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Akki B.Tech (Civil), batch of 2017
13 Apr 2017 Rating :
  • The quality and method of teaching in Indian Institute of Technology, [IIT] Kanpur are very good and they help the students in every step where students find difficult to move on.
  • In Indian Institute of Technology, [IIT] Kanpur Seniors are so supportive and they tell you everything you need to do to achieve your goals.
Purwaj B.Tech, batch of 2018
21 Feb 2017 Rating :
  • The class timings are very flexible at Indian Institute of Technology. It depends on the numbers of courses and credits assigned to each of them.
  • The method of teaching is the best you can get in the country.
  • The overall experience is fun.
  • There are different activities for the students to participate in. One never gets bored in the campus.
Tushar M.Tech, batch of 2017
21 Dec 2016 Rating :
  • The daily routine at Indian Institute of Technology, [IIT] Kanpur is quite hectic.
  • A lot of time have to be spent in the library.
  • Quality is fine. Teaching is okay.
  • The college experience is nice. A lot of stress for studies. 
  • There are many clubs at Indian Institute of Technology, [IIT] Kanpur.
  • Ranging from science and technology to business and literary and performing arts.
  • Antaragni, Techkriti and udghosh (sports) are fest celebrated in the college.
  • Life in college is cool.
Rakhi B.Tech (Computer), batch of 2018
18 Nov 2016 Rating :
  • Well, we’re talking about the top engineering institute in India. Undoubtedly, the reputation of the college is primarily because of its excellent teaching staff. One of the mandatory rules at IITK is that all the professors should be at least a Ph.D. qualified. Most of them have got their degrees from great and high-ranking universities in the USA. Apart from their crazy degrees, they’ve ENOUGH industrial experience and teaching experience at many other institutions. Some are visiting faculties at other engineering colleges. IIT Kanpur’s faculty for Computer and Electronics course is excellent and students are extremely satisfied with the teaching level. Communication isn’t a problem as almost all communicate in English.
  • Some try to get a bit friendly and talk in Hindi as well. All in all extremely chilled out and highly knowledgeable faculty at IITK.
  • IIT is quite famous for the numerous festivals that are conducted round the year. There are various hostel events and games that are played on regular basis. Apart from the zillion national level competitions, there are two main festivals conducted round the year.
  • Anataragini', the cultural festival, is held in the month of October while 'Techkriti', annual festival, takes place in early February.
Shaharukh B.Tech (Aerospace), batch of 2017
21 Oct 2016 Rating :
  • Class routine is from 8:00am to 6:25pm. You will not have classes all the time. Classes are maximum for 5-6hour daily.
  • The quality of teaching is very good because professor explains things with deep thoughts.
  • My experience in college is very nice.  
  • There are many student societies and clubs on campus such as FMC club, Cultural club, Hindi society, English society, Vivekananda Samiti,E-cell etc.
  • Antaragni, Techkriti, Udghosh are the cultural, tech, sports festivals of IIT Kanpur.
  • Life is quite good. In 1st year student try to explore these clubs and societies, then they found things of their interest and start with that. Academics is little tougher than other cities.
Lokesh B.Tech, batch of 2019
19 Oct 2016 Rating :
  • Education at IIT Kanpur empowers the students with a critical thinking led approach, scientific temperament and knowledge in science, engineering, management and humanities fields to solve problems that challenge humanity.
  • The globally acclaimed education prepares the students for rewarding and exciting careers.
  • The excellent education has enabled the alumni to succeed in diverse fields from IIT Kanpur.
  • SAC is the hub for most of the major extra-curricular activities.
  • There are two SAC buildings, the older building(Old-SAC) and the other (New-SAC), which was recently built.
  • New-SAC has an open-air theatre (OAT) with a capacity of over 1400 people.
  • The SAC is maintained and managed by the Students' Gymkhana at IIT Kanpur.
  • The college festivals: Antaragni, Techkriti and Udghosh are planned and executed by the Core Teams (comprised entirely of students) at the behest of the Students' Gymkhana - which oversees all student activities. The Students' Senate is an empowered body which acts as a medium to convey the aspirations of students to the Institute authorities.


Salil B.Tech (Computer), batch of 2017
23 Jul 2016 Rating :
  • Academics at IIT Kanpur is very intensive for all Departments. Classes are held 5 days a week between 8 am to 5 pm. Class activities primarily includes covering predefined syllabus by professors, surprise quizes, assignment presentations etc. There are wide range of electives one can do irrespective of departments. Professors are easily accessible outside classes also.
Aditya Materials and Metallurgical engineering, batch of 2013
09 Mar 2016 Rating :

The daily routine consists of lectures/lab sessions from 8 am to 5 pm in the evening and are generally lightly loaded with assignments and pre-reads in the first two years. The number of assignments and pre-reads increases in the last two years as more specialization subjects come into picture.

