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Yogesh B.Tech (Computer), batch of 2019
24 Apr 2017 Rating :

I am a final year student in Computer Engineering. I have been placed in the first two weeks itself. The biggest advantage of being at DTU is the placements as well as the friends you make here. The computer science department is pretty chilled out. Most of the faculty is pretty bad barring a couple of professors like Daya Gupta, Akshi ma’am and Divyashikha Setia. Apart from 2–3 papers, the rest of the four years is easy. You’ll get ample time to learn things on your own, pursue extracurricular activities or invest time in relationships. Please try to start competitive coding from second year in a group of friends as that helps a lot. However, if you are the kind that needs to be pushed by the education system to do something useful, DTU wouldn’t suit you. You’ll end up wasting all your time. Apart from the computer science department ( COE, IT, SE and MCE), the Mech dept seems to be doing great at placements too. Also, the course content of COE, IT and SE is almost the same. I would rate my experience here a 8/10. I stay in the hostel. I don't know whether the day-scholars will feel the same way or not. I will surely miss college. I'd like to thank DTU for the best years of my life :)


1) DTU Times - Undoubtedly the best and the most relevant of all. Great opportunity to learn and develop yourself. Plus some of the most intellectual people you will meet in college. Not to mention that you will get first-hand knowledge of everything that is happening in college, free passes to all major events, direct access to all profs, HODs and VC :) 2) IEEE - Big society. Good exposure to teamwork and management. Lot of people have done lot of great work by using the platform properly. Lot of people crib about politics and quit. Rather than developing inter-personal skills, these people prefer to criticize the system. Highly recommended for the night-out after Troika :) 3) E-Cell - One of the best societies for exposure if you are risk taking and resourceful. Just like DTU Times, E Cell can open the doors to almost all Entrepreneurs in the country, all startup events, all startups and what not. Basically you need to dream big and this can become the best platform for anyone in the college, especially if you are interested in startups and internet. 4) DCE Coders - One of the not so marketed clubs/hobby group. It is a diamond in a coal mine. Some of the best coders produced by DCE have been members. Some of the best seniors teach you and clear your concepts. Totally hobby based group and nobody forces anyone. They organize no events but they sweep all the awards in inter-college competitions :) 5) Drama Society - There have been a few of these of late. Pratibimb, Prayaas and what not. If headed by a rational person who is himself interested in drama and not doing just for certificates, this can become one of the best clubs in DTU. Afterall, drama makes you bold and teaches you lot of qualities that will be needed to succeed in life. Engineers, especially, need this personality development dose. 6) SAE, CSI, IET - Slightly better than all other department societies, but there are 20-25 of such societies in DTU. These societies are active only during fests and it is basically about making money for organizers. Not much learning experience, but great for making connections/networking. These 3 societies are still the most proactive of them all. At least they make an effort to do new things. CSE is good if you are interested into programming. IET and SAE are plain vanilla. Other societies are not even worth mentioning. They might have a few good seniors come up every once a year, but once those people leave, it is back to being the lacklustre thing that it is. 7) Sports teams - Well traditionally not societies, but some of the best learning experiences. I always give preferences to Sports players. I have taken more than 700 interviews in the past 1.5 years and hired more than 30 people, and I LOVE it when I see someone who has played sports in school and college. They learn a lot of things that most people won't ever be able to learn even by attending a 100 personality development classes. 8) UAS/UAV and the Car teams - UAS/UAV is pure gold. Among the car teams it is a tougher call. Well they try to distinguish themselves from one another but basically all of them are the same. Worth mentioning are Solaris, Defianz, SMV and Mini Baja. For mechanical, these are good options to get more exposure. but don't expect life changing experiences. If you are really into core jobs then only go for these. Otherwise, you will get bored. And certificates earned here are only worth any value for MS and Core companies. Nobody else gives any importance to these, other than the fact that 'at least' you did something. Better than those guys who spent their entire 4 years playing CS. Side note - I love CS! I meant 'just' CS. 9) DTU MUN - I believe MUN is a good society to join to develop confidence. It attracts people from DPS, Modern and other elite schools like a moth is attracted to light. Crazy parties are on the lines if you manage to mix with the DU crowd. It is not that 'elite' achievement on the CV but it is for those who prefer the 'good things' in life. Basically the rich kids and the