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B.A. (Computer Applications), batch of 2019
26 Jul 2016 Rating :
  • Its a wonderful university with overal good culture and world class facilities with best faculty to teach the college and university students with overall experience of more than 5 years.
  • Many clubs are there so its good opportunity to join any club.
  • We have our own rock band and classical music band and its just superb to get into it. Its is really great to be here.
Sakshi B.Com, batch of 2018
18 Jul 2016 Rating :
  • Classes usually start at 9:30 Am in the morning and goes on till 3pm. The teachers are extremely well versed with their subject matter and very helpful. After I month of studies, internals come up along with assignments on which we are graded and those grades are added to the final. At the end of 4 months, or completion of one semester, we have final semster exams.
  • The overall experience is extremely helpful in learning. 

Compulsory socities are :

National Service Scheme popularly known as NSS

Women Development Centre popularly known as WDC

National Sport organization popularly known as NSO

Additional socities may be joined as per interest and they include:

Fine Arts Society, Indian Dance Society, AICUF, Mudra-Dance and Choreography, Daastan-Art and Architecture etc 

Every society has it's own annual celebration. The college has it's annual celebration by the name of MONTAGE. 


Shreyya B.A. (Political Science), batch of 2017
17 Jun 2016 Rating :

The Political Science curriculum is centralised in the University of Delhi and is also very theoretical. The syllabus is divided into 6 semesters over 3 years and each semester consists of 4-5 papers graded on the basis of end-term exams, internal tests and assignments. The faculty for Political Science at JMC is one of the oldest in the university and professors are punctual at taking lectures and tutorials every day. The college is strict about attendance although it is compensated for students participating in extra curricular activities. There are students from all walks of life with different interests and aspirations making it equally easy and difficult to fit in. 


There are numerous clubs and societies varying from Mudra(the western dance society), Kahkasha(hindi street play) to Mercatus(the marketing club). All societies are relatively active and some of them do phenomenally well during inter-college tournaments. Montage, the annual cultural festival is apparently one of the most popular festivals in Delhi University and happens every year in the month of March. JMC has almost all sports teams and has the best all-girls football team, winning the vice-chancellors trophy almost every year.


Agey B.A. (English), batch of 2017
11 Feb 2016 Rating :


Jesus and Mary College provides a range of courses to allow for different circumstances and needs of women.

While full time under graduate programs and the post graduate programs in English and in Hindi are the main courses offered by the college, it is also the Centre for part time and distance learning programs offered by the Non Collegiate Women Education Board and the Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU).

Jesus and Mary College also offers short term certificate programs for its students to prepare them for vocational and professional life.


Jesus and Mary College offers an integrated all-round education that focuses on the intellectual, social, emotional, aesthetic and spiritual development of every student. The College  which started with 116 students, offering English Hons. and B.A.(Pass) Course, today has over 2500 students and offers 10 Honours Courses,  Bachelor of Elementary Education (B.El.Ed.), and Post Graduation in English and Hindi.

Over the last 43 years, the College has expanded and reached out to thousands of young women who have graduated from the College. The College takes the task of educating young women and training them in responsibility and accountability, to take their positions in a competitive world.


Jesus and Mary College strength is its competent and well qualified faculty.

Faculty in the College are well regarded for teaching and research. They are called upon to be part of Academic Councils, Seminars and Teaching programs.

Additionally the College has a large number of Ad Hoc teachers to ensure teaching support and academic rigor.

A department wise listing of Faculty is provided. Search each of the departments listed on the right to see Faculty names and profiles.


Jesus and Mary College, Delhi University; has one of the best teaching faculties for BA English Honours in the whole of our country, India. The syllabus and learning is taken seriously and the teachers work very hard to inculcate not only the syllabus but familiarize their pupils with the entirety of the History of English Literature and the various divisions of ages, methods and styles of writings, issues pondered and tones of interpretation that could be applied to a particular author's work. The student evolves not just academically, but also psychologically, philosophically and socially. The focus is laid on the overall developement of the student with different interesting takes on teaching the syllabus including projects, research, presentations, lectures etc. The experience as a student has been enriching and rewarding.