The quality of teaching is outstanding. It is something that will rarely be seen anywhere else in India. Teachers like HC Verma make physics come to life with their practical and experiment based teaching methods in class. Faculties who are well known in the industry and academic area teach the subjects with passion beyond imagination. They are however extremely finnicky about discipline. The doors for the classes will be shut at 8:00 am sharp for the first class and no exceptions will be made. This makes the teachers more credible and someone whom you would look upto in future. The college has every experience that you could have thought of. Every hostel has its own canteen and mess. The canteens are open till late night  for the convenience of students and also there is a CCD inside the campus that gives out good coffee at subsidized rates! There is Antaragni which is one of the biggest cultural festival in North India and it is later followed by Techkriti which is again one of the biggest technology festival in India. There are inter and intra hostel competitions as well. Overall the place offers exposure to variety of activities that would shape your personality and turn you into one of the finest ask in the market at the end of 4/5 years you spend there.

Abhinav B.Tech (Biochemical), batch of 2019
04 Nov 2015 Rating :
ACADEMICS & FACULTY: Daily routine is a little clumsy- 9:00-10:00 is a humanities class and 2:00-5:00 there are 3 lectures and also there are labs on 2 daysfrom 10:00-1:00. Quality of teaching is quite good.Every lecture is fixed and scheduled and ends in time every time. We get not enough time for covering up studies as the course runs like speed of light. With lots of assignments every week we are overburdened bit we try to manage it ny scheduling our daily life routine
Shreya B.S - M.S Dual Degree, batch of 2016
23 Sep 2015 Rating :
ACADEMICS & FACULTY: On average, one has 3 classes + 1 tutorial per course per week and about 5-6 courses per semester.  A semester consists of a mid-term and an end term plus quizzes and assignments
FOREIGN EXCHANGE & INTERNATIONAL EXPOSURE: Most of the foreign parternerships are concentrated within very few departments. And similarly there are few students who actually go abroad on exchages. Language of teaching is English only. Most spoken laguage on campus is English and Hindi 

About Indian Institute of Technology, [IIT] Kanpur

Being one of the oldest IITs in India, the Indian Institute of technology in Kanpur has crossed many a milestone and is one of the country’s top institutes of technology. It was established in 1959 at Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh.

The Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur is well known for its academic excellence and is often considered as the 'first stop' for a large number of industries and other organizations for recruiting undergraduate and post-graduate students. We truly appreciate the faith bestowed on us from several organizations and we look forward to continuing our relationship with them.

The Students' Placement Office (SPO) is run and managed by an efficient team of office staff & students and handles all aspects of placements at IIT Kanpur. Right from contacting companies to managing all logistics of arranging for tests, pre-placement talks and conducting final interviews the SPO team provides it's best possible assistance to the recruiters. The hospitality and the functioning of SPO is applauded and well received by the visiting recruiters every year.

  •  The courses offered at the institute are very advanced which ensures the students to have the most relevant preparation for competing at the highest level


  •  The IIT-K has its campus located on GT Road which is 15 km west of Kanpur City


  •  It is situated in the rambling area of a massive 420 hectares of land given by the Government of Uttar Pradesh 


  •   Being a residential campus, it offers accommodation to over 1000 faculty and staff members and around 4000 students


  •   The institute has three primary schools for children in its campus and a Central School for students up to Class XII


  •   A great emphasis is laid on the research and development works and for that, superb facilities have also been made available for the scholars

  •   Sprawled over 420 hectares of land

  •   More  than 21,000 of its alumni are working around the globe

Research & Development Program

The areas in which research is being pursued may broadly be classified into following categories:

  • Aerodynamics

  • Computational Fluid Dynamics

  • Bluff Body Flows

  • Flight Mechanics & lot more

Research Centre’s

  • Centre for Mechatronics

  • Advance Centre for Material Science (ACMS)

  • Advance Centre for Electronics Systems (ACES)

  • Prabhu Goel Research Centre for Computer & Internet Security


"तमसो मा ज्योतिर्गमय"

 means Lead me from darkness to light

IIT Kanpur offers a vibrant campus life. It is a safe and secure campus. Students will find the beautiful and peaceful campus a great place to live. When they wish to do something there are a lot of choices available to them. Students can pursue the passions they bring to the campus. Or they can take up new ones. There are many recreational facilities, hobby clubs, sports facilities and cultural societies on campus.

In the chosen activity, whether a student is a beginner or is at an advanced level the student will have comp

The Students' Placement Office (SPO) is run and managed by an efficient team of office staff & students and handles all aspects of placements at IIT Kanpur. Right from contacting companies to managing all logistics of arranging for tests, pre-placement talks and conducting final interviews the SPO team provides it's best possible assistance to the recruiters. The hospitality and the functioning of SPO is applauded and well received by the visiting recruiters every year.

Companies Visited This College :

  • Syngenta Bioscienc

Financial Aid

Student loans are easily available for education at IITK. In addition, IITK provides financial support to deserving students. The aim of the financial aid programme is to ensure that financial circumstances do not prevent a meritorious student from studying at IIT Kanpur

Merit-cum-Means Scholarships for Undergraduate students

  • Students receive full tuition waiver, and pocket allowance of Rs 1000 pm (or free basic mess and a pocket allowance of Rs 250 pm) for the duration of the program.

  • This is merit based s

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