one's who love debating. You will network with other rich kids and those from elite schools. Especially worth mentioning is the fact that if you manage to have 10 or more MUN exp under your belt, you can make lot of money by conducting MUNs in small colleges as there is a fees to attend these. And people who have 10 or more event under their belts are invited as Moderators. Very good option for people who are not interested in engineering and are intellectual but outgoing. Also, opportunity to go out of the country for MUNs. 10) Dance society - Known by different names. Every year some dance fan creates a new society. The way I look at it. This is perhaps the most under-rated society of DTU. People feel that engineers don't need to participate in Dance. I don't agree. For extra-currics, this could be best or second best after Dramatics. What we need is a visionary who is not only passionate about Dance but can basically create a combined dance club and put discipline into juniors to practice regularly. We should make it a ritual to compete with IITs, DU colleges and BITS. That is the only way this club will ever come up. 11) Student Council - No list is complete without mentioning the infamous/famous council. I believe this experience can be a gold mine for the brave and bold but a sheer waste of time for the one's who are just into engineering for a job. Basically this is not a game for the faint at heart. There is corruption, politics, nepotism, casteism/racism, violence, power-play and betrayal. All the things that you will anyway face in life. It could be a good experience to have. However, do remember that it will count to 0 in placements. No benefits. Special mention - 1) Quiz society - Has seen decline for the past few years. Need people who are not organizers but actually active quizzers and participate in National quiz competitions. 2) Yes Plus - Not a 'college society'. But an important part of DCE. While I was in college, I laughed on them and never even went close to them. Worst part was the fact that they charged money for teaching ethics. And I mean lot of money. But after I graduated, I met a few people who were Yes+ members and pretty sorted people, not fundamentalists, non-veg haters and party shaming crowd people. They will teach you some good habits and get you in touch with some pretty sorted people in life. But don't join them for certificates. Will defeat the whole purpose. I believe this wraps the main societies. Others are small ones, temporary shops that close and open depending on the wills of the opportunist crowds in colleges. Some are even good, but they die pretty soon once the founder graduates. Do let me know if I missed something :) PS - As an end-note, I am trying to portray an 'ideal world' with the right mix of societies/clubs a college should have. 1) A huge Gymkhana club. Basically all sports from Cricket to Chess. The role of the club should be to promote sports, pressurize college to fund equipments, coaches and fields, organize intra-college competitions and participate in inter-college competitions. As a college team with proper jerseys and everything. 2) A combined Music and Dance Group. Basically all forms of Dance, all types of instruments and singing groups. Currently this club is the in the saddest state. College needs to really come up to make this possible. Intra-college and Inter-college competitions plus workout/practice sessions post college. And a common place to practice, not mini OAT and Wind T. 3) A combined tech club. Basically a bigger umbrella for all sorts of hobby clubs - programming, electronics, robotics, automobiles, energy and cross-teams working on common big projects. The aim of the society should be to conduct 1 event in a year. That too not a fest. But more like a platform to display innovations done throughout the year. Inviting parents would help. 4) An independent Film Making & Dramatics Society. Basically people who invite directors for talk, combine equipments and make short films, learn video-making/photography and video-editing through workshops and peer-2-peer learning. 5) A Fine Arts and Crafts society - Needless to say. All forms of drawing, paintings, craft etc. Participating in as many competitions. And one common place in campus where college curates the best paintings of alums and present students as a studio. Saw this in BIT Mesra. It was beautiful. 6) An independent DTU Times. Already doing great. Needs more autonomy and budget. 7) A combined Outdoor Excursion Club. A club that organizes 1 big trip every summer and 1 trip in winters to various locations within India. College authorities need to monitor money here or there is lot of scope for corruption. There should be an opt-out in these trips and not an opt-in for maximum participation. 8) A super-strong E-Cell. Minimum requirement for any new-age engineering college. A big incubator with wifi and coworking space, option to sit for placements 1 year after graduation if venture fails, 2-10 lakh pre-seedfunding (basically from corporates as college sponsorship), an option to take entrepreneurship as your major project in final year and getting Innovation fund/Tech fund or other sponsorships from the govt organizations like DST etc. This should suffice to make college a vibrant place that gives its students a chance to learn 'more'.