Shreya B.A.(prog) Psychology-Sociology, batch of 2017
08 Oct 2015 Rating :
ACADEMICS & FACULTY: Level of academics in JMC is pretty good as not only the students but also the teachers are involved in this system which results in a good average score of students.
FOREIGN EXCHANGE & INTERNATIONAL EXPOSURE: We do not have much foreign exposure as there are no exchange programmes, conferences and seminars conducted as such.
CLUBS & ASSOCIATIONS: We have most of the societies and associations like NSS, NCC, WSDC, photography society, dramatic society, marketing society and so on. One has many options to join the best!
Nidhi B.A. (English), batch of 2016
21 Sep 2015 Rating :
ACADEMICS & FACULTY: English faculty of JMC is one of the best in the Delhi University. Unlike other colleges, teachers here take a keen interest in the student's welfare helping them out in classes as well as tutorials. Apart from academics they also help us as our mentors with whom we can share our personal problems without any kind of judgement
FOREIGN EXCHANGE & INTERNATIONAL EXPOSURE: In terms of foreign exposure students get a chance to go on various trips around the world. Sports students too get a chance to play in international games.
CLUBS & ASSOCIATIONS: One best thing about JMC is its number of societies. Apart from the compulsory socities like NSS , NCC, AICUF, WSDC , the college also has dance societies (mudra and nrityanjali), dramatics societies , photography society, art and architecture society , musical society to name a few.
Palak BA Prog, batch of 2015
11 Jul 2015 Rating :
  • The quality of teaching is very good at Jesus and Mary College.
  • Overall experience is good t this college.
  • In Jesus and Mary College internationall exposure is quite average.
  • Although professors do inform students about scholarships and other programs, but it's only through their personal contacts. The college has no partnership with any foreign university.
  • The language of teaching is English and the languages spoken on campus are varied. English and Hindi are most popular, however, many students converse in their mother tongue within their friend's circle. 
  •  Jesus and Mary College has many clubs and societies. All societies are very active and the presidents are elected by the group from time to time.
  • Life at this college is good.


  • Alcohol is strictly prohibited in Jesus and Mary College
  • It is smoke-freeone.


Pratika BA (Prog), batch of 2015
08 Jun 2015 Rating :
ACADEMICS & FACULTY: The professors are highly qualified. Classes take place regularly. A minimum of 67% attendance is compulsory. An efficient methodology of teaching is adopted.  
SOCIAL ATMOSPHERE: Jesus and Mary College is an all girls college that has 50% of it's seats reserved for Christians. The remaining seats are secured by students from diverse backgrounds.  Alcohol use at campus is strictly prohibited The Taj Ccd is popular among students from south campus  
Angel B.A., batch of 2015
06 Jun 2015 Rating :
ACADEMICS & FACULTY: JMC has a excellent faculty. Experienced as well as young professors in all departments, who would cater to all your doubts and you will get out of the box education. There are two semesters.There are usually two assistments every semester and one project. But it totally depends on your subject and professor. eg- if you're a Mass communication student you might have a couple of projects each semester. Professors in college are very sweet, they will give you their contact number and email ids so you can contact them anytime during the day. (except a few of cource! )
CLUBS & ASSOCIATIONS: JMC supports the sports students the most in DU. We have many international sports students enrolled in the college for the same reason. The college has various societies and supports them completely. 
SOCIAL ATMOSPHERE: Being a convent, JMC is very strict in regard to dicipline. No indisciplinary behaviour is tolerated. But off campus your allowed to do whatever you feel like.
Dikshita B.A. (Sociology), batch of 2015
29 Apr 2015 Rating :
ACADEMICS & FACULTY: hi, my name is dikshita baruah and am a student of jesus and mary college,delhi,currently persuing my last year of college in the sociology department.Three years in my college i guess its more than enough to give a review of about my college especially of my department.As this college is affiliated to the delhi university i guess this explains the reason for the high cut offs required to get an admission into it but the best part about jmc is one can surely benefit from the cut offs set aside by other colleges by applying to my college as at the time of admission the best of four is taken into consideration and along with it if in the subject one wishes to take up a course then in that particular subject an aggregate percentage of marks is added thus increasing ones overall percentage and one can be sure if one is aspiring for a degree under delhi university post 3 years in the ugc level,he is sure to get it under jmc. once you r in the campus and college starts the college sure is going to transform your overall personality post 3 years hence and this is possible with the wide range of exposure offered to you in the campus life  in classrooms where you have the best teachers who are highly talented themselves and have such dynamic personalities about the world around them,who amke sure that they transmute their knowledge and personality within you and transform you into an individual capable to facing this competitive world fearlessly.moreover the college gives one immense opportunity to grow by organizing diffrent talks with emminent personalities,by providing exposure for placement to all by equally giving each girl to sit and attend pre placement talks and then choose her own forte wherin the desired candidate can sit for their own company placement.we have companies like zomato.the oberois,torque,dell etc coming to our collge and every year quite a hansome number of girls get a chance to live their dreams post college when the real life begins. as far as the classroom ambience is concerned jmc is gifted with the best and most friendliest teachers any college i doubt can have.they push each girl to their best by acting as a friend helping them through giving indepth knowledge relevant to the current times so that each and evry girl relates the bookish knowledge to their evryday life and this adds to the fun quotient at jmc.there are classroom presentations,research trips,class tests,home assignments each planned well in advanced so that the students are comfortabllu prepared for it,and to add up off campus through latest technological help we have chat groups with our teachers wherin we cn interact with them evn at odd hours of night during exams,such are the kinds of teachers available at jmc :) the methodology of teaching involves reviewing past years question papers at the end of evry topic,referring of current topics and also there are tutorials wherein girls are divided into groups of 8/9 each and every group meets each teacher every week to discuss their doubts.
FOREIGN EXCHANGE & INTERNATIONAL EXPOSURE: jmc doesnt have an exchange offer as such but yes we do have foreign guests at times who give us talks and also we have foreign university like the kingston college,london who visit the campus to enrich the students as to how to apply there post undergraduations by providing them knowledge about admissions,scholarship ets.the languages spoken in the campus are english,hindi but the languages that are taught in the campus also includes french spanish etc in which the students can pass their graduation
CLUBS & ASSOCIATIONS: the college offers one a variety of options to excel in extra curricular activities by providing them to be the part of various societies be it dance both indian and western music dramatics both hindi and english debating society,mun society  and not to forget sports which includes swimming,cricket,football,basketball tc.if you are wonering jmc being a girls college still has cricket and football then yes i m not joking,all girls college too can be intresting afterall why should boys have all the fun,right? with all the societies mentioned above i dont think there is now a doubt that our alumni includes priyanka gandhi or a neha dhupia..:)
SOCIAL ATMOSPHERE: jmc has girls of all backgrounds,class,race and even foreign students.with such diversity there can be no question of any discrimination rather a very positive healthy and friendly atmosphere is what surrounds the college.when we have our annual fests one can see all the beautiful girls hanging around posing eating making merry etc(undoubtedly it is considered to be the best and most sought after fest of delhi university thus;)) the campus is narcotics and alcohol free.0 tolerance is provided if any one is found violating the campus rules although the collge is the most fun campus to be around otherwise.

