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Akash , batch of 2020
18 Aug 2017 Rating :
Academics & Faculty:

For first year students, the schedule is very busy. General timing is 8:00 a.m to 5:10 p.m. with lunch break for 2-3 hours. Everyday routine is different. Projects and assignments are also given to students for their respective experiment. The teaching quality is very good. Digital teaching is also awesome here. Awesome experience in the college.

Fees and Scholarship:

Course fee per year is around INR 2,00,000 per year and increases with INR 20, 000 every year. GP Birla scholarships for students having higher GPA and many other scholarships. 40 students get scholarships. Yes, loans are needed. Getting a loan is very easy from the banks inside the campus. The banks are State Bank of India, UCO Bank.

Placements & Internships:

No internships and stipend. Companies like Microsoft, Directi, Make my trip, L&T, etc. According to 2016 data, the avg salary is  INR 7,12,000 lakhs per annum and 79 percent students were placed. Alumni network is quite good.


My JEE MAIN rank was the criteria for my eligibility. Theseat was allotted to me by JOSAA counseling. I have qualified JEE Mains for the admission. Other exams I have qualified were JEE Advance, WBJEE, etc. The cutoff varies year to year . Generally around 30,000 JEE MAIN rank is enough.

Sonaa bhmct, batch of 2016
20 Jun 2017 Rating :
Societies & Associations:
  • Student societies and clubs are there at Birla Institute of Technology
  • Life in the college is good
College Infrastructure:
  • Hostel facilities are provided to the students at Birla Institute of Technology
  • The quality of food is good on campus
Academics & Faculty:
  • The class timing is from 8 am to 5 pm at Birla Institute of Technology
  • The quality and method of teaching are good on campus
Fees and Scholarship:
  • The course fee is INR 150000 per annum at Birla Institute of Technology
  • Scholarship options are provided to the students based on their caste
  • Loans are needed
Placements & Internships:
  • Internship options are not provided to the students at Birla Institute of Technology
  • The average salary is INR 30000 per annum
  • Alumni network is very effective
  • BHMCT examination score is taken into consideration for admission at Birla Institute of Technology
CHANDRIMA M.Sc (Maths), batch of 2017
31 May 2017 Rating :
Societies & Associations:
  • There are many clubs at Birla Institute of Technology
  • Main festivals on campus are  bitotsav, pantheon 
  • The life in college is very good 
College Infrastructure:
  • There are 13 hostels and the hostels are very good at Birla Institute of Technology.
  • The hostel fee for 6 months is INR 15000.
  • Foods provided in the hostel are very good
  • Labs and libraries are in good condition
Academics & Faculty:
  • Class timing is from 8 am to 5 pm.
  • The method of teaching is very good
  • The overall experience is very good 
Fees and Scholarship:
  • The course fee at Birla Institute of Technology is INR 100000 per year
  • Scholarship options are available to the students
  • Loans are not needed
  • The eligibility criteria to get into Birla Institute of Technology is based on the score obtained in class 12
  • Entrance exams are not needed
AMAN BCA, batch of 2017
21 Apr 2017 Rating :
Societies & Associations:
  • Life at Birla Institute of Technology is good.
College Infrastructure:
  • The overall infrastructure of Birla Institute of Technology is very good.
  • Quality classrooms, labs and library is good ad well maintained.
Academics & Faculty:
  • The quality of teaching is good at Birla Institute of Technology.
  • Overall experience is good at this college.
Fees and Scholarship:
  • The course fee of Birla Institute of Technology is 50,000 per semester.
  • Loans are easily available.
Placements & Internships:
  • The internship program is offered by Birla Institute of Technology.
  • Placement of this college is good.
  • Alumni network is good.
  • Eligibility criteria is 12th pass in any stream for getting into Birla Institute of Technology.
  • Cut-off is minimum 60% in 12th standard.
Pratishtha B.E (Electrical/Electronics), batch of 2017
28 Jan 2017 Rating :
Societies & Associations:
  • There are many clubs in Birla institute of technology like cultrual, robotics, technical, sports complex, music etc.
College Infrastructure:
  • If we talk about the Infrastructure and Hostel facilities, they are good at Birla institute of technology.
