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Suman M.A. (Hindi), batch of 2015
05 Apr 2017 Rating :
  • Classes begin in the arts faculity at (south campus), not in Lady Shriram College.
  • We get assignments and tests time to time so the quality of teaching is amazing at Lady Shriram College.
  • Overall experience is very good.
  • The student union is available here who always works for students(president, vice president, etc) at Lady Shriram College.
  • We are clebrating our annual fests with full excitement.
  • The campus is amazing, the environment is always good at Lady Shriram College.
Shivani B.A. (Economics), batch of 2019
20 Jul 2016 Rating :

So I will start here with magic of LSR;which will feel by the students of the college. Following details are 1)10/10 in NAAC rating 2016 2) winner of green camp always in previous year. 3)This year 4 student bagged 2 lakh internship from then one is in brazillian company which is not usual for student of Delhi university . This is because of strong and dedicated placement cell of lsr. 4)regarding to classes are from 8:30 to 4 Five lecture and tut class ,in which we can clear our doubts 5)regular seminar ,conference it can be of department or of college 6) our. Colleges don't prompt any film star on fest because they feel that we should be motivated by the people who have done something on their own 7) every department have their own different team for different work ,so not on big level but on smaller level everyone get chance to enhance their ability.

Naman B.A. (Political Science), batch of 2018
19 Jul 2016 Rating :
  • The daily life of a college student at Lady Shri Ram College begins at 8:45 AM. The teacher enters the classroom at sharp 8:45 with a proper lecture in mind. After some serious studying, he/ she tells us to prepare for a assignment depending on the last date. We are also given group projects or research work to be submitted on a certain time. The day ends at 5PM (depending on the timetables). The teachers at LSR are incredible and hard working. They make the classes interactive, which makes us want to research more.
  • The experience so far has been wonderful, mostly focussing on the studies. Rarely do we get an off.
Shweta B.A. (Political Science), batch of 2018
15 Jul 2016 Rating :
  • Classes start at 8.45 Am and at times go on till 4.30 Pm. For internal assessment we have to make presentations and give assignments. Exams happen normally like other DU colleges.
  • Quality of teaching is very good and professors give lectures and we take down notes.
  • Overall experience in college is amazing and engaging.
Shriya Bcom , batch of 2018
24 Jun 2016 Rating :
  • LSR is renown for the quality of education it provides. It is a very good college and helps develop ones personality. It is fun and engaging. Almost anyone can fall in love with it.
  • However there are some drawbacks as well. The internal assessments are way too tough.
  • Attendance is compulsory and a big hurdle if you want to participate in co curriculars.
  • The college timings are 9 AM to 5 PM. Additionally, the gap between 2 classes may be as long as 3 hours.
B.A Journalism , batch of 2018
08 May 2016 Rating :
  • Hello, I am Neha from Lady Shri Ram College for Women.
  • My college already has the reputation and goodwill for its academics and highly professional teachers.
  • There is a different kind of environment in my college. It's a kind that makes you do something constructive and creative.
  • Something that I really want to appreciate in my college is the cleanliness and greenery.
  • Our class rooms are properly ventilated and clean.
  • The time table is hectic and the professors continue teaching even after the bell has gone.
  • The most depressing part are exams.
  • All in all college is fun with friends who help us get out of the the boring lectures, project, assignments and exams.
Dhairya B.Sc (Statistics), batch of 2017
08 Oct 2015 Rating :
ACADEMICS & FACULTY: Our college has been a prestigious institution for the past 50 years. It is the topmost college of arts in India as well as we have an outstanding faculty and a bunch of highly competitive students .
FOREIGN EXCHANGE & INTERNATIONAL EXPOSURE: We not only focus on academics but also on extra curricular activities . We have many schools like kings college of London and various other foriegn institutions that come to offer opportunities for summer schools and further educational options . Spicmacay is the society which also enables foriegn visits as a part of student internships .
CLUBS & ASSOCIATIONS: I would give it an 11. We have 22 societies offering exceptional opportunities to grow and learn. The societies and associations are exceptional . That is why LSR makes you an amazing leader and above all an all rounder.
Vidushi journalism, batch of 2017
16 Sep 2015 Rating :
SOCIAL ATMOSPHERE: Bachelors from LSR is not just limited to study and exposure,it has a broader meaning than that. The atmosphere of the college is so engaging that it grabs the participation of each students in various societies. The college has paid a prominent role in producing good hearted independent women who finally discover what they want from life. With salient interactive sessions to department meet, LSR has played a major role in all round development of the student. This is one college that actually turns a girl into a women.
Priyanka Journalism honours, batch of 2018
15 Sep 2015 Rating :
ACADEMICS & FACULTY: Our college is considered as one of the best colleges of the country. The amount of knowledge we get is not just confined to books but it goes beyond it and challenges us to think out of the box and gives us a chance to put our viewpoints forward in a very democratic manner whether it is about the prevalent social issues , politics of the country or the world in general.