Karanpreet B.Tech, batch of 2020
12 Apr 2017 Rating :
  • My overall experience in college is really good.
  • Faculties are really good, quality and method of teaching are nice.
  • Projects and assignments are given time to time.
  • The daily routine class timings are not good and also there is always free time available in timetable which allows us to have fun.
  • The life in college in Delhi Technological University is awesome.
  • Our annual cultural main festival isEngifest is one of the BES fests of North India.
  • There are many cultural societies like madhurima music society, Pratibimb dramatic society, etc.
  • Also our annual sports fest Aahvaan is also a great extravaganza for us.There are also many tech societies in our campus too.
Kashish B.Tech, batch of 2020
05 Apr 2017 Rating :
  • Academic session for this college is 9am-5pm. There are exams and assignments.
  • Quality of teaching is pretty good and
  • I've experienced a lot of dun at DTU but there's a lot more to explore.
  • There are societies with tremendous qualty at DTU. There's two main fests: Cultural council's fest and sports fest. Though you'll realise that there's always a fest going on at DTU
Prashant B.Tech (Electronics and Communications), batch of 2018
21 Jan 2017 Rating :
  • Classes at Delhi Technological University are generally starting from 9 am - 5 pm with a 1-hour break for lunch.
  • One Mid-Semester and One End-Semester Examination is held every semester.
  • Projects are to submitted from third year onwards.
  • Quality and Teaching method is somewhat mixed. I think IP university professors teach better than here.
  • Overall college experience is Good.
  • There is a society for almost every branch to engage students in both academic and extracurricular activities at Delhi Technological University.
  • Management, tech, sports and cultural festivals are organized every year.
  • The life in college is good in general.
Abhishek B.Tech (Computer), batch of 2020
14 Jan 2017 Rating :
  • Academics at DTU is very well. DTU have well-equipped physics, chemistry, computer, electronics labs.
  • DTU is fully wifi campus.
  • Professors are good while teaching, some professors interact with students while teaching whereas some just came is a class for formality. Sometimes they don't even complete their syllabus.
  • There are several societies held in Delhi Technological University like madhurima(singing society), Dance society, Partibhimb(acting society), IEEE, UAV, SD-DTU, ASME, Uvaan, CSI and much more.
Akshay B.Tech (Mechanical), batch of 2019
25 Oct 2016 Rating :
  • The class timings are 9am to 5pm from Monday to Friday.
  • The quality of teaching depends on the teacher. Overall it is average.
  • The overall experience is average in Delhi Technological University.
  • Different types of student societies and associations are working in Delhi Technological University.
  • The main festivals on campus are Engifest, Innova.
  • The life in the college is excellent
Maghav B Tech , batch of 2020
01 Oct 2016 Rating :
  • Amazing teachers and we get assignments at regular intervals. 
  • The quality of teaching is awesome.
  • We have all kinds of societies. You just name it and you will get it here. DTU is known for its extracurricular activities and exposure.
  • Engifest is our official tech fest.
Tushar B.Tech (Civil), batch of 2018
14 Sep 2016 Rating :
  • Daily timings: 9am-5pm.
  • Teaching is not that great but if you happen to find a good teacher then nothing can be better than that.
  • Overall experience is good and there are societies you can get involved to grow as an individual
  • Student societies: There are many some of which are: Global youth India, American society of civil engineers, Jugnu, Rotaract, E-cell, Enactus, NSS,etc You have a great opportunity to grow as an individual
  • Main festivals are: Engi fest, Innova, Encastrer. 
Sandeep B.Tech (Civil), batch of 2015
21 Jul 2016 Rating :
  • The quality and method of teaching varies from one teacher to another.
  • The overall quality and metholody of teaching is decent as all the professors are highly qualified. They use slides in the class in addition to videos they show and books they refer that enable us to get a better grasp of the subject. If any furthur assistance is required, Students generally feel no hesitation to go to the teacher and ask.
  • The overall experience of the college has been outstanding. College has provided me wit clarity about what i want to do with the rest of my life.
Btech, batch of 2019
21 Jul 2016 Rating :