  • The best thing about BIT is its greenery. The Institute has spread over many acres of greenery all around.
  • The Institute has a very rich library with a huge number of books.
  • There are separate hostels for boys and girls (which are actually too much separated). Single rooms are allotted to the first year students under the strict supervision of the higher management, to avoid Ragging.
  • For the Girl candidates, there are two Hostels- 8 & 9. Hostel 8 is only for the freshers and Hostel 9 is for the senior batches.
  • The hostel is extremely safe from all points and is under the direct supervision of the Hostel Warden.
Academics & Faculty:
  • Birla institute of technology, Mesra is a deemed university under the UGC act, 1956 is one of the most advanced engineering colleges in INDIA. it is a technically oriented institute of higher education located 18km from Ranchi which is the heart of Jharkhand state.
  • The classes are conducted five days a week starting from 8:00 am in the morning till 5:00 pm in the evening which includes two hours of lunch break.
  • Students studying in BIT Mesra are had to clear the MID sem exams in every Sem for 25 marks with 3 modules of a syllabus. Two quizzes in every seam which may include assignments also and at end of the Sem END Sem exams are conducted for 60 marks.
  • BIT Mesra provides with 20 academic departments. It offers both undergraduate degrees and postgraduate degrees in various engineering departments.
  • MSc degrees are offered in applied sciences and B.Pharm/M.pharm in pharmaceutical sciences. The university also offers master of business administration(MBA) program and also the bachelor of hotel management and catering technology(BHMCT).
Rashmi B.Tech (Electrical/Electronics), batch of 2020
14 Jan 2017
  • BC quota for the local residents of Jharkhand and rank under 1,00,000 in JEE MAIN is the eligibility criteria to join Birla Institute of Technology.
  • JEE MAIN Rank of 25056 is required.
  • Cut-off rank for ECE is 40000.
Abhishek B.E (Computer), batch of 2020
27 Dec 2016 Rating :
Societies & Associations:
  • There are numerous active student clubs, covering various activities and events on Birla Institute of Technology:
  1. BIOTS (Biotech Society)
  2. Electronics and Communication Society (ECE SOC)
  3. ACM, Students' Chapter
  4. Dance Club
  5. DRISTI (Directing Rural India Towards Social and Technological Integration)
  6. Ehsaas- The Dramatics Society
  7. Entrepreneurship Development Cell (EDC)
  8. Environment Protection Awareness Club (EPAC) Club
  9. Electrical and Electronics Society (EEE SOC)
  10. Fine Arts Society (FAS)
  11. IEEE, Students' Chapter
  12. IEI (Prod), Students' Chapter
  13. IEI (Civil), Students' Chapter
  14. IET, Students' Chapter
  15. LEO Club, Students' Chapter
  16. Literary Society
  17. Music Club
  18. NCC
  19. NSS
  20. News and Publication Society (NAPS)
  21. Photographic Society (PSOC)
  22. Team Revolution
  23. Rotaract Club, Students' Chapter
  24. SAE, Students' Chapter
  25. Sports and Adventure Club
  • Cultural fests, Technical fests & Sports fests are organized every year.
  • BITotsav is the biggest fest of east India organized every year in BIT Mesra.
College Infrastructure:
  • The facilities in BIT Mesra(sports, labs, infra) are decent. It is at par with NITs.
  • The college has campus-wide LAN. All classes have projectors, computer terminal ends. There is a separate Research and Development Building that has PARAM, Several Digital and Electronics Lab. Besides all that we have
  1. Golden Jubilee auditorium as well as a Mini-auditorium
  2. PARAM 10000 supercomputer
  3. 100 Mbit/s LAN Connection in all BIT hostels rooms(1Gbit/s in newly built floors)
  4. R&D building housing computer and scientific labs.
  5. Post Office
  6. Indian Railways Reservation Counter
  7. A three storied library. There is a separate internet facility inside the library in order to let students read IEEE and other journals
  8. UCO Bank branches with an ATM.
  9. State Bank of India Branch and an ATM
  10. 16-bed hospital.
  11. Lord Shiva temple
  12. Buses run between campus and Ranchi city, from 0600 hrs to 1900 hrs, at regular intervals.
  13. Co-operative shops.
  14. Food canteens.
  15. Medical Store.
  16. Sports complex.
  17. Music room.
  • There are separate Hostels for different year students. There are total 14 hostels in the campus. The quality of food is good. it tastes average. The canteen food is great and there is also a night canteen in every hostel. 


