after some formalities.
  • The food is generally good, In my opinion I would give it a rating of 2.5 - 3 out of 5. 
  • Common courses are usually conducted in Lecture halls in Class room complex ( A/C classes ) and the branch related courses are conducted in department. Department related labs are also conducted in the department. Non A/C classes are also there, and classes with relatively lower strength are conducted there.
  • Wi-Fi is available in the Department Computer facility and students can access them.
  • Overall the infrastructure on campus is very good. I would give it a rating of around 4/5.
Aayush Dual Degree (B-tech plus Mtech), batch of 2017
22 Feb 2016 Rating :
  • There are total 18 hostels. Hostel are really spacious with nice gardens and other playing facilities. Most hostel has a TV, technical and music room. Hostel fee is just 4,000 INR per month which include mess food fee.
  • Generally it is preffered to live in hostel, but PG are also easily availabe just outside campus with cost of around INR 5,000 per month.
  • There are various food joints available in the college which provide nice tasty food at good price, which helps to overcome bad mess food. Cost of meal is around 100 INR.
  • All class rooms are very spacious and nicely ventilated. Labs are very well equipped with the best devices and machines required. Library is really big with fantastic collection of all the books required to read. There are various dining halls which are clean and hygenic. Wi-Fi is available in all the labs and libraries.
Aman B.Tech (Mechanical), batch of 2020
17 Nov 2015 Rating :
  • Hostels are very good with all kinds of facilities wifi lan,tech room,music room,TV room,each hostel has a library and extracurricular rooms. Washing machines are available for everyone to use.
  • PGs are available but nobody prefers then as you get to live in hostel with Rs 20,000 only for 6 months but yes pg facilities available outside.
  • The food is pretty good with over 15 mess to choose from so you never get bored it is around Rs 1500 per month. Rest calculate.
  • As it is IITM you don't need to worry about classrooms they are very good with ac and without ac all but very well maintained and a good place to learn. The dining halls are excellent and the building is awesome. The library is one of the biggest in the city 5 story building full ac full high speed wifi and 3 computer labs with all kinds of books and magazines available anything you wish. The LAN speed is unbelievable about 100 mb per second download anything in just 10 or 20 seconds and wifi is also available everywhere in campus and very fast

Read Student Reviews of Indian Institute of Technology, [IIT] Chennai Hostels & Food

Vinod B.Tech, batch of 2011
25 Jan 2015 Rating :
  • Students are provided with single rooms in different hostel and mess system and food courts are available at Indian Institute of Technology, Chennai.
  • The students can choose their own mess or food court for food.
  • The quality of food is of high standards.
Shubham Btech, batch of 2017
11 Jan 2015 Rating :
  • There is a hostel facility for the students at Indian Institute of Technology.
  • The quality of food is good on the campus.
  • There are McDonald's, KFC, Subway, Pizza Hut, Dominos pizza, Wang's kitchen etc present near the campus.
Puneet btech, batch of 2017
11 Jan 2015 Rating :
  • There are 14 hostels with 2 more coming up. Older hostels have 400 students while new ones will accommodate 800 students.
  • Separate apartment facilities are provided for PG students and their families.
  • Each hostel is equipped with its own mess, sports facilities, music room etc.
  • There is a gym with the latest facilities for sports, music etc.
  • The central library is huge, with lots of research work and latest editions of all books.
  • Each hostel also has its own library. There is high-speed LAN access in every room without any restrictions on download limits.

Read Student Reviews of Indian Institute of Technology, [IIT] Chennai Societies & Associations

Kouti Integrated B-Tech and M-Tech (Aerospace), batch of 2017
06 Sep 2016 Rating :


is the annual social and cultural festival of IIT Madras. It is a five-day long event held usually in the second week of January every year and is attended by over 50,000 students from colleges all across South India. This five-day festival is the traditional meeting place for the young and those young at heart. Saarang is very popular among college students and Chennai locals alike because of the wide variety of cultural events (music and dance shows), celebrities and competitions it hosts. Saarang is characterized with the days jam-packed with events and competitions, and then the nights where, the best professional artistes from India and abroad enthrall the packed Open Air Theater at IIT Madras.

Saarang is an entirely non-profit organisation run by the students of IIT Madras.The organisational structure of Saarang comprises the Core group members (or Cores), and Co-ordinators. The Cores head the various departments of Sponsorship & PR, Finance, Publicity, Web-ops, Events, Design, Hospitality, Facilities and Requirements, Security and QMS (Quality Management System). They are assisted by the co-ordinators (around 250 in number) who are assigned more specific work.


Shaastra is the annual technical festival of the Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IITM), Chennai, India. The Sanskrit word ‘Shaastra’ means science and the festival accordingly consists of various engineering, science and technology competitions, summits, lectures, video conferences, exhibitions, demonstrations and workshops. The festival is traditionally held over four days and four nights during the first week of January. It has so far seen fifteen editions, having started in its current avatar in the year 2000. Shaastra attracts participation from all over India, and seeks to provide collegiate students with a platform to showcase their scientific and engineering talents. Shaastra is entirely student managed and holds the distinction of being the first such event in the world to be ISO 9001:2000 certified for implementing a Quality Management System.