About Jesus & Mary College, [JMC] New Delhi

This institution is run by the Sisters of Jesus and Mary Congregation that originated in France in 1818. It was founded by a noble lady St. Claudine Thevenet. Claudine was moved by the atrocities and miseries of her time and she was convinced that only knowledge and love of God could transform the society of her time. Her aim was to make God known and loved through Christian education of the young, especially the poor. The Congregation has spread far and wide into all continents. In 1842, the sisters came to India. Jesus and Mary College was established in 1968, and has been imparting higher education in the fields of Arts  and Commerce.

The College began with the vision of educating young women to help them bring about development in themselves, their homes and society. We are committed to give our students a sense of God and the ability to recognize the Divine in themselves and their fellow beings, and to thus respect the dignity and uniqueness of each individual. Our endeavour has been to offer an integrated, all round education, that focuses on intellectual, cultural, social, aesthetic and spiritual development of our students to make them compassionate and committed human beings.

It has been institution’s consistent endeavour to provide quality education to its students, inculcate discipline as well as provide an opportunity for all round personal development. We are fortunate to have dedicated, committed and competent faculty, supported by a motivated and cooperative non teaching staff. The college offers various extra curricular activities through cultural societies like Dramatics Society, the Western Music and Debating, to name a few. Inter College events and the College Annual Festival give the students an opportunity to express their talent and leadership skills. The College also encourages social awareness in its students by offering them an opportunity to work in various programmes like the Women Development Cell, the National Service and the Jesus and Mary College Educational Programme (SMCEP). Poor and needy students are also being provided help by the College.

JMC is constantly striving to achieve high academic standards by organizing seminars, talks, conferences, symposiums and workshops for teachers, students and non-teaching staff.


The Jesus and Mary College library provides access to students to a wide range of scholarly journals and books, growing digital media collections and other printed materials to support research and learning.

The Library is housed in a three-floor building. The well-organised, expertly maintained, fully computerized library has approx. 50,000 books and bound journals, total sitting capacity of about 180 (with provision for adding more), reading halls on all the floors and cubicles for the faculty on the 1st floor. It


Jesus and Mary College was the first college in Delhi University to start a Placement Cell in 1998. Starting with one company, today there are around 36 reputed companies which hold on-campus interviews for placements.

The Placement Cell is working constantly to provide a variety of opportunities to suit the different needs of  students. The Cell not only provides career opportunities to students but also brings to the students opportunities for internship, fellowship and campus ambassadorship.  It conducts ta


Fee Concession

Students in need of financial assistance may apply on the prescribed form available at the Accounts Office.The completed form must reach the cashier by 14th August.Until the fee concession is sanctioned all fees must be paid by the student. A refund of payments made at the beginning of the year may be subsequently claimed if the concession is sanctioned.

Student's Aid Fund

Students can avail of financial assistance offered by the Student's Aid Fund. Applications for it must be made on the

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