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Lovikali B.Sc, batch of 2022
29 May 2017 Rating :
Placements & Internships:
  • Fergusson College provides good placement offers.
  • The Package depends upon the work.
Varsha B.A. (Political Science), batch of 2017
14 May 2017 Rating :
Societies & Associations:
  • College life at Fergusson College, [FC] Pune is really exciting.
  • We celebrate an annual fest every year.
  • There are no student clubs. 
College Infrastructure:
  • The hostel fee is, on an average, 25,000 rupees for both boys and girls.
  • Cell phones are not allowed in the hostels and tiffins from outside the campus are not allowed either.
Academics & Faculty:
  • The teachers are friendly.
  • Students are given regular assignments and projects to understand concepts better.
Fees and Scholarship:
  • College fee is around 2,000 rupees per year for humanities students.
  • For science students, it is 10,000 to 20,000 rupees per year.
Placements & Internships:
  • Internship opportunities are provided by Fergusson College, [FC] Pune.
  • Many prestigious companies come for placements.
  • There is no such entrance exam and admission into Fergusson College, [FC] Pune is based on the marks obtained in the board exams.
  • Cut off ranges from 80-90%
NIKHIL B.Sc (Computer Science), batch of 2017
11 May 2017 Rating :
Societies & Associations:
  • Days are celebrated like festivals there's something different in air during those days at Fergusson College.
  • Life in college is according to how we plan but surely it is at its best.
College Infrastructure:
  • Classrooms are very good with best infrastructure.
  • Labs at Fergusson College are maintained properly.
  • Hostel admission depends on Hsc marks.
Academics & Faculty:
  • College is strict about 75% attendence.
  • Class timings change every year eventually morning from morning 11 to 5 pm.
  • Teaching is best for some subjects at Fergusson College .
Fees and Scholarship:
  • 3 years course at Fergusson College will cost around 1.2 lakhs.
  • Scholarships are available based on certain criteria.
Placements & Internships:
  • Various companies like system,infosys,deloitte visit Fergusson College for placement.
  • Average package is around 2.5lakhs.
  • Admission procedure has merit list according to PCM marks scored in HSC.
  • Annual intake of students is around 180.
  • 3 merit lists are displayed and based on the list admission is carried out at Fergusson College.
Pranav MBA/PGDM, batch of 2020
09 May 2017
  • The student must write either JEE or CET to get an admission in this university. 
  • The cut-off for the CS stream is 90%. It may go down to 70% but the student must wait for the 3rd or 4th list. 
Vaibhav B.A., batch of 2018
06 May 2017 Rating :
Societies & Associations:
  • There are various social activities going on throughout the year.
  • Every department has its own fest.
  • There is social outreach cell in the campus
College Infrastructure:
  • There is boys hostel and girls hostel.
  • The hostel fee is around 40,000/- per year.
  • The campus is wifi enabled.
  • The classes are old which gives us a feeling of learning in a prestigious campus. 
Academics & Faculty:
  • The teaching method is awesome with top faculty in the college
Fees and Scholarship:
  • The college fees is around 3000/-
  • The examination fees is around 1000/-
  • Various scholarships and freeships are also available
Placements & Internships:
  • The placement cell is very active in the college.
  • The faculty helps a lot in getting internships during the degree course.
  • The admission is purely on merit basis.
  • The usual cut-offs for B.A. programs is around 90%
Dhansing M.Sc (Chemistry), batch of 2016
28 Feb 2017 Rating :
Societies & Associations:
  • College life is very free and a lot of energetic students are there in Fergusson College campus and a lot of academic functions were organized by college departments so students enjoy their college life.
College Infrastructure:
  • In academic block at Fergusson College, there are 3 hostels for boys and 1 hostel for girls is available also there are separate study rooms for reading.
Academics & Faculty:
  • The good quality teaching staff is there at Fergusson College and all are having well qualifications and good experience and knowledge.
Fees and Scholarship:
  • My course fee at Fergusson College is Rs. 42,000 per year.
  • Many students got scholarship facility from the campus.
Placements & Internships:
  • Yes, there are a lot of campus interview happen on Fergusson College and a lot of students got a job.
  • The minimum salary offered is Rs. 3 lakh pa.
  • Before joining Fergusson College I have given a one entrance exam and really it is very tough exam only 24 candidates were selected among 800 candidates and the cut-off is up to 75 out of 100.
Poonam BSC, batch of 2018
27 Feb 2017 Rating :
Societies & Associations:
  • Yes, there are so many student societies present at Fergusson College.
  • Chemere, Vasundhara, Sanskriti are associations present on the campus.
  • Cultural fest like environmental science and people fest is GAIA which is celebrated on the campus.
  • Life in college is good.
College Infrastructure:
  • There are 2 hostels present at Fergusson College one for boys and one for girls.
  • I don't know about the hostel fee.
  • The quality of food is good on the campus. There are many food outlets available near the campus.
  • The quality of classrooms are good and there is huge library facility for the students.
  • There is no wifi facility is available for the students.
Academics & Faculty:


  • The class timings at Fergusson College are from 8 am to 5:30 pm.
  • The quality of teaching is good.
  • The method of teaching is also good.
  • Overall experience is good on the campus.
Poonam B.Sc, batch of 2018
25 Feb 2017 Rating :
Placements & Internships:
  • I have done one internship in Sanitary Napkins.
  • Many manufacturing companies visit Fergusson College for campus placements.
  • The average salary package offered is Rs. 45,000 per month.
  • The eligibility criteria for getting admission in Fergusson College is to have 98% in 12th.