  1. Amazing Internet and DC++: Individual Single Rooms with Internet access 24 hours, 1 gb high speed netaccess which cups mostly. And unlimited GB of hproxy net. Apart from that DC++ is the most heavenly thing, you can never get tired of downloading things. Everything you need to keep yourself entertained you will find there.
  2. Rooms: You will get a cot, an almirah fitted in wall, a FAN, table and a chair. There will be plug points and lan port available. Condition of room depends upon the previous occupant.
  3. Common washrooms: Cleanliness of them depends upon your wing mates, Cleaned daily once a day.
  4. Entry of Girls in Boys hostel: Yeaa, some hostels in IIT Madras allow the entry of gals from morning 9 am to evening 7 PM, the discretion lies in the hand of the warden, that is why all the hostels dont have this freedom. But let me tell you this entry is for academic purpose only. Boys can enter girls hostel only during hostel nite, which happens once in a year in the month of april apart from that NO ENTRY.
  5. TV: All hostels have common room, you can watch tv there. Full during cricket and football matches. Otherwise people hang no to tv series and youtube.
  6. Sports: Almost every hostel will have a TT room, apart from that some of them have a pool table as well. Some hostels have football ground, cricket ground, basketball court within the premises. Apart from the hostel facilities their are many common facilities. GYM is FREE, Swimming pool is tad cheap. Apart from that there is amazing tennis court, basketball court, volleyball court, hockey ground, cricket ground, skating ring in common facilities.
  7. Restaurant: IIT has its own restaurant cum dine in canteen as Quark, right now Zaitoon serves there, you can find all the special delicacies at amazing prices in one of the best surroundings in the city.
  8. 24x7 Canteen: IRCTC operates a 24x7 canteen which serves tea, juice and dosas whole night and food till 12.
  9. Ramu Tea stall: A tea stall which is open till 4 am in the morning, serving sandwiches and tea at just Rs 5 [Writing answer from Ramu itself]. Apart from that you can buy snacks, cold drinks here.. even at night when whole city sleeps.
  10. Campus cafe: Most subsidized place of campus, you get everything cheap here, best place when you are broke.
  11. International cafe: Located in the heart of campus, this place had discounted CCD before, then came bullshit Kickstart which was recently kicked, now waiting for CCD to come back again or even better cafe. Right now CCD is also operating in campus at himalyas.
  12. HUL canteen: Noodles, rolls and wraps and cool place to cut birthday cakes at himalya, they also have some outlet inside hostel.
  13. Vending machines: Some of the hostel have vending machines, to get all the food you want to hogg upon.
  14. Insti Lingo: IIT madras has its own lingo, where we PUT everything, but still things CUP..!!
B.Tech (Civil), batch of 2018
14 Jun 2016 Rating :
  • There are several clubs like Fine Arts club, Cultural club, Music Club , Wordgames club, Oratory club, nature clus, phtography club etc to name a few. 
  • Students can also join Tamil sangham, Kerala kala samithi, Bharathiya Kala samithi, etc depending on the region they hail from.
  • Several activities are conducted through out the semester by the clubs which are open to all interested students.
  • IIT-Madras has 2 main festivals - SHAASTRA - Tech festival and SAARANG- Cultural festival , both of which are conducted in January, and often see international participation.
  • Every December All IIT's converge at one of the 7 oldest IIT's ( IIT-Madras, IIT-Kanpur, IIT-Kharagpur, IIT-Delhi, IIT-Roorkee, IIT-Bombay, IIT-Guwahati ) For the INTER IIT sports meet.
  • It witnesses huge participants from the talented sports men and women of the country.
  • The winner gets to go home with the General Championship cup which is fought over again in the next inter IIT meet.
  • Apart from all these, there are several other mini-fests conducted by the departments, clubs , organizations etc on campus.
  • For EG : CFI ( Center For Innovation ) conducted open house.
  • Life on campus is excellent. Apart from getting good exposure academics wise, we have several other extra-curricular activities to grab our interest.
Aayush Dual Degree (B-tech plus Mtech), batch of 2017
22 Feb 2016 Rating :
  • Clubs in the campus are very active and mark their presence really well. There are lots of clubs in the campus which vary from dramatics to technical clubs which all involved in participating and conducting various competitions, which makes the campus as a lively place.
  • There are two main festivals in the college Shaastra - Technical fest and Saarang - Cultural fest. All the festivals are fully organized by student body and recieves a great footfall from all around India. Schoiter is institute sports festival which has various inter hostel competitons. And there is a inter college sports fest as well known as Inter IIT Sports Meet, which recieves huge partipition.
  • Overall college life is really fun with lots of avenues to boost a amazing career in future. Hostel life to acamedics every thing is very well balanced and organized, motivates you to give your best at every step.

Read Student Reviews of Indian Institute of Technology, [IIT] Chennai Social Atmosphere

Shubham Btech, batch of 2017
11 Jan 2015 Rating :
  • There are many activities conducted by the Indian Institute of Technology campus for the students.
  • There is a strict Anti-Ragging law present inside the campus.