Daily routine is easy going. It starts at 9 AM and classes are till 5 PM. Though, student do have 2 hours of free time during this mentioned official time. During the 2nd year we have 6 subjects in each semester & 4 labs. The teaching styles of most of the teachers is although theoretical and cumbersome if the class is too long Spoon-feeding is rare and one needs to study by oneself at the end for exams. Notes and books are readily available. Students also exploit the resources available online like nptel videos. Overall, the teachers here generally show a roadmap to be followed I.e. Give an idea about the syllabus. In the end one is all on his /her own self to grab the concepts for exams.

  • The extra curricular feature at DTU was the most enriching and amazing one. The students get a huge exposure and opportunity to develop their creative side and engage into multiple Positions of responsibilities through clubs and committees. The sports club was also strong and student engaging.
  • The main events are the college fest:- ENGIFEST the entrepreneurship fest :- ESUMMIT the technical fest :- TROIKA

About Delhi Technological University, [DTU], New Delhi

"72 years of Tradition of excellence in Engineering & Technology Education, Research and Innovations" Delhi College of Engineering, (initially established with the name – Delhi Polytechnic) came into existence in the year 1941 to cater the needs of Indian industries for trained technical manpower with practical experience and sound theoretical knowledge. The institution was set up at historic Kashmere Gate campus as a follow up of the Wood and Abott Committee of 1938. It comprised of a multi disciplinary and multi level institution offering wide ranging programmes in engineering, technology, arts and sculpture, architecture, pharmacy and commerce. The national diploma awarded by the institution was recognized as equivalent to degree level for the purposes of employment. In 1952 the college was affiliated with University of Delhi and started formal Degree level Programmes.

the college was under the direct control of Ministry of Education, Government of India. In 1963, the administration of the college was handed over to Delhi Administration. Delhi College of Engineering was under the administrative control of Department of Technical Education & Training, Govt. of NCT of Delhi. For academic purposes, the college was affiliated to University of Delhi since 1952. From July 2009, the DCE has become Delhi Technological University vide Delhi act 6 of 2009.

The erstwhile DCE has functioned from its historic Kashmere Gate Campus for almost 55 years and has shifted in 1996 to its lush green sprawling campus of 164 Acres at Bawana Road, adjoining Sector-17, Rohini, Delhi-42. Its shifting to new campus has added the dimension of research and caused innovations in plenty, which has received high national and international acclaim. As a Delhi Technological University it has the desired autonomy to excel and shape itself as a world class Technological University.

In the end years of the pre-independent era, India witnessed a great change in the educational sphere with the inception of the Delhi College of Engineering. It was a great milestone achieved by India which contributed towards strengthening the Indian industries.

  • Initially known as the Delhi Polytechnic, the DCE came into existence in the year 1941 as a result of the Wood and Abott Committee of 1938.

  • The DCE came under the affiliation of the Delhi University in 1952 which allowed it start formal programs of graduation level.

  • It is credited as being the mother of numerous institutions that are now present across Delhi including the IIT Delhi.

  • It was then under the administrative control of the Government of NCT of Delhi under the Department of Technical Education & Training.

  • In July 2009, DCE was changed to Delhi Technological University by the Delhi Act 6 of 2009

  • The university has an amazing 164 acres of land of pure scenic beauty.

  • The university offers a wide range of courses that are tailor-made for the professional field and which would help the students to get the relevant preparation.

  • It provides best placement opportunities to the students. Every year the students of the university get placed in multinational companies.

Academic Overview: DTU offers admission to following courses-

1. B-Tech – Full Time: Below table describes the total no. of seats in each stream and last year cut-off ( Delhi General) based on JEE(Main) 


No. Of Seats

Last Admitted rank















































2. M-Tech Programme: Below is the GATE cut off(2013) for candidates for respective stream students





































Sr. No.