Academics & Faculty:
  • Academic load in BIT Mesra borders between zilch and extremely light. It also varies between departments.
  • The daily routine of a 1st-year student is a bit hectic as classes start around 8 am. Students become free around 5.10 pm but it varies from branch to branch.
  • In 2nd year, the routine becomes less hectic and there is a lot more time for a student to explore their various other interests.
  • Two major exams are conducted in a semester, mid-sem and end-sem.
  • Birla Institute of Technology Mesra is a good choice to come to. It has a brilliant past and good enough foundations. It has better opportunities than most other colleges in India.


Fees and Scholarship:
  • The course fee for undergraduate courses is a bit on higher side. The average tuition fee for 4 years is around Rs. 10-12 lakhs.
  • When it comes to scholarship GP Birla BIT Scholarship worth nearly Rs. 2.25 crores are available for the meritorious student of BIT.
  • The scholarship is given on the basis of merit in the entrance exam and on the basis of CGPA.
  • Students might require education loan to pay fees. The loan is easily available from the banks that are situated within the campus.
Placements & Internships:
  • The placement scenario in BIT Mesra is very good for some branches and average for other branches. There are ample opportunities for students as more than 100 companies from various fields visit BIT Mesra every year for placement & internship.
  • In the Campus Recruitment Programme 2015-16, the recruiters, yet again, showed their confidence and enthusiasm about hiring BIT Mesra students and the year ended with visits of as many as 118 recruiters across all campuses. And overall a total of 1408 offers were generated through these visits.
  • The average salary for the academic year of 2015-16 was Rs. 7.12 lakhs per annum and the highest national offer was of Rs. 26.83 lakhs per annum.
  • Some of the major recruiters are Microsoft, Direct I, Walmart labs, amazon , Flipkart, Samsung, snap deal, HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank etc.
  • Being an institute of national repute, the Alumni network of BIT Mesra is very vast. Alumni of BIT Mesra holds key positions in various organizations. Various alumni events are organized on campus every year.
  • Being constantly rated among the top colleges and also being government aided, almost all students are meritorious and hard working.
  • Admisssion in BIT Mesra for various undergraduate courses are given on the basis of AIR in JEE Main through CSAB. There is also an NRI quota.
  • The typical cutoff rank in JEE-Main for CSE course in BIT Mesra is under 8000 and for all other courses is under 20000.
Ashish B.E (Chemical), batch of 2020
23 Dec 2016
  • I have completed my 12th in 2015 at Birla Institute of Technology, Ranchi [BIT Mesra] with 81.4% and gave JEE MAIN ENTRANCE EXAM.
Dharani M.S Geoinformatics, batch of 2019
18 Dec 2016 Rating :
Fees and Scholarship:
  • The Annual fee is around 1.2 Lakh INR.
  • No scholarship programs are available.
  • It is difficult to avail loans from banks.
Placements & Internships:
  • No stipend or Intership programs are offered as per my knowledge.
  • Some of the companies which visit for placements are TCS, Infosys etc.
  • The salary offered to candidates is around 2,50000-500000 per annum.
  • The Eligibility Criteria for M.Sc geoinformatics is 55% aggregate in UG degree. An interview is conducted by the college to assess the candidate.
  • There is no enterance examination for the admission of this course
Riya BPharm, batch of 2017
17 Nov 2016 Rating :
Societies & Associations:
  • There are so many clubs like fine arts society , photographic society, leo club, dance club, ROTARACT clubs, DRAMSOC etc and these clubs are responsible for organizing fests and other cultural as well as technical events in college.
  • Events like BITOTSAV, PANTHEON , dandiya night , Vajra, annual sports meet are held throughout the year.