  • The students get admission based on the merit list.
Ashlesha B.Sc Environmental science, batch of 2018
25 Feb 2017 Rating :
Societies & Associations:
  • There are many student clubs present on Fergusson campus.
  • NCC, NSS are the most active student clubs on campus. As it is an old and prestigious college sports activities take place on large scale.
  • College fest happens during December month. It's a big fest and all the departments participate in the fest and compete with each other.
  • The fest ends with a big rally which happens on campus and students of all departments participate in it representing their departments. In short, the fest period is the best time on campus.
  • Also, we have cultural events which include dance, music, skits, drama etc.
  • Fergusson college participates in the prestigious drama competitions like Firodiya Karandak and Puroshotam Karandak and either wins them or are the runner ups.
  • The alumni of this college include many famous artists, actors & actresses, researchers.
College Infrastructure:
  • There are two hostels in Fergusson College one for girls and other for boys.
  • Admission to the hostel is given according to the merit.
  • Many students stay in hostels outside college campus or prefer staying as paying guest.
  • I am unaware of the hostel fees as I am a locality. But as the college is government granted college the hostel fees will be nominal.
  • There are three canteens in college and food cost is fine and food quality is also good.
  • There's also mess facility for students staying in hostels.
  • Classroom quality is good and labs are also well equipped.
  • WiFi is not yet available on campus but it might start in few years and library facility is good.
Academics & Faculty:
  • Lectures happen in the morning and practical happen in afternoon in Fergusson College.
  • Teaching is fine. There are no fix lecture timings.
  • The timings are changed frequently.
  • Quality and method and overall experience in college are fine.
Fees and Scholarship:
  • My course fee at Fergusson College is Rs. 25,000 per year.
  • There are scholarship options for category students and for open category students they can apply for various scholarships like KVPY scholarship.
  • There is an entrance exam for KVPY scholarship.
  • Loans are not needed usually but if a student want to take loan he can apply for education loan.
Placements & Internships:
  • I did an internship with an NGO for solid waste management in my first-year graduation at Fergusson College.
  • The name of NGO is Planet R and I did a survey for sanitary napkin disposal.
  • Admission procedure at Fergusson College was through online and there was no entrance exam needed.
  • The eligibility criteria are to pass the 12th with good marks.
  • The cutoff is usually 50-60%.
Mif BA English, batch of 2017
06 Dec 2016
  • Admission is based on the cutoff list provided by the Fergusson College, [FC] Pune.
  • There was no entrance exam required.
Mewari M.A. (English), batch of 2018
26 Nov 2016 Rating :
Societies & Associations:
  • The college encourages students to develop and portray their various talents.
  • The college participates in Festivals hosted by other campuses and has never failed to bring in laurels to the college.
  • The college even participates in the prestigious 'Malhaar Fest' hosted by St. Xavier's Mumbai.
  • Different departments of the college also host their own festivals in the college.
  • The college life, in general, is awesome!
College Infrastructure:
  • The hostel within the college campus has limited seats.
  • But Pune is an educational hub hence plenty of Hostels and P.Gs surrounds every institute.
  • The P.Gs fees range from Rs 3500-5000 per month.
  • The are three canteens within the college campus that offer healthy and inexpensive food.
  • The college campus is beautiful! (9/10 (minus one) only for the limited number seats in the college hostel)
Academics & Faculty:
  • The class timings are ideal for students pursuing Masters. Classes start at 07:30 am and end at 12:30 pm. students have enough time to do their assignments and homework.
  • At the same time prepare for other exams simultaneously. The teachers are well versed in what they teach and they don't just ramble through the syllabus.
  • They take their time even cover extra topics outside the prescribed syllabus. Thus, they do justice to the subject that is so vast that the subject cannot be covered in the course.
  • There are 3 compulsory internal exams that have to be conducted by the teachers, in the form of a test or assignment. And an end semester exam to wind up the semester. College days are good!
Fees and Scholarship:
  • The College fee is round about Rs 4000 per year.
  • This fee is, however, excluded of the exams fees.
  • Students with an excellent academic background can apply for Scholarship.
  • No, loans are not needed.
Placements & Internships:
  • A number of schools and colleges do recruit students for the teaching post.
  • The college Welcomes those organisations who express interest on their own to hold placement drives in the college.
  • And the teachers and the administration both work together to Inform participants about the placement events.
  • The college organises and coordinates placement events.
  • The starting salary offered are approximately Rs 1,80,000 per annum.
  • Starting from the academic Year 2016, Fergusson College Pune which is affiliated to Savitribai Phule University has received approval to function as an autonomous college, but its affiliation remains the same.
  • For a Master of Arts in English, the eligibility criteria is a Bachelor Degree. Preference is given to those with a degree in English, however, students from other streams can apply.
  • Apart from the degree, an entrance exam is conducted by the college.
  • And the selection is on the basis of merit: total marks aggregated in the final exams of graduation and the entrance exam (for students with a Bachelor degree in English) and the entrance exams marks (for other Streams).
  • However, the seats for students with degrees in subjects apart from English are limited.
Favourite M.Sc (Others), batch of 2016
19 Nov 2016 Rating :
Societies & Associations:
  • College life in general is awesome
College Infrastructure:
  • The hostels seem to be amazing.
Academics & Faculty:
  • I had a good experience in this college.
Fees and Scholarship:
  • I have paid Rs.42000 per year.
  • Scholarships are for only certain students.
Placements & Internships:
  • The alumni network is good.
  • There are no entrance exams for Fergusson College, [FC] Pune.
  • The typical cutoff is 50%.
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