FOREIGN EXCHANGE & INTERNATIONAL EXPOSURE: Our college has a separate wing for foreign exposure which is known as the office of international programs which offers exchange programs, summer schools and scholarships to the students. Many of Lsr students have gained admission in reputed colleges like oxford, cambridge, king's college etc. in wide ranging courses. There have been many collaborations with La trobe university, king's college and national university of singapore.
CLUBS & ASSOCIATIONS: We have lots and lots of societies and associations. There is something or the other for everyone. Whether it is the dance society, drama society, debating society, music society, spic macay, prakriti. You just name it. If you are not keen to join any society, one can join national social service and be a part of an ngo or Nso for sports lovers.
Agnes B.A. (Sociology), batch of 2017
01 Jun 2015 Rating :
ACADEMICS & FACULTY: Eastablished in 1956, Lady Shri Ram College(LSR) today is recognized as a centre of excellence that nurtures academic striving, extracurricular endeavour and social commitment.Today, the college is located in a beautiful 15 acre campus in South Delhi.LSR provides its students with an empowering space and each student is encouraged to make full use of the unique intellectual and cultural opportunities provided by the college.LSR today is one of the finest institutions foe Social Sciences, Humanities and Commerce,while also offering a B.Sc Programme in Statistics. Professional courses like Elementary Education and Journalism are among its strengths.LSR has approximately 2000 students, over 150 faculty, administrative and support staff and 16 courses of study.  The teaching learning process in LSR is carried out through lectures , student presentations and weekly tutorials.Each group is assigned a section for lectures and a group for tutorials/practicals and presentations.In order to be allowed to appear for the University examination, every student except for those in the B.El.Ed Programme must have a minimum of 66.6% attendance in lectures/practicals/presentations/tutorials, in all the subjects, taken together each semester.The students are free to approach the teachers even after class hours.Overall, the students experience a friendly environment which helps them grow and nurtures them with the utmost knowledge.  
FOREIGN EXCHANGE & INTERNATIONAL EXPOSURE: Lady Shri Ram College has been one of the pioneers in Delhi University as far as imternational collaboration is concerned and these have increased recently with more and more universities across the worls  looking for Global Partners.Our students enjoy the benefits of at least three Global Networks: Universitas -21 – though which our faculty have interacted with Universities across the globe and our students have gone to Melbourne to attend conferences, the Golden Key Honour society and most importantly - a consortium of Women’ Colleges - Women’s Education Worldwide – which aims at developing women leaders across the Globe. WEW has hosted our students for leadership programmes in Italy and also the Dubai Insight Programme. Our faculty have also benefited from exchange programmes with Kenyon University, Ohio, Winston Salem State University, Ohio-Wesleyan University, Thomas College, Maine, among others. LSR has recently signed a number of MOUs with Universities across the world which have enabled both faculty and student exchanges. LSR has collaborations with Trinity College. Dublin, Ohio Wesleyan University, Delaware, Ohio and Middlebury College, Vermont, The Monterey Institute of International Studies, California, The American Graduate School, Paris, Fukuoka Women’s University, japan, The Ivey Business School, University of Ontario, Canada among others.
CLUBS & ASSOCIATIONS: In keeping with university regulations, each student must join either the NATIONAL CADET CORPS(NCC), the NATIONAL SERVICE SCHEME(NSS) or the NATIONAL SPORTS ORGANISATION(NSO) NCC: The NCC provides a space for stimulating and disciplined adventure and activities. NSS: The objective of NSS is education through community service.It provides opprotunities to students to interact with less privileged than themselves and provides special practical experience in dealing with social problems. NSO: The NSO in LSR is very active and LSR is the only College in the University to host an Annual Sports Meet and an Annual Cross Country Run.Students are given regular classes of two hours a week.Students have an opportunity of playing various games including lawn tennis, basketball,volley ball,table tennis,badminton,shooting,chess,archery,swimming as well as training in athletics and judo. LSR prides itself on inculcating in its students a spirit of volunteerism and a sensitivity to issues of gender equity and sustainable development through programmes like VAPP, REACH, ABHYA and DHYANA.
SOCIAL ATMOSPHERE: Lady Shri Ram College is copmmited to maintaining an academic environment that is free of all forms of coercion that impede the acdemic freedom of any member of the community. Ragging, in any form is prohibited, both within the college premises and on the public transport system, and can lead to expulsion or rustication. In accordance with the policy of University of Delhi, a Committee to deal with sexual harassment has been constituted in the College.This Committee has students, faculty and non-teaching staff as members and any students who needs helps or wishes to lodge a complaint about any incident of sexual harassment can approach the Committee for redressal and resolution of complaints.  

