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Dhansing M.Sc (Chemistry), batch of 2016
28 Feb 2017 Rating :
  • The good quality teaching staff is there at Fergusson College and all are having well qualifications and good experience and knowledge.
  • College life is very free and a lot of energetic students are there in Fergusson College campus and a lot of academic functions were organized by college departments so students enjoy their college life.
Poonam BSC, batch of 2018
27 Feb 2017 Rating :


  • The class timings at Fergusson College are from 8 am to 5:30 pm.
  • The quality of teaching is good.
  • The method of teaching is also good.
  • Overall experience is good on the campus.
  • Yes, there are so many student societies present at Fergusson College.
  • Chemere, Vasundhara, Sanskriti are associations present on the campus.
  • Cultural fest like environmental science and people fest is GAIA which is celebrated on the campus.
  • Life in college is good.
Ashlesha B.Sc Environmental science, batch of 2018
25 Feb 2017 Rating :
  • Lectures happen in the morning and practical happen in afternoon in Fergusson College.
  • Teaching is fine. There are no fix lecture timings.
  • The timings are changed frequently.
  • Quality and method and overall experience in college are fine.
  • There are many student clubs present on Fergusson campus.
  • NCC, NSS are the most active student clubs on campus. As it is an old and prestigious college sports activities take place on large scale.
  • College fest happens during December month. It\'s a big fest and all the departments participate in the fest and compete with each other.
  • The fest ends with a big rally which happens on campus and students of all departments participate in it representing their departments. In short, the fest period is the best time on campus.
  • Also, we have cultural events which include dance, music, skits, drama etc.
  • Fergusson college participates in the prestigious drama competitions like Firodiya Karandak and Puroshotam Karandak and either wins them or are the runner ups.
  • The alumni of this college include many famous artists, actors & actresses, researchers.
Mewari M.A. (English), batch of 2018
26 Nov 2016 Rating :
  • The class timings are ideal for students pursuing Masters. Classes start at 07:30 am and end at 12:30 pm. students have enough time to do their assignments and homework.
  • At the same time prepare for other exams simultaneously. The teachers are well versed in what they teach and they don\'t just ramble through the syllabus.
  • They take their time even cover extra topics outside the prescribed syllabus. Thus, they do justice to the subject that is so vast that the subject cannot be covered in the course.
  • There are 3 compulsory internal exams that have to be conducted by the teachers, in the form of a test or assignment. And an end semester exam to wind up the semester. College days are good!
  • The college encourages students to develop and portray their various talents.
  • The college participates in Festivals hosted by other campuses and has never failed to bring in laurels to the college.
  • The college even participates in the prestigious \'Malhaar Fest\' hosted by St. Xavier\'s Mumbai.
  • Different departments of the college also host their own festivals in the college.
  • The college life, in general, is awesome!
Vaishnavi B.Sc (Chemistry), batch of 2016
04 Apr 2016 Rating :


Fergusson College is the parent body of the Deccan Education Society. It has been named after Sir James Fergusson. The infrastructure is largely inspired by gothic architechture, formed in 1885.

Our first day at college begins with attending lectures by enthusiactic students of various depatments with their respective subjects. Teachers are always supporting pillars throughout the day. Interactive sessions between the students and teachers are hed to solve the queries. The environment of the college is friendly and joyful. During the projects teachers are helpful and motivate us to give our best and keep positive attitude which helps us for the rest of our lives. At the end of the day its our work that defines us and not the grades, they are just numbers that no one remembers as time passes.

Recently, we visited an industry at Gharda Chemicals, Guhagar where we learnt the production of fertilizers and pesticides. Examinations are conducted semester wise by the Pune University. Our College also conducts internal exams to test the ability of students that helps for the final exams.

So far the experience at my college has been a cheerful one and I am hoping that the experience will be worth ahead as well. My college has a welcoming environment with something for every type of a student and keeps getting better everyday.


There are only two colleges in Maharashtra who have departmental festivals on the campus , one of the college is Fergusson College. The Fergusson College Departmental Fests are the most popular in the city. Every department on the campus have their respective fests like the chemistry department fest is named as Alchemy, Physics Dept. as Eureka and so on. The departmental fests present the creativity of the students. The Departmental Fests is arranged by the students of the respective departments under the guidance of the teachers. The projects and games are displayed in the respective departments. Many primary schools students come and visit the departments for fun ad learning new things.

College life is very important part of every individual\'s life. It\'s a place where one is assumed to be an adult. It\'s a place wherer we create a bigger foundation of life. It\'s a place where we find and create ourselves. 

Swapnil B.Sc, batch of 2017
21 Nov 2015 Rating :
  • My College Timing is from 10.20 am to 5.30 pm.
  • The Quality And Method Of Teaching is Very Good.
  • My Experience in College is Very Good.
Favourite M.Sc (Others), batch of 2016
19 Nov 2016 Rating :
  • I had a good experience in this college.
  • College life in general is awesome

About Fergusson College, [FC] Pune

The famous Deccan Education Society which is the parent body of several educational institutions spread over the landscape of Maharashtra founded the Fergusson College, a premier institution of liberal learning in India, in the year 1885. The Society itself was founded by the stalwarts of the Indian Freedom Movement-Lokmanya Tilak, Gopal Agarkar, Vishnushastri Chiplunkar and Madhavrao Namjoshi. The first two were also its distingusished teachers and Prof. Agarkar was its Principal (1892-95).

It has been named after Sir James Fergusson, then Govemor of Bombay, who took keen interest in the development of the New English School as well as the Fergusson College and was the first patron of the Deccan Education Society. It was inagurated on 2nd January, 1885 by William Wordsworth, the grandson of the great English poet. Hon. Gopal Krishna Gokhale and Maharshi Dhondo Keshav Karve-Bharat Ratna have taught in this College, while Prof. V. S. Apte, Prof. Agarkar, Wrangler R. P. Paranjpye and Wrangler G. S. Mahajani have been among its distinguished principals. Gandhiji and Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru have paid visits to the College and admired its work. Gandhiji paid a handsome tribute to the College at the time of its Golden Jubilee. He wrote in 1935 : “Who can fail to be enthused over the noble record of service rendered by the D. E. Society and the Fergusson College to the cause of education?”         


We aspire to carry forward the Vision of our founders of providing affordable quality education, while expanding our academic horizons to bring the institution on par with global leaders in the field of higher education.

The Fergusson College has a beautiful scenic campus of 65 acres with numerous imposing buildings of gothic architecture. The composition of the community of students and teachers in Fergusson College reflects its truly national character. It has also attracted scores of students from overseas.


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The Fergusson College imparts instruction to nearly 5500 undergraduate and post­ graduate students in natural sciences, Computer, Electronics, I.T. at graduate & Post graduate level, humanities an


  • Wipro

  • Siemens

  • Symphony Services

  • IBM

  • Zest Infotech

  • Google

  • Infosys

  • Vertis

  • Mobien Technologies

  • Persistent

  • bmcsoftware

  • Tata Technologies

  • Sybase

  • Cognizant

  • BetterLabs

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