Outlook India




Outlook India




India Today




The Week












India Today


Placement Description

DTU is one of the top engineering colleges in the country with an unmatched placement record. It is ranked #1 in placement category by Outlook India. Placements details for previous academic years is tabulated below-




Total number of companies visited- 161

Total offers made- 576

Highest package- 40 lpa

Average package- 6 lpa

Highest package- 58 lpa

Average package- 8lpa

Highest package- 93 lpa by Google

Average package- 11 lpa

Other highest package- 70 lpa by EPIC

Scholarship: The University of Delhi gives scholarships to the DTU students. Some of them are-

  • Scholarships for minority students

  • Scholarships for SC students

  • Scholarships for St students

  • Scholarships for students with disabilities for studying abroad

  • PRAGATI scheme

  • Pandit Man Mohan Nath Dhar Scholarship for undergraduate financially weak students

  • Inder Kohli and Anand Kohli Scholarships to the students passing Senior Secondary School Examination with first division marks

  • Man Mohan Krishna Kaul Scholarships f

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QWhat is the Admission procedure to get into Delhi university?

Asked By: Manish,
A Answer By: Getmyuni

Hello Manish,

Here is the information you need,

Here are the details:

The admissions to various UG and PG programmes of premier Institutes of India under the DASA scheme will be coordinated by National Institute of Technology Srinagar, Hazratbal, Srinagar, Jammu & Kashmir for the admissions in year 2016-17.
The detailed information and admission procedure for this year is available on this website ( More information will be added with time.

Please Note:

  1. The SAT score for admission in 2016-17 is to be sent to NIT Srinagar. The code is 7283.
  2. The GMAT score for admission in 2016-17 is to be sent to NIT Srinagar. The code is Z9T-N7-50.
  3. The GRE score for admission in 2016-17 is to be sent to NIT Srinagar. The code is 7188.
  4. The detailed procedure and guidelines including eligibility criteria, participating institutes, fee structure etc. are available in the information brochures.


Only applicants born on or after October 01, 1991 are eligible. Date of birth as recorded in the Secondary Education Board / University Certificate [Class X or equivalent] or any certificate issued by the Government authorities only will be taken as authentic.

Academic Eligibility:

Applicant must have passed the qualifying examination, i.e. Senior Secondary [10+2] or equivalent [See Appendix I] from any system of education as recognized by the Association of Indian Universities(

Applicant should have completed successfully Mathematics, Physics and one of the subjects from (Chemistry, Biotechnology, Computer Science, Biology) in 11th AND / OR 12th, as applicable in the respective boards

Applicant must have secured a minimum of at least 60% aggregate marks (average of all subjects of qualifying examination taken together) or 6.50 CGPA (on a 10 point scale) or equivalent in the qualifying examination. In case, CGPA on a different scale is awarded OR if only grades are awarded, percentage/CGPA equivalence provided by the principal examination authorities will only be considered. Applicants appearing for the qualifying examination with the above-mentioned subjects in the academic year 2015-16 and expecting their final results latest by September 15, 2016 may also apply.

Applicant should have a minimum total valid score of 1440 in SAT Subject Tests (Subjects: Mathematics Level 2, Physics and Chemistry).

Residential Requirement:

Foreign Nationals/Persons of Indian Origin/Overseas Citizen of India who have completed the qualifying examination in any country (including India).

Indian Nationals studying abroad.

In case of Indian Nationals, they must have completed the 11th and 12th standard or equivalent from outside India.

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A Answer By: Getmyuni


Hello Ahilya ,

Here is the information you need,

Course Name:Course Description:

MSc in Physics

Parttime:Fee:Eligibility:How To Apply:Closing Date:Comments:

MSc in Physics

in Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya, DAVV, Indore


Eligibility and Selection Procedure for MSc in Physics in Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya, DAVV, Indore

B.Sc. (Physics and Mathematics) with 45% Marks.