About Lady Shriram College, [LSR] New Delhi

Lady Shri Ram College for Women, has long been recognized as a premier institution of higher learning for women in India. A centre for academic excellence and achievement, it is today one of the finest institutions for Social Sciences, Humanities and Commerce, while also offering a B.Sc. Programme in Statistics. Professional courses like Elementary Education and Journalism are among its strengths. Located at the cutting edge of knowledge, LSR has not just kept pace with the changing world, but has been the pioneering spirit behind many innovations in the field of education. The striving is to imbue the teaching/learning process with a unique blend of intellectual rigour and aesthetic and ethical engagement.

At LSR the belief is in a holistic vision that never discounts the past, but at the same time embraces the future with unwavering confidence in the ability to shape it and harness its potentialities.

LSR is committed to nurturing and creating women who are equipped to be world citizens. Women who take pride in their culture and heritage but also have a cosmopolitan understanding of the world today and a sensibility that celebrates diversity in all its joyous vibrancy. LSR students understand that with the power of knowledge, comes the responsibility to translate it into creative citizenship. They recognize challenges as opportunities. LSR students are empowered with professional competence, an ability to assume positions of leadership with ease and shatter inhibitory glass ceilings. An education at LSR enables women to reconcile excellence with humanity, to celebrate diversity and redefine notions of success. The emphasis is on a liberating and not a domesticating pedagogy.

Established in 1956 in New Delhi by the late Sir Shri Ram in memory of his wife, the college had its modest beginnings in a school building in Daryaganj, Central Delhi, with 243 students, 9 faculty, 4 support staff and 3 distinct courses of study. The aim of the institution was to provide access to higher education of quality to women. LSR is a testimony to the farsighted vision of its founder and his indefatigable enthusiasm to actualize his dream.

Today, the college is located in a beautiful 15 acre campus in South Delhi, has approximately 2000 students, over 150 faculty, administrative and support staff and 16 courses of study. The College became a byword for academic and extra curricular achievement, under the inspiring Chairmanship of industrialist and philanthropist, late Dr. Bharat Ram. An enlightened and supportive Board of Governors, drawn from the fields of industry, law, journalism, academics and the bureaucracy, assists the Chairman in the running of the college. After the sad demise of Dr Bharat Ram in July 2007, his successor Dr. Arun Bharat Ram has become the Chairman of the Board of Governors.

The vision of creating a centre of academic and extra curricular achievement for women, of providing a context that emancipates the intellect and the spirit, of zealously guarding a space that develops critical thinking and rescues the imagination, has been actualized. The journey well begun, has infinite potential to evolve further setting newer standards of excellence.






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Hostel: Hostel accommodation for around 300 enthusiastic students is available in the campus. It has well furnished rooms along with common mess & is surrounded by beautiful lawns.

The cafe: The Cafe at LSR is the most popular place for students to hangout as provides delicious & hygienic food. It offers great variety of items from south India to continental cuisine. Undoubtedly, the college has BEST Cafeteria in Delhi University.

Auditorium: The 'Ramakrishna Dalmia Auditorium' first time-honored on 31st January

Placement Cell

The Placement Cell serves as an interface between the students and the Corporates. Apart from bringing a varied list of Recruiters to the campus , the Placement Cell also organizes talks, study abroad seminars, internship opportunities and workshops for the collective student body. As an added feature skill building workshops such as workshops for Personal Interviews and Group Discussions and Personality Development have been introduced to help make the Placement Cell more like a ‘Career Services’ Unit rather

LSR welcomes students with special needs and within logistical constraints, tries to provide every help to facilitate their years in College. 22.5% of the total seats are reserved for candidates belonging to the SC/ST category, 27% are reserved for candidates belonging to the OBC category and 3% seats are reserved for Persons with Disability (PwD). The College also offers a number of scholarships and freeships, on the basis of merit and need, to admitted students of the disadvantaged categories.

SC/ST/OBC/PwD Category Studen

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