  • The college life is fun and exciting .
College Infrastructure:
  • There are 2 girls hostel and 11 boys hostels. The fees are Rs 15,000 for girls and Rs 20,000 for boys each semester.
  • PGs charge about Rs 7,000 per month.
  • The food is good.
  • The labs and classrooms are good. The infrastructure is good. Some places of the campus do have wifi. 
Academics & Faculty:
  • The class timings are from 8:50 am to 12:10 pm and then labs from 1:50 pm to 5:10 pm. One has to do a project in his or her last year (4th) . The assignments are given on daily basis. There are two major exams per semester.
  • The teachers are good and help the students in any way they can .
Fees and Scholarship:
  • The course fee is Rs 1,50,000 lakhs per semester.
  • There is a GD Birla scholarship for meritorious students getting more than 8.5 cgpa. They can get upto 50% fee waiver.
  • Scholarship is given according to the performance and the current family income of the student.
  • Loans are easily availed from any bank like SBI or UCO.
Placements & Internships:
  • I had done one industrial training at Kolkata in Pastuers Ltd in my 2 nd year . I had even worked as a research analyst in a startup but it was unpaid .
  • Pharmaceutical companies like torrent, FTF, Macloeds, ACG and other companies visits the institute for hiring students.
  • The starting salary is Rs 1,50,000 lakhs to Rs 2,00,000 but there is an increment every year according to one's ability and work.
  • About 60-70% students were placed in the last two years.
  • BIT Mesra's alumni network is very strong and alumni are very helpful and they are in regular touch with the department helping freshers and mentoring them.
Nandita B.E (Information Technology), batch of 2014
12 Nov 2016 Rating :
Societies & Associations:
  • Several international societies have students chapters in here, ranging from ACM to IEEE to Lions and Rotaract club. We have a tech and cultural Fests twice a year and sports meet once a year and they are good.
College Infrastructure:
  • There are two hostels for girls and 11 hostels for boys.
  • Girls have twin sharing while the boys enjoy single occupancy.
  • Residing outside campus is not allowed. 
  • Quality of infrastructure is old and gold.
Academics & Faculty:
  • Classes take place from 8 in the morning to roughly 4 in the evening for the entire eight semesters.
  • The quality of teaching is decent. and overall experience was a good one.
  • Overall experience was a good one.
Fees and Scholarship:
  • Fee structure earlier was INR 56000 a semester including hostel.charges.
  • The scholarship is available in need plus merit basis. Approx 10 people in a batch year get scholarships.
  • One can easily get a loan via several banks as it is a deemed university. SBI visits Admin. office for granting a loan.
Placements & Internships:
  • I didn't undertake any internship but did a few training.
  • The key companies visiting this college vary from Maruti for Mechanical to Facebook for CSE/IT.
  • Average salaries go about 8 LPA and almost the entire batch gets placed.
  • Eligibility was above 60% marks in boards and a decent rank in AIEEE which could secure you a seat via central.
  • Counselling Criteria: Rank in AIEEE.
  • Entrance Exam:AIEEE
  • Cutoff : 15000 AIR
AnithA B.E (Electrical/Electronics), batch of 2012
09 Nov 2016 Rating :
Societies & Associations:
  • There were both technical and cultural student societies.
  • The main festivals are Tech, sports and cultural.
  • Nice college life.
College Infrastructure:
  • Hostel facilities are available.
  • The hostel and the canteen food is average.
  • The infrastructure is average.
Academics & Faculty:
  • The daily routine is from  9AM to 4PM.
  • The quality and method of teaching are good.
  • The overall experience in the college was average.
Fees and Scholarship:
  • The course fee is INR 70,000 per year.
  • The scholarship was given to DC/ST candidates of Bihar. 
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