Selection Procedure in Different Programs: Selections will be on the basis of the performance in the interview. A screening entrance test will be held as per schedule given below. Candidates with First Class in B.Sc. will be directly interviewed. Others will be called for interview after successfully clearing a written test. M.Sc. (Physics by research) candidates must be an employee in a scientific organization of national repute.


NOTE: Candidate whose results are awaited can also apply for provisional admission.

Application Procedure for MSc in Physics in Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya, DAVV, Indore

Candidates appearing in the final year exams may also apply. Application Form and other information may

be obtained by paying an application fee Rs. 400/- in the form of DD drawn in favour of "Registrar, D. A.V.V." payable at Indore personally or by post (a self addressed A4 size envelope fixed with postage stamps for Rs 50/- must be enclosed) The downloaded (from form must be accompanied with DD of Rs. 400/- in favor of"Registrar, D.A.V.V." Payable at Indore. The completed application form must be submitted to the Head, (Name of School/Institute as above), Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya,Khandwa Road, Indore MP-452001. The envelope must be subscribed with "Application for MTech/ME/MPharm" No application shall be entertained without application fee OR received after the last date. For MTech programmes in School of Computer Science, students need to apply online at or


Last date for Submission form: 21st June 2016

Course Name:Course Description:

Master of Business Administration (MBA) [Streams in Financial Administration, Marketing Mgt., Tourism, HR, Advertising & Public Relations, Business Economics/International Business, Financial Services, Hospital Administration, Media Management, e-Commerce, Disaster Mgt. and Foreign Trade]

Parttime:Fee:Eligibility:How To Apply:

Master of Business Administration MBA

in Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya, DAVV, Indore


Eligibility and Selection Procedure for Master of Business Administration MBA in Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya, DAVV, Indore

Candidates must have a bachelor's degree from a recognized university in any discipline with minimum 50% (40% for SC/ST/OBC) marks in aggregate. 

Application Procedure for Master of Business Administration MBA in Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya, DAVV, Indore

Apply online only through click on `Citizen Services’, Select `University’. The application fee is Rs. 1050 (including Rs. 50/- portal fee). The application fee can be paid either cash at authorized kosks of MP online on through Credit Card/Debit Card/Net banking. Visit our website for admission in above mentioned courses under category of NRI/Foreign Nationals/Persons of Indian Origin. The entrance test will be held at Indore, Bhopal, Gwalior Raipur, Allahabad, Kota, and Delhi centers.

The details o eligibility, procedure for filling the application form, number of seats, fee structure, etc. are available on our

Course Name:Course Description:

Bachelor of Vocation (BVOC) (Interior Design, Fashion Technology)

Parttime:Fee:Eligibility:How To Apply:

Bachelor of Vocation BVOC Interior Design Fashion Technology

in Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya, DAVV, Indore


Eligibility and Selection Procedure for Bachelor of Vocation BVOC Interior Design Fashion Technology in Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya, DAVV, Indore

The eligibility Criteria for admission in B.Voc programme is 10+2 or equivalent, in any stream by recognized Board as per UGC norms

Reservation rules are applicable as per Madhya Pradesh (MP) Govt

Admissions are made on the basis of merit of percentage of 12th class and departmental entrance exam

Fee Structure: B. Voc Interior Design / B .Voc Fashion Technology

Academic Fee in Rs. 21000/- P.A

Dev & Maint. Fee in Rs.4000/- P.A

Exam Fee Rs. 3000/- P.A

Total in Rs. 28000/- (excluding students services fee)

Application Procedure for Bachelor of Vocation BVOC Interior Design Fashion Technology in Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya, DAVV, Indore

Application form can also be downloaded from

Application form can be obtained from Office, Department of Lifelong Learning, Takshshila Campus, Khandwa Road, Indore-452017 by submitting Demand Draft of Rs. 400/- (Rs. 250/- for SC/ST candidates) in favor of Registrar, DAVV, Indore

Entrance Exam and counseling and verification of documents in for Interior Design will be held on 12th August 2015 at 12.00 to 03.00 pm and for Fashion Design on 13th August 2015 at 12.00 to 03.00 pm atThe Department of Lifelong Learning, DAVV, Indore

For other details and general rules for admission, please visit University

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